Trump Threatens to Expose Anti-Woman Actions of Other Republicans as GOP Implosion Intensifies

Donald Trump

The Republican Party is now living with the consequences of scrambling to eagerly elect a candidate for America’s highest office who is serial liar, a xenophobiracist, a misogynist and a blathering idiot.

He admitted he hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years.

Even Paul Ryan has abandoned him now, and the list of GOP elected officials running for him or desperate to try to remain silent about his positions, statements, and behavior continues to grow.

You have to ask yourself why Republicans are abandoning him now, since their exit seems more like political calculous than actual concern for women.

Indeed, Trump’s campaign is threatening GOPers who abandon him—by threatening to expose their own anti-woman behavior:

“Kellyanne Conway, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, also offered an ominous warning for Republicans fleeing Mr. Trump. She noted on television that Mr. Ryan had been booed by Trump fans over the weekend in Wisconsin and said she knew of Republican lawmakers who had behaved inappropriately toward young women, and whose criticism of Mr. Trump was therefore hypocritical.”



3 Comments on "Trump Threatens to Expose Anti-Woman Actions of Other Republicans as GOP Implosion Intensifies"

  1. I like how they make the distinction of misbehaving inappropriately toward “young” women. Must be OK for all other age groups. The chickens are finally coming home to roost.

  2. I’d be laughing if it weren’t such bad news for America.

  3. And the award for “biggest serial liar of all time” goes to……Hillary Clinton, for reasons – documented and verified a zillion times – far to numerous to mention here.

    Can’t wait to see her indicted by President Trump’s Special Prosecutor. Indicted for what, you might ask.

    Violation of National Security – email scandal
    Violation of oath of office – email scandal
    Violation of Espionage Act – email scandal
    Lying to federal agents (FBI) – email scandal
    Willful destruction of evidence – email scandal
    Willful dereliction of duty – Benghazi scandal
    Accessory to murder – Benghazi scandal
    Unlawful commerce in arms – Benghazi scandal
    Multiple RICO violations – Clinton Foundation

    And that’s just to start. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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