Montexit: TEA Party Legislator Promotes Montana Secession

TEA Party Lawmaker Theresa Manzella (R-Bitterrooter) has taken to social media to promote Montana’s secession from the United States.

manzella secede

Manzella shared and reposted on her own page a post by a Cindy Hamilton, a break-up letter of sorts to the U.S. signed “Montana.”  Manzella does not appear to grasp the fact that a Montana secession, in addition to being ludicrous, is unconstitutional.

In response to a letter Antonin Scalia wrote to someone asking 10 years ag if there is a legal basis for secession, Scalia wrote: “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede. (Hence, in the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘one Nation, indivisible.’)”

Manuela followed up the “Montexit” post with a post “reminding” (threatening?) the federal government that “there is plenty of room on the calendar for another holiday.”

Manzella second american revolution

And a post noting how after the “Brexit win, patriotic pride began soaring in other European Union member states, as well as here in America”  about how America should also secede from the United Nations.

Manzella secede from UN

Manzella is most known for the speech she made on the floor of the House of Representatives, in which she claims that animal shelter employees are terrorists threats.


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  1. Theresa Manzella, and most MT Republicans, have absolutely no sense of Montana’s true history. I suggest she/they read Joseph Howard’s definitive Montana history book “Montana, High Wide and Handsome”, in it she will learn the state of Montana as we know it would have never existed without the Federal government. From the land and great assistance GIVEN to the homesteaders, miners and ranchers to the Federal loans given to the first Dry land Farmers (often at a loss to the Feds), the Federal land GIVEN to the railroads and the protection provided by Federal troops all the way to the roads built and maintained by the Federal Government, low Federal Grazing fees and today’s Federal Farm Subsidies – Montana owes much of it’s existence and prosperity to “We the People” otherwise known as the US Federal Government.

    • Agreed Kevin!

      Dear Theresa Manzella,
      When the depression hit in the 1930’s, Montana people became so broke they tried to give themselves and Montana back to the Government. Thank Goodness the AMerican Government set up lots of Conservation Corp camps in this state. Almost every Montana male had a job in the Conservation corp. and in return the Government had them set up the of first extensive Power poles and service, Telephone lines and service, and first roads, the first water canals for our crops and the first highways in our state…. and the rest of the country paid for that out of their Taxes.

      Our Montana Corps were quite diverse, they had Indians and Whites and blacks all working on the betterment of Montana. Even the first two parks in the world Glacier and Yellowstone owe it to the Conservation Corp as the Corps help build by hand the first Visitor centers, roads and trails into these parks. Yeah if wasn’t for the US Government Montana would be a footnote today.

      Oh and by the way the US government is still the biggest job creator in the state.

      Read your History you dummy and stop listening to all the lies you just repeat from corporations wanting to rape our state.

      Sincerely, Norma

    • Manic, Moronic Manzella….let’s have her SECEDE herself from the USA, create the State of Manzella and leave the REST of us Americans alone!

      Note: ‘High, Wide and Handsome’ a FANTASTIC book, should be required READING in public schools!

  2. Theresa Manzella, you are absolutely out of your mind. Our state would be no where with out the Federal Government. Do interstate hightways mean anything. They aren’t built state by state. Get out of the legislature because you certainly do not understand how government.

  3. Isn’t Theresa up for re-election? We could certainly help her exit. Time to step up Ravalli County.

  4. For every dollar, we pay in taxes to the Feds we get $1.37 back. We have little industry since the mines closed and we have wheat and cattle farms. You have no idea how much this would hurt our state. Where do you come up with this stuff? You are bat s&&& crazy. How in the world did you get elected and who in the world elected you? You are so ignorant and self-absorbed. How could you think so low of the citizens of Montana that you think they are that stupid to listen to you. It just incomprehensible that you came up with this. Please move to Canada and live in seclusion.

  5. Manic, Moronic Manzella….let’s have her SECEDE herself from the USA, create the State of Manzella and leave the REST of us Americans alone!

  6. Just one more illustration of the way the TEA Party is a voice for dissolution, which is precisely what the hated “globalists” desire. Imagine Montana trying on its own to defend against the multitude of lawsuits over the environment that global energy companies would file were Montana somehow to achieve “independence.” It’s so much easier to pick off pipsqueaks. Sort of like plunkin’ bottles and cans in the garbage dump.

  7. Theresa Manzella, needs to get real and its time for someone new to replace
    her this coming year in Helena. It’s time for her to get lost.

  8. Try her for treason then find her a bed at Warm Springs, because that’s where she belongs.

  9. “We plan to be forthright in carrying the will of Montana citizens,” she said. “There are likely to be some attempts at shenanigans, but we don’t know for sure. All you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

  10. Last election I was doing some political work here in the bitterroot and knocking doors to keep Montana primaries open, so I met people on both sides of the aisle during the process. Unfortunately the folks I met on the right, while supporting open primaries, also had a rather large number of individuals within their ranks who “can’t wait to vote that Muslim n*gger out of office”- and weren’t afraid to say it, either. As much as I dislike it, Theresa Manzella DOES REPRESENT the constituents of Ravalli County – or at least the ones who vote. This is democracy in action.

