National Republican Party Bankrolls False Attack Ads in MT Judicial Race

The lies about Judge Sandefur’s record are funded by the Republican State Leadership Committee, which is spending big money to elect a Montana Supreme Court candidate with no judicial experience and so little local support she hasn’t even been able to raise $40,000 for her own campaign.

KXLH is reporting that the national Republican party (the Republican State Leadership Committee or RSLC) has swooped in and given more than twice that to a GOP firm.

In fact, as the Cowgirl Blog already posted, the cases cited in the ludicrous ads were the result of deals the prosecutor made with the defendants – the the prosecutor himself says so. Yet the airways are still filled with the falsehoods.

As KXLH reports, the RSLC “raises millions of dollars from many of the nation’s top corporations,” like ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart and others.


4 Comments on "National Republican Party Bankrolls False Attack Ads in MT Judicial Race"

  1. I was under the impression that the Montana Supreme Court races were non partisan?

  2. So were the rest of us. Then the Sanders County GOP and the MT GOP filed a lawsuit to allow them to inject partisan resources.

  3. And again it becomes clearer the last chance we have to overthrow the oligarchs is this election. If we don’t get progressive voices in the Courts, State and Federal, we are doomed. Races like this can make it seem like the Powell memo/plan is off the tracks since all that out-of-state money won’t work in the end, I hope, but overturning Citizens United is still key to restoring a balance of power. In the majority of races money can and does drown out speech. I hope I’m proven correct that all the gazillionaire cash n the world won’t elect Judges like this one or Governors like the G-man. Has anyone pointed out to Greg the hip-boots we put on aren’t for fishing but rather for wading in cow-flop or GOP talking points.

  4. Yes, the Oligarchy Party must be removed. It must not be replaced by that worse Oligarchy Party, the Progressive Party, which advances a communist in waiting platform.

    99% of those championing the destruction of the American republic they grew up in never lived, served, or worked in any other country. Their infatuation with socialism was and is kindled by grandiose promises of a kumbayah utopia here at home.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. Venezuela is proof. Cuba is proof. Argentina is proof. No other country in the world ever enjoyed the economic success America did. In no other country on earth can the average man or woman who possesses a modicum of guts, brains, and motivation become multi-millionaires, politicians, rock stars, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, judges, or astronauts.

    Under 30-somethings make up the bulk of the progressive party. They’ve been brought up by TV, MSNBC, NPR, and every manner of liberalism propaganda the state controlled media can produce. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated into the “government exists to make me successful and not let anybody hurt my feelings” thought pattern of sheep.

    It may be 10, 20, or 50 years hence, but should socialism triumph November 6, thus sounding the death knell for the only true constitutional government that ever existed on earth, some of those reading this post will say to themselves as they finally comprehend their enslavement, “Sonuvab—h! He was right!”

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