The Bundys Are Coming…?

by Justin Robbins

Since the 2014 Bundy Ranch armed standoff, and the Mahleur occupation early this year, I have become somewhat fascinated with the apparently growing “patriot” movement in this country. Not, you understand, out of a nagging fear my tax dollars are managing too much wilderness for my children to enjoy; more so a fascination with the ideas underlying the phenomenon.  Also, as a middle-class, middle-aged, frequently bored white male, I confess to a certain curiosity regarding which parts of my country were actually gone, and from where (or from whom) they needed to be reclaimed.

As it turns out, apart from a few months loss of one of our bird sanctuaries, the country itself is still here.  Still too, a nation of laws.  Near as I can tell, what needs to be “taken back” is a sense of security in traditional, superstitious, monochromatic, entitlement.  Loosely translated, white Christians are consistently shocked to learn laws apply to them.

Case in point, the recent conviction of a Basin, Montana, man for violations of the Clean Water Act. This story came to my attention after it clearly came to the attention of America’s paranoid, bunkered, SPAM eaters at Radio Free Redoubt. I’m reluctant to validate their existence; but seriously, you owe it to yourself to follow that link and spend a few minutes exploring the site.

For my part, I read though the article and it’s attachments, and listened to the interview of Joe Robertson, and to the disjointed monosyllabic ramblings of Kris Anne Hall (providing phone numbers for, and advocating harassment of a federal judge, Robertson’s attorney, and the Jefferson County sheriff). I reviewed it all in concert with the Republican (Nixon) passed Clean Water Act (CWA) of 1972.  I have two takeaways from that endeavor:

  • Over a period of at least two years, Joe Robertson dug numerous ponds on forest service (public) and other people’s private land without proper permits; which are issued to ensure the holder is acting in a manner that will not adversely impact public streams and wetlands. He was convicted by a jury of Montana citizens while being represented by a man that Kris Anne Hall herself said, in all sincerity, “knows how to be a defense attorney.” Case closed.
  • Based on a seemingly ill-informed, potentially criminal, and entirely self-serving call to arms by the same mouth pieces who rode to nothing like relevance on the coattails of the Bundy boys, a collection of the same low-grade “patriots” is likely to descend on Missoula or Basin (or both) to hear themselves evangelize about “justice”; Robertson’s case being nothing more than the cause du jour on which to rest their tired soap box.

For my money, between the self-righteous destruction of a public recreation area and LaVoy Finicum’s reckless disregard for human life, the shine has really come off this “Jesus sent me” set of sovereign, maritime constitutional interpreters. Even a novice, dry read of this situation illuminates glaring flaws in both the arguments and accusations offered by these posers, chomping at the bit to believe anyone who’ll complain about the government.  That’s a pretty low bar.

Then again, Montana is beautiful in the summer.  Its a great place to come if you’re tired of providing for your family, or contributing to society…and, our jails will even provide snacks.


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  1. does anyone know who is the well-fed “patriot” in the photo; the one who couldn’t run 15 yards if his life depended on it?

  2. Well fed indeed! I’d be ASHAMED if that ‘Porker’ was ever in the military, and I doubt it, as most veterans learned to RESPECT weapon and not be infatuated with them in a twisted Phallic Phantasy….That ‘porker’ pictured couldn’t do ten push-ups I bet and certainly not more than 20 sit-ups, and Lord knows if he could even run 50 feet without collapsing! That said, he’s the ‘Purrfect’ candidate for the Fielder’s Follies Militia mob of malcontents, misfits and maniacs!

  3. This ‘Porker’ mades Jabba the Hut look like ‘The Rock’! Is this ‘critter’ a poster child for Ravenal’s freakin’ Veterans Party of America, e-gads!

    • He’ll look better after he buys a new pair of pants — about five inches larger in the waist. Once he can breathe maybe he’ll be able to think.

  4. His DI in basic training. A role model for all freedom loving patriots. And possibly our next VP.

    He looks a lot like George Paul, the head of the GOP in GF, only skinnier.

  5. At one of the courthouse demonstrations in support of the Bundy mob, a female member of the tribe held a sign: “The Land Belongs to the People.” Clearly, these people have translated their greed and selfishness into a warped general philosophy and what she really meant behind the lie is: The land belongs to ME. It gives me to wonder if they know they are slinging BS and the rest of us will be fooled, or do they believe their own nonsense. It appears to be the latter, and that’s scarier. What can you say for a crowd that needs a wide-angle lens to feature their poster boy?

  6. Louis N Klarke | May 19, 2016 8:34 AM at 8:34 AM |

    Following a couple of tours of duty guarding the buffet at the Golden Corral, this soldier is clearly ready for his next deployment, the official Military Attache to Grand Marshall Fielder’s public lands liberation front.

  7. I enjoy Mr. Robbins’ articles; he digs out facts and writes very well. I only read the referenced article by Ms. Dovale, which is definitely supportive of the Robertsons. Because Mr. Robertson excavated on public land and private land he didn’t own, and was found guilty by a jury (whose decisions I almost always accept since they’ve heard everything legally permissible), I conclude he was guilty of something. However, … The definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ is lengthy and technical. My daughter works for a mining company on the environmental rather than production side and told me the following a number of years ago. In Arizona, there is a sometimes watercourse (it’s dry every day of most years but does have water during unusual large rain events) on property owned by this company. Gamebirds are found there, and are hunted, sometimes by out-of-staters. Therefore, it is Waters of the United States because it meets the interstate commerce subpart of the definition. So, the mining company was required to do certain things and prohibited from doing other things. This company, which is large and has sophisticated legal assistance, complied. On my own property, there is a spring that I had cleaned out a number of years ago (without a permit) which I suspect also meets the definition. I think that Waters of the United States includes a lot of situations that laypersons would not expect. I also read that the Robertsons’ own property is on a patented mining claim. I’m aware of some examples where federal officials have behaved in a somewhat heavy handed way toward unsophisticated individuals who own such property. So, I think it’s possible there could be a little more to this story than what is contained in Mr. Robbins’ post. And I’m not quite ready to put the Robertsons in the same camp as the Bundys and the Mahleur occupiers.

    • For what it’s worth, I agree. I don’t know all the specifics I’d like to about the case or the intricacies of the waters of the United States. I, too, have to stand by the conviction.

      It remains to be seen what will happen at the sentencing, but the Oath Keepers have re-posted the Radio Free Redoubt article, so their network is now part of this. They (the web sites) are actively calling for telephonic harassment of the judge, attorney and sheriff and vowing to protect Robertson. Coming to a community near you, summer 2016…

      Thanks for reading, and for the kind words.

      • Maybe you should learn more about the “intricacies of the waters of the United States”. After all, the devil is usually in the small print.BTW, maybe some people are getting just as fed up with the “Justice My Ass” courts, as the growing number of Democrats are getting with the Democrat party establishment.

  8. White men who identify as “christian” without actually following any tenants that that brown-skinned hippie espoused are supposed to be treated as GODS, bowed down to and given everything without questions because they are WHITE MEN. There is a fascinating article I just read on men taking the effort to downrate TV shows aimed as women because they are offended by something not specifically centered on them. They don’t just demand PRIVILEGE. They want to make sure nobody else even comes close.
    Fat shaming is usually very much against my principles but this “look at me, I’m manly coz I got guns” crap is really annoying.

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