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Randy Pinocci Chamber mailerRandy Pinocci Chamber mailer

by Cowgirl

Meet Montana’s Women for Trump

The Bozeman Chronicle features an interview with a small group of women who are supporting trump.  What are these women like?

Says one: “Obama has caused all the problems between the whites and the blacks.”

Read the rest here. 


Erb Caught Speaking From Both Sides of Her Mouth

In Beaverhead & Madison county a woman named Brooke Erb wants to take over Jeff Welborn’s seat. She’s Debby Barrett’s hand picked choice, and she’s be awful on most issues. This district makes a pile of money off of hunters, especially Dillon, and Erb has been claiming in her PR effort that she supports hunting.

Unfortunately for Erb, a video in which she  says she says the opposite, that she actually dreads hunting season, has been making the rounds on email and the internet.  Here it is:

Brook Erb dreads hunting season Video


Chamber, Business Groups Fight Back Against TEA Party Legislators

TEA Party republicans are expressing outrage that information about how they actually voted and behaved is being shared with voters this week, the Bozeman Chronicle reported this week.  Now new mailers have emerged in the Great Falls area from the Chamber of Commerce and the Montana Contractors Association.

TEA Partier Randy Pinocci is taken to task for playing video games throughout the day, then complaining about his legislative pay, as well as his out-of-touch radical views.   J.C. Kantorowicz, the mailer points out, believes that lawmakers should be punished for representing the people of their district instead of party bosses, among other things.

You can see the new mailers here:

Pinocci mailer 1 2

Kantorowicz mailer 1


Lawmakers, AFL-CIO Oppose Gianforte “Computing” School Naming 

Al Ekblad, Executive Secretary of the Montana AFL-CIO sent on behalf of the organization’s 50,000 members to the Board of Regents regarding the proposal to rename MSU’s computer science school the “Gianforte School of Computing” in honor of Greg Gianforte. A group of Montana lawmakers also opposes the name change. 

You can read the AFL-CIO letter here.



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  1. Your link to the Erb video isn’t working.

  2. Link to AFL-CIO letter malfunctioning, takes it Erb article it seems?

  3. As you may have heard,according to the local news, MSU has decided to take G.G’s check and change the name. Personally, I am very angry with the university!

  4. The link to the Pinocci mailer 1 isn’t working and I can’t see a disclaimer on either the Pinocci nor the Kantorowicz mailers. McCamey apparently provided the “facts” on Pinocci and Fitzpatick the same on Kantorowicz, but did their campaigns put out these pieces or was it Montanans for Responsible Leadership? Whatever the case, it’s strange to see “moderates” attacking Pinocci for “teaming up with radical environmentalists to stop natural resource development.”

  5. I was infuriated while reading the news articles on MSU and Greg Gianforte and his $8 million. Would the man have not given the money had MSU not renamed a building for him? The university has a no-discrimination policy, and they’re renaming a building for a rich Christian hypocrite who, including his wife, too, would deny LGBT citizens the same rights given all other Americans. Many of the students said they did not want the man’s money nor his name on the building, according to what I read in the Bozeman newspaper. MSU President Waded Cruzado, according to the newspaper, said the non-discrimination policy would not be affected by the donation. What a whore. They call me on the telephone to ask for money. I don’t have $8 million to give MSU, and I certainly will not give them even 8 cents.

  6. Thumbs up to the Bozeman Chronicle for exposing what these “Women for Trmup” really belieive. Thumbs down to the Livingston Enterprise for its shallow reporting of this same group.

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