Kim Abbott’s Experience, Support Make Her the Best Choice

Kim Abbott HelenaKim Abbott is the best choice to represent house district 83 in Helena.

It’s good to see one of Helena’s most important legislative race–the one in which Helena favorite Kim Abbott is running—get some attention. However, the coverage has been a bit reductive, as these things often are.  To be sure, the race is one between two very different candidates, but its worth knowing more about what these distinctions are.

The difference is certainly one of experience. Abbot has many years experience working with the legislation, with results. Her opponent is a young man who has always wanted to run for U.S. senate. And while that is certainly an admirably goal, we need representatives focuses on serving the people of the district more than we need those who sees the legislature as stepping stone to future political aspirations.

But it isn’t just your friendly local progressive blogger who finds the proven effectiveness of Kim Abbott to make her the best choice.  Just take a look the list of some of the other people who have endorsed or contributed to her campaign:

Governor Steve and Lisa Bullock
Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau
Montana State Auditor Monica Lindeen
Montana Democratic House Minority Leader Pat Noonan
Regional Director of the National Education Association(NEA) Melissa Case
Helena Teacher and Legislator Moffie Funk
Chief of Staff Governor Bullock Tracy Stone-Manning
Former Helena Rep. Christine Kauffman
Former Montana State Senator Carol Juneau
Director of Indian Affairs for Governor Bullock Jason Smith
Former Senate Candidate Amanda Curtis
DNC Committeeman Jorge Quintana
Commissioner Montana Department of Labor Industry Pam Bucy
Billings House Rep. Jessica Karjala
Tester’s Communications Director Marnee Banks
Former Public Service Commissioner Ken Toole
Helena State Senator Mary Caffero
Director of the Montana Dept. of Administration Sheila Hogan
Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Bullock Ali Bovingdon
Deputy Director, Montana Dept. of Commerce Doug Mitchell
Bozeman Legislator Tom Woods
City Commissioner Katherine Haque-Hausrath
Shahid Haque-Hausrath
Anne Hedges of MEIC
Helena Legislator Janet Ellis
City Commissioner Andres Haladay
John Ilgenfritz
Don Judge
Mark Kelley
Pat Kemp
Terry Kendrick
Matt Leow
Nancy Matheson
Jonathan McDonald
Jennifer McKee
George Miller and Claudette Morton
Madalyn Quinlan
Jessica Rhoades
Wilbur Rehmann
Christiana Schweitzer
Tim Speyer
Ruth Swenson
Janet Tatz
David Wilson
Niki Zupanic
Gene & Bev Allen
Sue Bartlett
Stan & Glenda Bradshaw
Jordan Brown
Linda Carlson
Claudia Clifford
Sara Cobler
Matthew Dale
Nick Domitrovich
Judy Fay
Eugene Fenderson
Robert Filipovich
Hannah Fisher
Norane Freistadt
Shantelle Gaynor
Ann Gilkey
Adam Haight
Danna Jackson
Alan and Nancy Nicholson


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  1. Kim is the kind of progressive representative we need: knowledgable, savvy, and courageous.

  2. sorry I don’t have a candidate this good running in Kalispell…

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