RNC: Montana delegates nominate Trump, while displaying ALC map

MT GOP Convention Goers

When it came time for the Montana delegation to declare its support for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention on live TV, it was Theresa Manzella, the loony “Montexit” state legislator from the Bitterroot, who gave the speech.

But while she was speaking, her fellow delegates helped her out by holding up a map, from the American Lands Council website, showing all of the federal lands and Indian reservations that the Montana GOP would like to see sold off or reverted to state ownership.

alc map

This is the issue on which Ryan Zinke resigned as a delegate (but not as a speaker and enthusiastic attendee) to the convention last week, on which Bullock is beating Gianforte, over which the Oregon standoff was fought, and on which the Republicans are becoming an increasingly marginalized group of people in Montana.   Manzella was joined by Dee Brown, Chairman Jeff Essman, Zinke fundraiser Will Selph, and scoff-law Art Wittich, who was convicted of corruption by a jury of his peers.  Montana voters should know that the Montana Republican Party leadership, during it’s most public moment in the national spotlight which occurs only once every four years, chose to use the platform to declare its support for an idea that is crazy and bizarre–that Montana should acquire our national forests and parks from the federal government, and sell some of the lands to private buyers.


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  1. The GOP is caught up in the Tar Baby Syndrome. The more they struggle to mold Trump into a real Republican, the more they’re stuck with a closet Democrat. Trump embraces Planned Parenthood, the rights of homosexuals, childcare for working mothers, and aid for Americans in need. Trump gave Hillary a fast-track to becoming President by crushing the Republican candidates who might have been elected. Trump’s final message to the Republican Convention: “You can’t always get what you want.” Give that some thought, Manzella.

  2. I only wish it was true that this wacky right wing group of Montana Republicans are becoming marginalized. They will again control both houses of the legislature and Fielder and Manzella will both have leadership positions. This is why I will as a conservative vote for Bullock so he can use his veto pen many times against these fools

  3. That’s not Chris Shipp in the photo. It’s Will Selph. A fundraising staffer on Ryan Zinke’s campaign.

  4. Q: What is your position on the issue of federal lands being turned over to the state? Please explain your position. – Tony Jones, Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association

    A: At this point, which agency owns the land is not as important as how our public lands are managed. We all want healthy air, water and wildlife, abundant outdoor recreation and safe, vibrant communities, but nearly everyone in Montana knows that federal policies enacted by distant politicians in Washington, D.C. are producing very poor results. I find the unhealthy air quality and economic devastation created by lack of proper management unacceptable.

    The Environmental Quality Council, on which I serve, found that 22,000 miles of the 32,000 miles of roads on U.S. Forest Service lands have now been closed to multiple uses. The federal government has cut off way too much access that should be left available for recreation, initial attack firefighting, search and rescue and resource management. We must implement significant reforms to responsibly reduce wildfire threats, protect our environment, enhance hunting opportunities, revive our economy and keep access to public lands open.

    Democrats and green decoy groups like to say that if public land is transferred to the state, we would “sell off the public lands to the highest bidder.” That is a patently false claim. For over 100 years Montana has managed 6 million acres of state-owned public lands, and we have done a very good job of it. We protect the environment, prevent wildfires, produce valuable commodities that provide jobs and revenues for public services and we outperform the federal government economically at a rate of about five to one.

    Last session I supported SB274 to ensure public lands are kept public, HB 496 to study the feasibility of the state assuming management of some federally held public lands, and SB309 to incentivize more access to public lands. Finding ways to secure better management of public lands will continue to be a high priority for me.

    • Bill, I see you used the term “green decoy groups”, that must mean that you have been successfully programmed by Rick Berman’s Green Decoys campaign. It is in fact a front group funded by big corporations, the Koch’s and run out of Berman’s DC lobbing office, it’s designed to fool low information people. From personal experience I know that Rick Berman and his Green Decoys front group are liars. Berman & Company operates over 45 different fake front groups as of today including Green Decoys, ObesityMyths, Physician Scam, Protecting Bad Teachers, Teachers Union Exposed, Tipped Wage, Unite Here Exposed. Berman’s only interests is the brainwashing of people using hidden corporate propaganda. Berman will attack and smear any group he is paid to. You are being fooled by a high paid DC lobbyist and professional liar….but I doubt you really care. But others should care…if you are following the lead of Berman you are on the wrong side of any issue and are in fact a threat to our Democracy, Liberty, Freedom and Justice.(Period)

  5. you are right. Art Wittich should be removed from office for violations of the campaign finance laws, just like Hillary should lose here security clearances for mishandling classified information, perjury, and TBD on the Clinton Foundation. What’s up with our justice departments?

  6. Public lands in Public hands!
    Why not in Ravalli County?
    Relatedly, here’s what County Commissioner candidate
    Dave Smith stated in May:

    Q: A gubernatorial candidate recently said he would like to see county commissions in Montana take a role in managing local forests. The Ravalli County commission recently took a stand on the national issue of Syrian refuges. County commissions across the state are pulled in a variety of different directions. From your point of view, what is the role of a county commission? Where should its emphasis be?

