The Politics of Bigotry

by Justin Robbins

If the past several days (even weeks) of politicking and conventioning have shown one thing, it is that the concept of statesmanship is dead. There is no market left in the American mind for reasoned debate, considered pragmatism, or ideological compromise. Regardless the issue, we demand our champions not only vanquish the opposition, but “take out their families” and give us three syllable chants with which to taunt any who dare question our methods.

Not surprisingly, the weapon of choice in the trenches of today’s political battlefields, seems to be the meme; a quip, quote or sound bite the user believes encapsulates every nuance of an issue in under 25 words. This is a tactic employed by all sides; whether you believe there’s a #WarOnChristianity, #WarOnLGBT, or you #JustNeedToPee. Most who deploy such devices tend to congratulate themselves for their cleverness and their immediate, decisive victory.

Another casualty of these times is intellectual honesty; lying mortally wounded at the feet of, among other tactics, the legislative pledge. A favored weapon of bullies and other special interest groups, the pledge is typically used in place of reasoned argument to extort favorable votes from elected officials. Case in point, the transgender bathrooms lawsuit issue, deftly misrepresented here by the non-prophet Montana Family Foundation (MFF).

You may have heard that Montana Attorney General Tim Fox recently drug Montana into a lawsuit over what the MFF calls a “directive” from the Obama Administration regarding bathroom use by transgender school children. What neither the MFF nor the sly Mr. Fox want you to know, is there was no directive issued. In the wake of North Carolina’s notorious HB2, which essentially codified Christian privilege and spawned a battalion of Teflon-coated bigots, President Obama’s Department of Education issued “guidance” for K-12 school districts navigating the transgender topic.

“Guidance”, however, is nowhere near juicy enough for the chronically persecuted. If your goal is to empathize with, or even emulate a guy who was literally crucified, you at least need to be “directed.” So, in the finest tradition of professional victims, Mr. Fox and the MFF charged to the front lines of an imaginary battle, and loosed the cannons; joining a 9 state lawsuit, and demanding our legislators pledge to it their support.

Montana tax payers will once again have their wagon hitched to the wrong side of history, while the self-appointed defenders of “traditional values” coerce our elected representatives to forfeit their independent, informed judgment in order to tilt at windmills. Perhaps, this actually is all we can expect from here on in; ill-informed, reactionary legislators too timid to stand up to naked emperors shouting distorted, bigoted absurdities.

For those who have not followed this story, or the above links, I’ll offer this summary: Governor Bullock fully supports local management of this issue; a status which has not been endangered by outside guidance. For those who need the meme:

“Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes of both” – Thomas Jefferson


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  1. Hear hear Justin nicely done.

  2. Any political rhetoric about transgender identity is just pandering for votes. This is effectively decided and effectively done. The decision is in the bureaucratic pipeline and I guarantee will end up in the Supreme Court. The politicians know it, and any rhetoric and blatant pandering for votes. An insult to our intelligence. 12 States are currently suing the Obama administration over the transgender bathroom directive Also, Equality Act of 2015 H.R. 3185 and S. 1858. (currently now in committee review). This amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation.

    • Main point, Bill, is that it’s not a directive.

      • There were numerous reports in the press that the Obama administration intended to sanction, and pull funding for jurisdictions that would not follow their “Guidelines”. As to the liberal playbook, you can say that they are not directives, but of course that would be only the first step, and they would not stop at throwing opponents in jail (like the Kentucky county clerk in the case of “gay” marriage). The liberals will never be happy until they “Ram” this down the throat of the rest of country. If you are involved in schools at all, there is an active “recruitment” effort going on, going down to middle and grammar schools, to “promote” the LGBT “Q” lifestyle to youngsters, most of which do not care.

        • You Could say that Trump and Gianforte are not Facists, But “The Don retweets Klansman and calls for deporting Millions based on their race… And Greg and his wife Have donated Money to every cause under the Sun who hates and/or wants to Kill Gays.

          Of course, What they have done everyday in the past, shouldn’t be considered Guidelines of what they would do once they are elected? Right Bronx Kid?

          If we were to follow your logic blindly without the nuance of fact behind it, it would be okay to profile people because of their sexual diversity. With your kind of Guidelines We would have hundreds more deaths like Matthew Shepard and James Bird.

          The Fact is what the president wrote as guidlines is actually Part of The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act.

          Pres Obama was merely repeating parts the act, because the act itself Removes the prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally protected activity, like voting or going to school and
          Gives federal authorities greater ability to engage in hate crimes investigations that local authorities choose not to pursue.

          Wish you G Gianforte fans would read law once in awhile. You might find out how wrong you are about our country for once instead of revisiting old garbage fears from your supposedly christian friends.

          • Basically in order to receive federal moneys as a school, The school must follow Federal laws. So it is a no brainer for schools to follow the Matthew Shepard laws, and also people like our Attorney Fox are wasting our state money, because Federal jurisdiction is with the federal Guidelines of Matthew SHepard law.

