The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

GOP Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen (TEA-Culbertson)

….TEA Party Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen, of Culbertson, MT.

Knudsen rushed out with an op-ed he hoped would prop up flat earther Greg Gianforte, who has been soundly castigated for claiming that state officials and not the federal government oversee refugee resettlement. This is false.

You see, Gianforte’s understanding of what it is a governor actually does appears to be as hazy and limited as his campaign’s ability to pronounce our capital city. Indeed, Gianforte has demonstrated a lack of basic civics understanding that would make any Oregon Standoff loon’s heart thump with pride. Perhaps he has been dipping  a bit too frequently into his own private stash of Petra Academy “textbooks.”

But Knudsen has honed the dull edge of his own hypocrisy a few times too many.  He failed to make the case that Gianforte’s falsehoods were accurate and instead sought rail against allowing anyone not from the U.S. to enter our nation. Knudsen wrote:

“Our culture doesn’t require our women to cover themselves head to toe.”

Yet he conveniently left out his own special dress code, which Knudsen issued not just for women in the Montana legislature, but also those who visit it, and for this he is this week’s Hypocrite Supreme.

Knudsen’s dress code became the subject of national mockery after the Cowgirl Blog first reported it here. Knudsen ordered female lawmakers to “be sensitive to [their] skirt lengths and necklines.”  Also banned for women: cardigans, fleece, jersey, leggings, flip-flops, and open-toed sandals. The code also mandated that all women who visited and appeared before the Legislature–not just lawmakers, but also reporters, interns, and aides —  wear a “suit or dress slacks, skirt, jacket, and dress blouse or suit-like dress.”  As Rep. Jenny Eck, a member of minority leadership, pointed out, the dress code was mostly geared toward women, with only a sentence or two on men’s attire.

Knudsen is long overdue for this most singular award.  He shut down the legislature early so as to prevent a vote on the infrastructure bill his own party negotiated with democratic lawmakers and the Governor, then claimed that Dems were to blame for his failure to pass the infrastructure measures.

Today’s burn-it-down hardliner types like Knudsen, Gianforte, and Trump have moved the GOP so far into the realm of the ridiculous that GOP leaders of the past would be run out of town for good: infrastructure-loving Dwight Eisenhower, environmental regulation loving Richard Nixon, tax-increaser of the 1% Gerald Ford, debt-tripling cap and trade founder Ronald Reagan, Medicaid-expanding George H.W. Bush.

In the words of Tennessee Williams, there’s only one thing that’s worse than a liar, and that’s a liar who is also a hypocrite. That’s why Austin Knudsen has the well-deserved dishonor of being the Montana Cowgirl Blog’s GOP Hypocrite of the Week.


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  1. hyp·o·crite
    a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
    synonyms: pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar, sanctimonious person, plaster saint; informal: phony, fraud, sham, fake.

    If the open toe shoe fits…..

  2. Here here couldn’t pick a better person

  3. As we all ready know, I find the term “wet back” offensive to me and my latino brothers and sisters..If you were trying to make a point it failed Lawman. Although we know it was given this moniker by white entitled racists there is no need to repeat it.

    • Your point, Ranchgirl 49, should be well-taken. But, you and your brothers and sisters certainly should know you are not the only ethnicity insulted by xenophobic racists, whether north or south of the border. There’s the Spanish word “Gringo,” a slang pejorative often used south of the border for about anyone non-Latino, even for those of us who could read, write, and speak Spanish. I sometimes overheard my wife disparagingly referred to as “La Gringa” when we lived in Mexico.

      And, Cowgirl, in reference to: “Today’s burn-it-down hardliner types like Knudsen, Gianforte, and Trump have moved the GOP so far into the realm of the ridiculous….” You left out Ted Cruz protege and Gianforte beneficiary Steve Daines, our former member of the U.S. House of Representatives who repeatedly voted to shut down the government and hurt all of us back here in Montana. But, then, some of us back here in Montana elected him to the U.S. Senate. That says a lot about a lot of Montanans. Talk about ridiculous.

      • In my experience “Gringo” or “Gringa” are only applied to white people. I have never experienced the term as an insult, merely a reference to race.

        • In my experiences, both “Gringo” and “La Gringa” were directed disdainfully by some Mexicans in Mexico toward non-Mexicans, particularly U.S. white Americans, and not used simply as casual references to race or ethnicity. I have never believed such nastiness is a broad-brush indicator of a universal Mexican anti-U.S. mentality, but rather accepted the words for what they are: low-speak parallels to the “Wetback” vulgarity. A rose is a rose; and, regardless of what language is spoken, an insult is an insult.

          • Bear in mind there is no word in Spanish (or any language) for a citizen of the United States. “Americano” can denote any citizen of North or South America. “Gringo” can mean any white American, and it can be derogatory or not…like “Jew.”

    • No my word and not in my daily vocabulary. If you research the law enforcement operation, you sill learn tht was the name assigned by the former Immigration Service.

      There are many injustices in our history, solidarity not make them right. Knowing, understanding and learning lessons from our history is what we need! Hiding from our history does not make it any better and it fails to educate the public.

      Where did you find those Latinos and Latinas in Montana?

  4. Charlotte chevrolette | June 22, 2016 1:25 PM at 1:25 PM |

    The infrastructure bill WAS voted in the house in the last day of the session. It went down by ONE vote. many( perhaps 10) representatives switched their vote between the second and third reading.

  5. Gringo is white person in spanish. so if thats trash talk I dont know what to tell you scared white folk.

    NOw if they called you “Guero” that would be white honkie. But gringo No.

    Grow up, they are not calling you a name.

    Gasparín, Musiú, Pote ‘e leche maybe also.

  6. Don’t worry everyone, NORMA DUFFY, Mexican Culture Expert of Dillon, Montana has weighed in with her expertise and set the record straight. /s

    • Okay “Sandra,” or “Moonbeam,” or “Moot,” or “Your Facebook Profile is Public.” Here’s how it goes….. You dont mind if I call you Sandra do you? Since you have been spamming us here at Cowgirl for a time, we will just close you down.

      No need to thank us.

      I am sure Norma can tell you why she speaks spanish fluently whenever she comes back online. Meanwhile, I also speak spanish fluently. She is right.

      ¿Cómo es que tiene que ser un idiota?

    • Yeah I guess those thirty years of working with hispanic immigrants at Horseracing tracks, and filing H2B visas for them in Los Angeles and San francisco Immigration offices……. All so they could work legally in the USA, guess that really came in handy when I had to translate the word Gringo today in Montana. LOL

      • By the way Gringo is slang. it is easier to say Gringo than Hombre Blanco, or Mujeres Blanco. Basically it stands for Anglo Saxon, or white person. If they added say an extra word like “Pendejo Grino” well yeah then they are calling you a stupid white person, but gringo…… A hispanic might hiss it through their lips but it isn’t anywhere like being called a cracker. unless you take it that way. Also they say and mean things a lot different than Americans do. so they might be annoyed at the white person asking questions, but I never saw in my thirty years of working with them using gringo solely as a cuss word. there is always another word in there Grigo Loco, Gringo estúpido, etc.etc.etc.

  7. 1:27 PM: Lawman and Kenneth Allen straightened things out,
    you missed that in your attempt to attack!
    And wound up obviously hypocritical, in both senses of that word.

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