    A: A county commissioner’s job is to manage the county, not to enforce federal immigration law or manage national forests.

    The current county commission can’t seem to manage county business very well at all. They created a disaster by hiring Valerie Stamey as county treasurer. They fired David Ohnstad, one of the most effective county road supervisors we’ve ever had, and then hired two people to replace him. They rejected a plan to improve the Hamilton airport, which sent the whole issue back to square one after many years of work and expensive consultation. They rejected $50,000 in family planning funds, leaving 500 local women without health care. They lost a lawsuit to the Bitterroot Star for holding a public meeting without giving public notice. They lost a lawsuit to Bitterrooters for Planning for illegally approving the Legacy Ranch subdivision, and then paid $70,000 in legal fees. And most disturbingly, they paid out nearly $1 million to two land developers following a no-judgment lawsuit, and never explained their reasons to the taxpayers who paid the bill.

    This commission can’t seem to do anything right – they can’t even fix the potholes – and yet they want to weigh in on federal immigration policy and national forest management. As county commissioner I would concentrate on transparency in county government, fixing the potholes and ensuring public health and safety.


  7. was this Bill Bullock or pure speculation…… A gubernatorial candidate recently said he would like to see county commissions in Montana take a role in managing local forests.

    For over 100 years Montana has managed 6 million acres of state-owned public lands, and we have done a very good job of it.

    We do not need to lose more jobs in MT…for years they have been doing selective cutting with great success in south eastern mt.

  8. State Land is not Public Land!

  9. Along with being against things like the Water Compact and the Infrastructure Bill, Fielder is the vocal and active tool of Ken Ivory and the American Lands Council. The intent of Fielder and her fellow Mormons is to turn your public lands into prime real estate … the LDS church has billions to spend, Weyerhaeuser is in the real estate business … don’t fall for the BS from the tea party wingnuts. If you want to keep informed on public lands, check out my facebook page. Dig a little and you can read “One flew by the cuckoos nest”, for a bit of insight into the Fielder fringe element.

  10. Actually state land is the definition of public lands. Maybe not as protected as the federal variety, but ours all the same. On another note: yes, Montana has had a good dose of “crazy” fro the last 25 years or so, and we should well-know better than to count them out just cuz a few of their bricks fell off the truck. All it takes for crazy to seize power and to keep it is for those who aren’t to continue to insist on playing to the fictitious middle. There is no middle by their own definition. The definition most Americans share (and have for decades) lies somewhere in the middle of The New Deal. Trump and Manzella aren’t killing us. “New” Democrats are. Tim Kaine for VP choice is a mere example. How clueless can mainstream Democrats be? How irresponsible? Hope I’m wrong, but this election should have been a landslide and now it’s a squeakier. Blame Trump? Manzella? Wittich? Guess we may just laugh all the way to our graves or at least give ourselves a good, unnecessary scare. Dammit!

  11. Well, I wouldn’t pat myself on the back to hard Ms Lopez. This Democrat Governor and legislature passed the bill to turn out the innocents of MDC, with nary a look back to see all the destruction that has befallen them. Many Indian clients were part of that group and face death and imprisonment because there is not a facility for their unique needs. I believe it was a democrat senator who proposed that regardless of the
    glaring conflict of interest. I’m not sticking up for republicans as they voted to close as well

  12. Bill there is a big difference between state and federally owned lands. The state lands are ostensibly owned by the citizens of the state. The federal lands are owned by citizens of every state, even ones where people who differ in their political views from the Bundy groupies like Manzella and Fielder, who have a limitless sense of entitlement and ulterior motives.

  13. Tell that to the people that used to work at the below. I would have more confidence in state leadership then the Federal. That is the point. Perhaps the radical minorities have more impact at the federal level vs. the state level.

    Weyerhaeuser Announces Plans to Close Two Columbia Falls Mills. 200 jobs disappearing as C. Falls mills to close. June 22, 2016.

    DEER LODGE — Sun Mountain Lumber in Deer Lodge has shut down the night shift in the sawmill, planer and finger-jointer operations, resulting in the layoff of almost 50 workers. That leaves 115 people working at the mill. Sep 12, 2015

    HELENA Mar 15, 2009- Plum Creek Timber Co. has begun shutting down the last major sawmill in the Tobacco Valley, a swath of northwestern Montana that was dotted with mills during much of the 20th century.

  14. Weyerhauser is shutting down the mill due to financial benefits they planned when they bought it, not due to lack of timber supply. Heck, their whole yard was FULL of logs when they announced the closing.

  15. Even with that caveat, it shows the high hurdle facing Trump. This is to say nothing about possible convention rules changes, delegates held by other candidates, or the actions of unbound or RNC delegates. We will look at those scenarios in the future.

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