MT Political News Round Up


Where states expanded Medicaid low-income insurance options improved, so did results – and the economy Read the full study by an actual medical journal (not some Koch Brothers group) here. Reuters

Mormons’ distaste for Donald Trump puts Utah up for grabs says the New York Times (and probably a good chunk of Idaho)

Governor Bullock has a heartwarming new ad up Youtube

Washington Post: The new Post-ABC poll shows just how badly Donald Trump blew his convention

Yet another way charter schools fail-More than 20% of them in CA discriminate in admissions, says a new ACLU study LA Times

Female Democratic lawmakers call for equal pay in state Great Falls Tribune

GOP operative blasts Zolnikov for not supporting the walking disaster that is Trump Billings Gazette LTE

Anti-cannibus crusader attempts to blame others for the unpopularity of a ballot measure he personally bankrolled MTPR