            By the way Bronx why aren’t you arguing this in your state of New Jersey?
            Oh yeah I forgot momentarily again, your a friend of Gianforte who came from New Jersey

            • Norma, you have crossed the line here insinuating “Killing Gays” and the hate crimes painting you as a left wing radical (possible radical socialist) and one that no reasonable person would value your opinion. Have the Roman’s returned? This is funny as I am probably less religious that you, but respect all forward thinking plans. Greg has had years of his own big business with out discrimination issues, more the most can say. People can be concerned about religious freedoms and also be professional enough to keep religion, work, and state separate as exemplified by thousands of CEOs and Politicians. As you can see it is not a crime to raise your children with exposure to religion. As you can see by the recent Supreme Court decision temporary blocking the bathroom decision Obama may have usurped his executive powers. Congress is the body that writes laws and they currently have a draft in committee review addressing TG identity. Keep in mind there is a big issue here. Majority privacy rights, tax payer costs for facilities, if based on tG identity or biological sex(to include sex changes), etc. Note Executive Orders can be abused.

              • Wow, you really try and stir the manure around to protect such a hater Like Gianforte dont you.

                Lets get down to the facts shall we.

                1. Gianforte Has and still donates money to conversion groups like “Focus on the Family” Focus on the Family Focus On The Family continues to endorse junk science rejected by every major medical and mental health organization to this day, blaming molestation, divorce, and straight up “rebellion against societal norms” for people’s sexual orientation.

                2.Focus on the Family believe anti- bullying laws lead to Gayism.

                3 Focus on the Family used to donate a lot of money to Exodus International, who sent Don Schmierer, a board member, to Uganda in 2009 to speak at a conference alongside Scott Lively, a pastor who was later sued by a Ugandan gay rights group for his role in promoting human rights violations against LGBTQ people. The two participated in a disturbing anti-gay conference, where speakers blamed homosexuals for the rise of Nazism and the Rwandan genocide, among other abhorrent acts.

                They have promoted antigay legislation in Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, just to name a few other places. The support ranges from popular agitation and sideline cheerleading to outright intervention.


                Gentlemen never bring your touchy feeling side to a fact fight…….. you will lose!

                • Norma, for 1 & 2 you omitted Mormons, Jews, and Muslims (including many of our good citizens that are persons of color) that have issues on same sex unions. Yes, and I along with millions of others have donated to coffers that share these feeling though many of us do not agree with all guidance but appreciate and respect their christian doctrines.

                  And you are right Focus on the Family has cut ties with Exodus International.

                  Good luck with your efforts and your decision on who will be economical be better for you and our state.

          • I will try and keep this one short and sweet. You alleged that Gianforte wants to “Kill gays”.

            You should be ashamed of saying such a lie, but you (and Justine Roberts and Cowgirl) are not, insofar as that is part of your “GamePlan”.

            I note and observe that you WANT to win. GREAT!! That in theory would be good, to win, however on the TRUTH. Your plan, however is to use LIES!!

            May God have mercy on your lying, dishonest souls!!

            • the only one lying here My New Jersy Posing as someone from the Bronx is you!. Better look in that Mirror.

            • Greg Gianforte in fact gave several thousand dollars to a SPLC designated hate group that in fact supported and funded Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” law.

  3. This has gone beyond silly to ridiculous and on to stupidity. Solutions already exist to satisfy unique restroom needs and necessities, and many businesses have implemented these simple solutions quickly and quietly all across Montana. So-called family restrooms, as found in Walmart stores, are available as an alternative to general-use men’s and women’s restrooms. These restrooms offer use when more than general men’s and women’s restroom facilities are needed. Likewise, gender neutral or dual gender restrooms are already in use at restaurants and self-service fuel/snack-foot businesses. They offer privacy for a single user — toilet, soap dispenser, sink, paper towels or hand drier. Some people, and Tim Fox is one of them, would rather raise a fuss and call attention to themselves than solve a problem quietly and simply. These people thrive on noise and controversy. They waste our time and tax money while claiming they are protecting us from evil or somehow protecting our family values or defending or state’s right to decide issues. There is narcissism at work in what these people do, not problem solving or finding solutions. And, yes, oh yes, there is pandering for votes.

    • I agree with you read. Just to add, however, it is the “Cause Celeb” of the commies (Justine, Norma (if they are not the same person) and friends, who will not even give up.) That is why they need to be defeated, DERCISIVELY!!

  4. As in 1910, so in 2016–
    “It never pays to condone or gloss over political or other corruption, whether in legislatures, corporations or in any other body. What the people need and demand is honesty and purity, and sooner or later that demand will be met. Tricky politicians may stave off the day of reckoning for a time–but only for a time. We believe that such politicians, both national and local, will get theirs in the coming campaign.”
    Madisonian (April 1910)
    I say no more pandering. Those who try to inflict godliness on us should stand up and testify their beliefs. Of course these ALEC-inspired fundamentalists know that’s useless, so they are happy to lie. Fortunately the voter is not confused and their lies will be rejected at the polls and in the legislature.

  5. Supreme Court temporarily blocks order on transgender bathroom use

    Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan would have left the lower court decision undisturbed. It took five justices to act, and Justice Stephen Breyer wrote separately to say that he concurred in the decision in part because granting the stay would “preserve the status quo” until the court has a chance to consider a petition for cert. “I vote to grant the application as a courtesy,” Breyer wrote.

    The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to put on hold a federal judge’s order in the growing controversy over restrictions on the use of bathrooms by transgender students.

    Wednesday’s order means the student, Gavin Grimm, will not be able to use the restroom of his choice when school starts.

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