Candidate offended by “positions other than missionary”

A screenshot from the video Kristin Juras created in which she, I kid you not, sings a song she wrote about getting owned by the university paper, the Montana Kaimin.

The Cowgirl Blog recently described Kristin Juras’s 2009 activism against a harmless sex column that used to run in the college newspaper at the University of Montana.  Juras is a right-wing social conservative running for state Supreme Court.

Now a big flap is underway, because Juras has been caught in a lie by student journalists at the Montana Kaimin, who later caught noticed Juras had removed the lie from her Facebook page after their story came out.  Here’s straight from the Missoulian:

Juras said the column in the student newspaper was discontinued following the U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation into the handling of sexual assault cases by the Missoula Police Department, Missoula County Attorney’s Office and UM police.

In fact, the column was discontinued in 2009 because Pallares graduated, though a sex column has existed in some form in the Kaimin since.

The DOJ investigation began in 2012 after allegations of mishandling of sexual assault cases on campus.

At the time of this post, this story was still the top trending story at the Missoulian website, which isn’t surprising when you consider how much fun it is to read about a student paper utterly owning a right-wing candidate who happens to be perhaps not the best professor at their own university.

Missoulian trending stories as of 10pm Thursday September 29 2016

Missoulian trending stories as of 10pm Thursday September 29 2016

Bess Pallares, the UM student (since graduated) who used to pen the column, was outraged at Juras’ suggestion and all that it implied, and is speaking out.  Pallares and Juras have now been interviewed for a piece in the Missoulian, published yesterday, about the continuing controversy.

The best part of the interview with Juras is when she explains that the reason she didn’t like the sex column is that “there were articles about better positions than missionary.”  To each her own, I say.  But don’t impose your bizarre brand of social conservatism on the rest of us.

Over at Wonkette Juras gets a thorough take-down for her small minded, backward, and poorly written inclinations toward shoving a warped biblical view where it does not belong.

Also, in case you are compiling a new playlist, here is a video of Juras actually performing a song which she herself composed, about the entire episode.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.  Here it is:


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  1. Juras, the ‘Missionary of Intolerance’!

  2. Kristin has a sense of humor and self-deprecation. That’s good.

  3. Not to quibble, but Juras did NOT craft this song herself. This is a rip-off of Dr. Hook’s epic, “Cover of the Rolling Stone.” Those of us from this era will consider this video and her behavior deplorable on a deeper level. She’s taking a shit on Rock ‘n Roll, and all things holy. Must be stopped.

    It’s a sad day for Rock n Roll. Please progressives, in the name of all things holy, stop Juras’ attack on Rock n Roll. She has no soul.

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