Montana Libertarian leader is working the Ammon Bundy trial

Roger Roots

It’s been a sad but busy time for the Montana Libertarian party.  Their long-time leader and chairman Mike Fellows was killed in a car accident while returning from a candidate forum in Seeley Lake.  His car crossed the yellow line and he collided with another vehicle whose occupant survived.  A true believer, he was a fixture for several decades in Montana politics and ran for almost every statewide office.  He was often invited to attend debates with the major candidates. This year he was a candidate for Congress, running against Denise Juneau and Ryan Zinke.

Roger Root racistMeanwhile, amid the scuffle to find a replacement for Fellows it was reported that the new Libertarian party leader, Roger Roots, who is also on the ballot for the state Auditor race, has been in Oregon for the last few months at the working as a volunteer paralegal for Ammon Bundy, who  led the armed revolt at Malheur earlier this year.

This is who Libertarians are in Montana nowadays. Roots is a convicted felon and proud racist who authored a website entitled  “The Respectable Racist: 100 Things You Didn’t Know About Black People,”

RogerRootRacist2including overt, ugly racism.

And finally, let’s look at who the Libertarians replaced Fellows with, in the Congressional race: Rick Breckenridge. He is someone Republicans are familiar with.   Breckenridge was once a Republican party activist and ran for Party Chair a few years back, garnering 38% of the vote. You might also remember Breckenridge as a platinum sponsor of the “Liberty Convention 2010”, a conference in Ravalli County that sparked an FBI investigation into an anti-government plot to kill Alaska state troopers.

Rick Breckenridge

Rick Breckenridge

It should also be noted that historically Libertarians have often been pro-choice – they oppose government involvement in women’s medical decisions. But the new Libertarians in Montana, such as Breckenridge, don’t believe women deserve the same protections.  He’s even gone so far as to express support for Todd Akin, the GOP congressman who claimed that “legitimate rape” didn’t cause pregnancy. 


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  1. Is Mr. Breckenridge a member of the WWF?

  2. Most people do not know that the Libertarian party started as a Corporate front group in 1946. That is why Libertarian ideology is Corporate ideology and Libertarian voters (most unknowingly) end up being nothing more than shills for the Corporate interest. “Libertarianism” was in fact a creation of the corporate lobby and was launched as big business “ideology” in 1946 by The US Chamber of Commerce. The “Libertarian movement” was originally funded by GM, Chrysler, Ford, Gulf Oil, Standard Oil, and Sun Oil, US Steel, National Steel, Republic Steel, Montgomery Ward, Marshall Field, Sears, Monsanto and DuPont, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, Eli Lilly, BF Goodrich, ConEd, and many more. The Corporations only wanted/want “less government” for the same reason a crook wants less police. Look at the 1980 Libertarian Party platform when David Koch was their candidate for Vice President and ran the party, it is very informative…..

  3. There has been many questions concerning the Libertarians after the death of Mike Fellows and the replacement of him on the ballot. It is claimed that efforts were made to contact others of us who had an interest in the situation. Paperwork with the COPP shows a different state of affairs with the Libertarian Party now. The Montana Libertarian Party will not contest the replacement of Mr Fellows and put the Montana public through a longer stall and extra cost of ballot printing, but steps are being taken to keep actions such as those of recent weeks from happening again.

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