Add Assault to Charges Against Great Falls TEA Party Candididate

J.C. KantorowiczJ.C. Kantorowicz, at a Cascade County GOP forum.

by Cowgirl

It turns out the poaching conviction of TEA Party Republican J.C. Kantrowicz is not the candidate’s only crime. Add an assault charge to that list.  Law enforcement records show Kantorowiz was charged with assaulting another man and ordered to appear in court on March 5, 2008.

He “made physical contact of an insulting or proving nature with [blanked out] by grabbing him and pushing him against a wall.” The incident took place at 1700 Fox Farm Road in Great Falls, the address of the Best Western Heritage Inn.

J.C. Kantorowicz initially earned notoriety for suggesting a bullet would take care of his opponent in the Republican primary, Rep. Steve Fitzpatrick of Great Falls House District 20.

After the Cowgirl blog wrote about Kantorowicz’s poaching conviction a couple of days ago, a commenter noted that there was also an assault charge on the books.  That charge is documented here. J.C. Kantorowicz