    • Tayln, you come from a long line of civic-minded folks in Ravalli County. Over 100 years ago, this is how a Ravalli Co. editor saw the problem of nominating candidates in a primary election. Stevensville Tribune 1910 “All parties claim they want a primary election law. But some of them want it an only party primary. Let use have a primary election bill that preserves the rights of the individual to vote as he pleases regardless of party. Without it you have no real primary law.”

  11. Midnight and nothing to do. A glass of wine or two too many to sustain a single rational thought more than a few seconds. Guess I’ll write a letter to my nation-state breaking off our long love affair. It’s amazing what boredom and a little hootch can produce. We must admit, amid the insanity there’s a tad bit of cleverness.

  12. Theresa Manzella’s ranch and horse rescue operation is in the stage one evacuation zone for the Observation forest fire that has been recently lifted because of the dedicated work of the National Forest Service and the multi million dollar price tag generated by that effort. Even at that, she thinks Montana needs to take care of itself without the “interference” of the Federal government.
    I guess you can’t fix stupid.

    • The Forest Service did not start fighting that fire till three days after it was discovered. And then they only put three engines up there to observe it. It wasn’t until the area people starting calling our Congressmen and protesting to the Forest Service that the Forest Service decided to fight it. They initially put helicopters that are used for spot fires on the burn. After several days of the fire growing much larger, they put two fire fighting air tractors (crop type sprayers)that carry 500 gallons of retardant (they can carry up to 800 gals at sea level, but due to density altitude, could only carry 500 gals)on the fire. Several days later they called in the heavy duty jet bombers and 500 personnel. This fire could have been stopped in it’s tracks the first or second day if the Forest Service had taken it seriously to begin with and thrown all the resources that were available at it when discovered. It’s how the Forest Service used to operate when I worked there. When a fire was discovered, all available resources were called in to put it out. That’s why the Bitterroot didn’t have major fires for many decades. Logging kept the forest’s thinned, and the loggers themselves were the first folks on the scene of lightning caused fires and put most of them out. Theresa Manzella’s ranch would never have been threatened in the first place if the Forest Service had done it’s job at the start.

  13. I keep hearing these people scream for secession-mostly after the Kenyan was elected/re-elected, and I’m with them-by all means get out of here. The problem is whatever State it is that wants to secede seems to have more people who are happy being Americans than who want to leave. In short the only place available for them to “colonize” is Mars. Most of them have their heads in some nebulous space anyway so maybe this is appropriate. I wonder if we could finance a Mars rocket with Go Fund Me? I’ll certainly kick in a few $ to help them leave!

  14. Priscilla bode | July 7, 2016 1:55 PM at 1:55 PM |

    All these secessionist fanatics quoting Brexit as a triumph should talk to my 37 yo daughter in London, who, with her peers and apparently anyone under the age of 40 who isn’t a moron, is going to feel the disastrous effect of leaving the EU. For a start said daughter regularly travels on the continent, with and without her husband and toddler for work, and having to revert to passports and borders etc. would be severely limited in her market. I guess this strange woman would next propose that Ravalli county secede from Montana, so that the sheriff has overall rights. So you’d have to stop at a border on the Bitteroot Hwy before you could cross the county line. Gawd these people are dumb as cans of paint and it seems the folks in Ravalli co are as bad. Maybe she would like her state taxes raised to compensate for the discrepancy between what we pay and what we receive from the Feds.

  15. Teabaggers don’t realize UNCLE SAM also provides key funding to help MAINTAIN Rural electric and telephone co-ops in ‘Red’ counties and states, and BRINGING broadband and energy and lowering costs for them ‘red’ voters!

  16. From Senator Daines website top of page color; “Daines: Vermont Law is an attack on the Heart of Montana’s Way of Life”
    When I moved to Montana a few years back I was not aware that having undisclosed herbicides in your food was a Montana tradition.

  17. I am starting to truly believe that the idiot behavior of the right-wing TEA Party people may be the result of a spreading brain parasite similar to Toxoplasma gondii. It cause you to be slower thinking and self-destructive!!!…/220113-sneaky-cat…/

  18. We’ve been warned. These people like Manzella are sovereign citizen secessionists, just like the Confederate States before they started the Civil War. They publicly say that they do not think they have to follow federal laws. They publicly say that they want to secede by taking up arms and overthrowing the US. That is saying they want to kill you and me. Are you forgetting that they have already drawn up plans of creating a county militia ran by the sheriff, who is one of them, and if you do not join this militia they say they will put us in a concentration camp? This has been well documented in the local papers, even national newspapers covered it a bit. These people such as Manzella are active members of an anti-government militia that is training to go to war with us. These people are dangerous and a threat to the U.S. people.

