National Repubs cutting bait on Montana gov’s race

by Cowgirl

A source in Washington DC familiar with the deliberations of the Republican Governors Association, which makes independent large expenditures on behalf of gubernatorial candidates, tells me that the group is walking away from Montana because of Greg Gianforte’s sagging poll numbers, which show Gianforte losing to Bullock right now by anywhere from 8 to 11 points.  The RGA has pulled its ads in Montana and has gone dark.  The DGA, meanwhile, is pouring in money on ads to help Bullock.

It’s a shocking turn of events, given that the RGA is a group with unlimited means (corporate money of every size and shape) and usually outspends the DGA nationally by 3-1 and has rately spent less than a million bucks on a Montana governor’s race.  But they will only do so if the candidate shows that he (or she) can make a game of it.  At this point, my source tells me, the RGA is not convinced that the race is winnable.

This is why Greg Gianforte has just put another million or so into the race. You may have noticed his new ads featuring Steve Daines who tries to vouch for Gianforte by telling us that their two families used to go backpacking together (it’s not made clear why this means that Gianforte would be a better governor than Bullock.)  Those ads, at 60 seconds a piece, are ferociously expensive.  Gianforte is going for broke. He’s got no other options.


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  1. Rather pathetic, for Gianforte’s former employee to vouch for him….cowboy up GG!

  2. GG should be ridin’ a dinosaur, after all he lives in the Flintstone universe!

    • Hello, Publius. As I mentioned before. I would expect that “Barney the
      Dinosaur” (public education) would receive more funding under a GG administration. You liberals would bankrupt the state, but there would be more prosperity under GG, who understands these issues “A CRAPLOAD” more than you do. good night.

      by the way, your crack is RACIST!! (actually I am using the term a little liberally, but, as I mentioned before, it is hypocritically biased against fundamental Christianity!!)

  3. Just goes to show. Montanans don’t like rich men who try to buy an election.

  4. Yep, the ‘junior’ millionaire – DAINES – is stepping in because ‘bullies’ are calling GG bad names, oh my! Millionaires stick together, and yes it’s very nice to see their families enjoying private and public lands, but DAINES AVOIDS the public land transfer debate, and Daines and Gianforte would be quiet HAPPY to be outdoors on their OWN private land or of their Billionaire buddies buying up Montana……..

  5. No one should be surprised. G.G. and Steve Daines are connected at the hips. They share equally cups of tea from the same pot, mutually supporting one another in misguided opinions and philosophies. One has been elected; one will not be elected. G.G. is desperate. We will see him grasping for any and all support he might beg, buy, borrow, or steal. Maybe he could get help should he publicly ask Vladimir Putin to break into the governor’s e-mail accounts. Then again, maybe G.G. should have a hip-replacement operation, or maybe he should change from tea to coffee.

  6. I’m born and raised in Montana. It is so sad to me to see these “outsiders” act like they care about this state. Money is so important to them—not the importance of what Montana is really about—blue skies!! beauty!!! access to all even if you aren’t rich.

  7. Montanans want their children to be educated and part of the world as well- not to have a governor who thinks the earth is 6,000 years old.

  8. If ever there was anything close to being the 666 it’s GG. The 666 will be cloaked as a Christian/spiritual leader who becomes political. GG fits the bill. I find the man to be repulsive. He honestly makes me shudder. God save us from GG. I mean that, Please God Save Us From GG. Maybe my prayers are being answered.

  9. Montana cowgirl, you refer to polls having Gianforte losing big. What are the polls to which you are referring? I can’t find any such poll. Feel free to provide links. I think Gianforte has a much better chance than you think. I’m pretty sure be received a higher vote total than Bullock in the primaries.

    • The race could tighten as Nov. approaches – as these elections often due. Much will depend on how the current disgust with the newly crowned national Democratic oligarch, er candidate, effects voter turnout. Even worse, any low turnout could have a real negative impact on getting the Democrate candidates for other statewide offices elected. They were already facing an uphill battle.

      • Old Line Democrat | July 29, 2016 7:16 PM at 7:16 PM |

        Remember that the Gianforte religious crowd here in Montana were virtually unanimous in supporting Ted Cruz. Hard to believe that they would climb on the bandwagon for Trump after their candidate’s performance at the GOP convention. They are more likely to not vote at all rather than support Trump even if it is against Hillary.

  10. Montana desperately needs a D governor to veto the insane ideas the tea party freaks in the legislature come up with.

  11. More than ever, we need a voice of reason in our Governor, and GG is definitely not reasonable. More than ever, we need to elect people who think for themselves (their pastor might be wrong, as MY pastor says). We need to elect down ticket, folks who are good neighbors, not good politicians.

  12. Montana needs a governor who will enforce the law. Not Bull-cock. Current governor has let CPS abuse children all over the state, have written him several letters with peer reviewed psychiatrists (70 out of state psychiatrists!) opinions about what is going on and he refuses to do anything! Throws CPS head on woodpile and does nothing else, Montana needs a governor who protects children, not abuse them. Also what’s with the revolving door at the LT Gov’s office? I’m sure the scandal will come out just after the election.

  13. Cudduh fooled me…I thought the AG enforced the law….

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