New Ad Hits Gianforte Hard on Lawsuit to Eliminate Fishing Spot

A new television ad went up this week that tells Montanans in no uncertain terms about how Gianforte sued to eliminate a popular fishing access spot in front of his river-front mansion.  This is the last thing Gianforte wants to talk about on the campaign trail, but he won’t be able to duck it now.

See for yourself.

Gianforte was even caught lying about his lawsuit in a public debate two weeks ago.  In that debate, Gianforte said “We have never sued the state to block access.” He has also claimed on a so-called “tele-townhall meeting” (this is a conference call folks), “I’ve never sued to end stream access on our property.”

 Gianforte’s lawsuit against the people of Montana to eliminate a public stream access in front of his mansion is posted online in several places, as are the documents which show the Gianfortes are listed as a principal of the East Gallatin LLC.  Art Wittich was the attorney that the Gianfortes hired to bring the lawsuit. Wittich was found by a jury of his peers to be guilty of 3 counts of corruption.  Why someone with $400 million would hire Art Wittich to represent him when he could get anyone in the world is interesting to say the least.
Wittich Gianforte

Here’s the transcript and factual backup for the ad – also from Youtube.

A millionaire from New Jersey thinks you’re easily hooked.
“I am a supporter of stream access laws.”
“and we welcome people on our property.”
But official court records prove that’s a fish tale.
See, Greg Gianforte sued to eliminate a popular access spot next to his riverfront mansion.
FWP even demanded he remove intimidating signs and a gate put up to block you out
And now Jersey-Gianforte thinks he should be governor of Montana?
Don’t buy it. Hook. Line. Or sinker.

Back Up:

Gianforte: “Yeah, I am a supporter of stream access laws as they stand today. In fact, I personally own probably the closest river access to downtown Bozeman. We live on the East Gallatin and in the summer we probably have 4 to 6 cars parked on our property there every single day and we welcome people on our property, so I’m a defende – and I am a beneficiary as well because I go other places and I love to fish, so.” [Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 3/9/16]

Gianforte declared a financial interest in East Gallatin LLC. [, accessed 3/11/16;, accessed 3/11/16]

East Gallatin LLC Filed Suit Against the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. [East Gallatin County Court, 5/21/09]

Plaintiff Asked “To quiet title and to extinguish all alleged easement interests claimed by FWP or any other parties across the parcel.” [East Gallatin County Court, 5/21/09]

Billings Gazette: “Governor Candidate Gianforte Sued State in 2009 Over Access to River.” [Billings Gazette, 5/10/16]

Gianfortes’ Own Several Parcels of Land Along Manley Road Near East Gallatin River. [Billings Gazette, 5/10/16]

FWP Legal Counsel Wrote, “Remove the Intimidating Signs and Gate That Keep People from Accessing the Recreation Easement” Art Wittich About His Clients. [Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, 10/30/08]

Gianforte went to college in Hoboken, New Jersey. [Jersey Journal, 9/18/12]
Before moving to Montana, the Gianfortes lived in New Jersey. [Better Jobs Montana, accessed 4/12/16]

Gianforte held stock worth about $290 million in the Oracle buyout of his company. [Ottawa Citizen, 10/25/11]


22 Comments on "New Ad Hits Gianforte Hard on Lawsuit to Eliminate Fishing Spot"

  1. Oh, right, the Good Jobs Montana PAC which is a state pac that is completely and utterly funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association. And all their money is going to a subsidiary of GMMB, one of the biggest DC spin-houses there is, like a half-billion in billing for the 2012 campaign?
    THing is, if DGA put their own name on THEIR ads, that would be honest and maybe cost some votes.

  2. Dave Skinner: Do you dispute the facts outlined in the Independent Record, which relies on the public record? You are engaging in a classic “blame the messenger” strategy.

    • Bill, do you dispute that DGA isn’t the real purchaser of these ads? Or that GMMB or one of its many subsidiaries aren’t spending lots of out of state cash out of state to produce these “Montana” ads? Because of course Montanans are too poor and stupid to spend money on?

  3. Dave is engaging in classic misdirection. Mr. Skinner, how about the ads run earlier that accused Gov. Bullock of abusing his power as Governor? Those were paid for by a PAC as well. Surely you object to them.

    No matter. While this episode has been used to beat up on Mr. Gianforte, as a voter I want to know what either candidate proposes to do that will help Montanans. Access is important but it isn’t the only issue.

    How about another debate?

    • RGA doesn’t pretend to be a Montana entity. They are RGA Right Direction PAC, not Real Montanans for Warm Organic Milk or some crockenheimer false flag.
      Their head guy is the head lawyah for RGA — so they’re suits too.
      But on the other hand, why couldn’t Steve Bullock just drive to Missoula for the Paul McCartney concert?