    People, you must remember that Mazella and none of the current county commissioners won any election. Unless you call winning by gerry-mandering a win. They won by cheating. I, and neither should you, should consider them legitimate. That’s just a fact.

    Sure, laugh at them. Make fun of their stupidity and ignorance of U.S. history. Point fingers at them and show the world how they are enemies of the United States. They say they are for the Constitution but, I assure you that the constitution that they refer to is the Confederate constitution. Realize, these people think it is okay to fly the flag of a defeated enemy of the USA, the confederacy, alongside the US flag. That in and of itself is a federal offense.

    Many have already pointed out the fact that secession is against the US Constitution. By that public threat itself they should be removed from any official seats that they sit in. They make it clear that they do not represent the United States of America so, what are they doing making laws and sitting in positions of power?

    Laugh at them. But, they must be taken seriously. We must do something to stop them before they start shooting up our streets and schools. We must do SOMETHING. We can not sit here and just laugh and make fun of them while they are pointing guns at us and saying they are going to take over our county, our State and our nation by force.

    Somebody made the statement that they do represent the county. No, they do not! Again, they have stated that they plan to secede. They have publicly stated that they plan on putting any who don’t follow them into concentration camps. Yes, there are many of them but, they are not a legitimate county government. We have the United States on our side. We have the US Constitution on our side. They say they do not consider themselves US citizens, which is what a sovereign citizen is all about, so they are not We the People. We are! And there are way more of us than there are of them.

    Do something!

  19. Some of these patriots do seem to be successfully seceding from reality.

  20. An old wiseman | July 8, 2016 3:47 PM at 3:47 PM |

    Manzella started her non profit “Willing Servants” and its mission was to save or help horses. She latter crossed path with now deceased Wyoming Rep Sue Wallis. aka Slaughter house sue! After Manzella’s epiphany she did a 180 degree turn and started to support the killing of horses. All the while she raises horses. At the end of the day what do you expect….. She’s from the Bitterroot Valley. Home of Suzi Foss, Scott Boulanger to name a few! Manzella has since closed her webpage for Willing Servants down..

  21. What about we citizens who want to REMAIN in the USA? Will she want to deport ALL of us who Pledge Allegiance to America? Maniac Manzella should be taken seriously, like deranged suspect with a weapon, and use the First Amendment to expose her hate and fear-mongering. Will she deport MALMSTROM Air Force Base, The Montana Air National Guard, the US Forest Service, the Army National Guard and the 80,000 veterans we have in MT who depend on the VA, federal services, social security, Medicaid, Medicare, etc? We’ll be refugees in our our Nation thanks to Maniac Manzella and her ilk like Fielder’s Fools!

  22. LOL!!! Awesome! I’ve always said the rants of Montana “cowgirl” (no real cowgirl thinks like that) are easily the best way to learn who the good guys are. I hope a lot of others use them that way too. The really funny thing is; the blog post and the following Comments are ALL about the folly of seceding from the United States, whereas that is not even what is suggested. Mine suggests FOLLOWING the United States Constitution and Theresa’s suggests seceding from the United Nations. I am SO glad some liberals will get exposed to a little bit of rational thought without any substantial rebuttal. ~~Cindi Hamilton

    • Poor Cindi, Just another tea partier who has no Idea how the constitution has changed because of Supreme court rule.

      • You are so right, Norma Duffy. I can’t imagine what you are talking about. Pray tell how our Constitution has changed because of supreme court rule. I can’t wait to hear it.

  23. Glenda Edgeworth | July 10, 2016 9:56 AM at 9:56 AM |

    What!!!! Did you all read the same thing I did? We want to get out of the UN not the USA!!! We also can control our own lands better then the Federal Government. No we would not sell off our lands that is what the Federal Government is doing.

    • You want to get out of the UN, why specifically? Let me guess the Agenda 21 RWNJ fever dream stuff. The lands you referenced are not your/Montana’s lands, the public lands belongs to all the people of the US. It sounds like your group wants the federal lands to be handed over to the likes of welfare ranchers like the bundy clan.

  24. Ahh, many liberals who want the government to control our lives, Where did you get the “EA Party Lawmaker Theresa Manzella (R-Bitterrooter) has taken to social media to promote Montana’s secession from the United States.” bit? I guess it is your blog so you can articulate anything your want out of the ladies post, but I sure never saw anything about secession in that post. Nice twist on Scalia also. Dunno why you put that in when the lady said nothing about secession anyway.

    What she did say was that we send money to Washington and they send more back….with strings attached. I think many Montanans are irritated about that.

    You should stick to the truth and not make up ridiculous statements.

    • “You should stick to the truth and not make up ridiculous statements.”
      If only that were the mantra of tea party types (well that and a refresher in deductive reasoning).

  25. Ms Manzella seems to be a bit impatient for the world to spin faster, I have seen her try to drive a team of horses and she seems to be in way too big of a hurry to manage animals. I think she is not very careful in her choice of words either, but it seems she is also not careful enough to shut the door on a trailer before driving. We will see how she does against a mule skinner in the upcoming election.

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