GOP Lawmaker Asked About White Nationalist Candidate: “We think of him as a good conservative”

Taylor RoseTaylor Rose

By Cowgirl

Democratic consultant Tim Warner (left) and TEA Party legislator Matthew Monforton (right).

Democratic consultant Tim Warner (left) and TEA Party legislator Matthew Monforton (right).

Montana’s weekend political news analysis program Face the State this weekend featured a democratic and republican guests discussing Montana’s legislative races. TEA Party Rep. Matthew Monforton (R-Bozeman)   included white nationalist candidate Taylor Rose in a list of what he said were competitive legislative races for the GOP.

When Rose’s name came up democratic consultant Tim Warner asked:

“Isn’t he also a white supremacist?

Monforton replied:

“Uh yeah, according to your phony Cowgirl Blog, yes, but the rest of us think of him as a good conservative.”

So now you know how the GOP’s spokesman feels.  As to whether  Taylor Rose is a white supremacist or not, take a look at his record, and draw your own conclusions.


  1. He the former vice president of a white nationalist group: Youth for Western Civilization.
  2. He flew to Germany to team up with neo-fascists.
  3. He opposes women’s rights because “The “plight of women” is used as a springboard to “liberate” other groups, such as non-white minorities, Muslims and homosexuals who are simultaneously “oppressed” by the right-wing forces of modern America.”
  4. He wrote a book promoted by white nationalist groups and Council of Conservative Citizens called, “Return of the Right: How the Conservative Movement is Taking Back Western Civilization,” The Council of Conservative Citizens is the group that inspired racist killer Dylan Roof.
  5. He’s featured on the website of white supremacist group League of the South were he says, “Internationalism, multiculturalism and Islam are the enemies. These are specific ideologies that we can target and remove from the political discourse.” (And much more.)
  6. Rose believes that the government plans to “eliminate” the Internet and redefine terrorism as “American Patriots, rather than jihadists.”
  7. He’s an unabashed supporter of secession. 
  8. He’s disgusted by white people who adopt black babies.
  9. He’s outraged that anti-slavery hero Harriet Tubman will be on our money.
  10. Rose praised rightwing European racists like Geert Wilders and Marine LePen.

Here’s the video from the May 22, 2016 edition of Face the State, a weekly political program hosted by Dr. Parker of MSU and Mike Dennison, the MTN Chief Political Reporter.

As the Flathead Memo has reported, Greg and Susan Gianforte have each given Rose the maximum campaign contribution allowed by law.

Matthew Monforton dropped out of the race this year after a more mainstream republican filed in his district to run against him in the GOP primary.



5 Comments on "GOP Lawmaker Asked About White Nationalist Candidate: “We think of him as a good conservative”"

  1. I find it extremely disturbing that Monforton describes a known white supremacist as a “good conservative”. When did the main stream conservative platform in Montana crash into a heap of neo-nazi trash? The fringe element has always lurked in dark corners never to be taken seriously and almost worthy of pity, victims of mental illness causing paranoia and delusions. I fear I was to busy skiing and climbing in a hedonistic haze, when the Montana GOP ceased to represent generally a philosophy of fiscal conservatism, which in certain times served this state well. The tea party storm troopers perverted the rational differences of opinions on methods of responsible government for Montana into a blatant racist, ethnocentric circus!

  2. I neglected to add that I am ashamed of myself and others who stood by and allowed this to happen to Montana. I hope it is not to late and that my votes and advocacy will make up for my negligence at that crucial moment when we allowed the Tea Party Nutjob brigade to invade Montana.

  3. If KKK Wizard David Duke, “a good conservative,” came up from Louisiana to donate $8 million to MSU to get his name on a building, would the basketball and football teams refuse to play in support of their fellow athletes and fellow students who are black? You bet they would. So, why haven’t those teams stepped up to support their LGBT fellow students? Here, whether they’re “queer” is not the point: it’s whether to validate, emulate, or otherwise support anyone who would deny another American all the rights to be enjoyed and cherished as a Citizen, regardless of whether that Citizen is different from you. C’mon MSU, get focused on what is right and take a stand against Waded Cruzado and company and their friend Greg Gianforte.

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