  4. Guide Rick doesn’t want client Greg to touch or handle the fish.

  5. Where is the blog post about Meg O’Leary and Bullock misusing funds to further their affair?

    • Montana cowboy, Why don’t you provide the copy regarding this alleged affair? It is clear that you would li!me it advertised. Funny though one of these things is not like the other as the children s song goes…One being cold hard facts describing Gianfortes lies.

  6. Did they mean Crook lyin Stinker?

  7. So Dave Skinner…you’re upset that this ad and creative are from an out of state group, correct? Then you must be pissed that almost all (over a $1.1million) of Gianforte’s direct campaign creative spending for all of the same stuff is done in Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, Texas…hardly a dime spent in state (about 12K by past campaign reports). I’m guessing not as big an issue for ya…

    A lot of Montanan’s giving money to a candidate that’s jumping up and down about his Montana jobs plans and creation of jobs here…how many jMT obs could 1.1 million help support?

  8. Montana Cowboy, would this be your blog?

    If so, you are a fucking asshole. We already knew Strandberg was an asshole.

  9. Drunks for Denny | July 13, 2016 1:49 PM at 1:49 PM |

    Any damage to the Gianforte campaign will be negated by the MEIC announcement to shut down Colstrip 1 & 2.

    While stream access is an important issue to the average Montana voter, jobs are an even more important issue.

    • Collapsing coal price/demand + lower cap on Mercury emissions and plant age & repair costs led PPL and other Owners to decide to plan to close Coalstrip 1 & 2.
      One of the official reasons being that forcing an electric charge on flue stack particles to trap and remove mercury to lower cap maximums, would force more work load on scrubber systems to trap and remove large masses of flue gas particles.
      Of course Greg Strandberg’s political commentary is often, but not always, uniquely and purposely offensive.
      I object to Cowgirl comment posts equating Greg Strandberg or Greg Gianforte,to simplistic swear words.

      • Drunks for Denny | July 14, 2016 9:03 AM at 9:03 AM |

        Economic realities do not affect the average Montana voter. I point to Trump as Exhibit A.

        The facts are:

        MEIC is claiming victory in shutting down Colstrip 1 & 2.

        The Montana Democratic Party and the environmental groups are joined at the hip.

  10. My goodness. He’s worse than Hillary Clinton!

  11. This is rather old news. I know Ganforte is a far rightwing nutcase, but I would rather see articles focusing on his demented policies.

  12. This is old news, I know Gianforte is a rightwing nutcase. I would rather see articles on policies he has said he endorses, along with an analysis of why they are off base.

  13. Please tell me that’s not a fishing guide.
    No self-respecting Montanan… (sigh)

  14. Dave Skinner says: Plenty of jobs. But the experts have all left.

    Poppycock…there just as much good web, printing, design, vid, media buying, school, social media etc talent here in the state especially for a campaign like this. Most of it’s not even rocket science…think somebody here couldn’t media buy and saturate the few Montana airwaves with his I’m a REAL Montana guy commercial that just so happened to be written by a creative group in Virginia, videoed by out of state shooters, and don’t forget the print tie-in printed in Wisconsin instead of here or great falls, and the social media links that had to be run through the prosper group in Indiana to get up on the web. Gianforte sure has a knack for creating jobs elsewhere.

    Real Montana workers could be making that money since he SAYS that’s something he cares about…and maybe he’d have even gotten some sage down-home MT advice to avoid sticking his foot in his mouth constantly as he so certainly has.

  15. “Of course Greg Strandberg’s political commentary is often, but not always, uniquely and purposely offensive.
    I object to Cowgirl comment posts equating Greg Strandberg or Greg Gianforte,to simplistic swear words.”

    Well Bob, I object to some asshole anonymously slandering a friend of mine.

  16. Montana Mountain Man | July 15, 2016 1:33 AM at 1:33 AM |

    Greg Gianforte said he hasn’t sue to stop stream access on his property. Of course it was not him it was his wife. So he was not lying, he simply is not telling the truth. And then he hired Art Wittich who is guilty of corruption in Montana to defend him.
    What a pair to draw to. I say two peas in the pod.
    This is just another of the hundreds of examples of the republican lies that is lurking in the shadows of the truth. We do not need anymore fake and crooked politicans. And yet many ignorant people keep voting for these fake human beings.
    I might as well include t-rump, zinke and daines in this gang of thieves. zinke and daines have been purchased by Monsanto – just look at their voting record. Oh well the republican party of NO is practically dead anyway. This November we can drive the stake into them just like they do to the vampires to get rid of them. We don’t need anymore crusty dirty old white men telling us what to do and trying to run our lives to satisfy their greed, ego and pocketbooks. The problem is that the evil republican philosophy has worked so well that the democrats as starting to use their tactics. The United States government is mostly totally corrupt. There are a few good guys with moral fiber but there are many more bad ones. Heaven help us. Maybe we need a good old fashion rebelution.

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