Loud and Clear

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this picture say about how the Montana Republican Party views women. To be sure, it isn’t just Montana GOPers who regularly refer to women in derogatory terms. The Washington post has reported on Republicans falling all over themselves to refer to Hillary Clinton as a “bitch.” So it’s no surprise that Montana’s Trump Fan Club (formerly known as the Montana Republican Party) seems eager to get in on the sexist action.

Take this picture of GOP convention delegate Ed Butcher sporting a button featuring Clinton’s face and the words: “Life’s a bitch. Don’t vote for one.” (Here’s a close-up of the button below.)


Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.56.57 PM

Trump of course has a long history of making sexist remarks, and so do his Montana Fan Club.  GOP Majority Leader Keith Regier compares women to cattle, and Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen authored a dress code ridiculed across the U.S. for its attempts to police women’s bodies.



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  1. Oh yes, the Montana Repuglican Party, A.K.A. the Marquis de Sade’s minions! Keep your lips shut women or we’ll sew ’em shut! Right boys?

  2. Disgusting, Ed Butcher’s an archaic loser…I’d like him to use his filthy language and mind on other women who disagree with him..

  3. Petty, childish and disgusting! Wonder what his wife thinks of his behavior?

  4. It’s with a lot of satisfaction that I watch the GOP self-destruct. Their ideas have been old & tired for fifty years and senility and delusional behavior is becoming troublesome. Abusive spouses always push things too far sooner or later and even the most loyal Republican women are reaching their limit with this abusive tangerine man/boy. Definitely the Senate, maybe the House could be Blue next year. If this Berniecrats show up this year and again in 2018, not just in the voting booth but on the ballots as well, there’s an outside chance we can take our Government back from the Greedy Old Patriarchs who have run it for the past 40 years and make it work for the other 98% of us…

  5. It’s “Madam Bitch” to Crackers.

  6. Central Montana gal | August 12, 2016 8:27 AM at 8:27 AM |

    I’m from Central Montana. Never been an Ed Butcher fan. He is not a current senator and hasn’t been for years, this is a case of lifetime senator status. I’ve only spoken with him/stood with someone as they spoke to him a few times, I didn’t like how he spoke about people. I avoid him if at all possible when I see him around town.

  7. This language is intolerable. Mr Butcher is such learned expert on the Constitution, perhaps he should read it.

  8. Oh what a dick head!

  9. Is Butcher married? I wonder what FEMALES in his family circle think, is that what he thinks of women, as CATTLE perhaps? What does he think about EQUAL pay and sexual harassment?

  10. Central Montana gal | August 12, 2016 11:17 PM at 11:17 PM |

    He was also only a state senator not a US senator…

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