Tuesday Quicktakes

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

Fielder Mum on American Lands Council’s declining membership: county governments are fleeing ALC

The Salt Lake Tribune this week reported that almost half of the 50 or so counties in western states that ALC had claimed as members in the past have stopped paying dues.  ALC President Jennifer Fielder “declined to answer questions ” about the declining member membership numbers when stopped by a reporter on her way out of an ALC meeting in downtown Salt Lake City hotel.  Attorneys general from 15 states, including Montana, said ALC’s land grab was a pointless waste of time.


Political Practices Commissioner Refers Caron Cooper’s actions to Lewis & Clark County for Prosecution

Caron Cooper has been filing a frivolous campaign finance complaints against progressive groups and even this blog, both of which were tossed out.  But when it came to following the law herself, she fell short. The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has referred a complaint against her to the county attorney to be prosecuted. 


Billings Gazette Endorses I-177, Public Lands Safe Zone from Traps

From the Gazette editorial:

Montana’s fur bearer trapping law conflicts with the increasing popularity of public lands for other recreation. The purpose of I-177 is to reduce hazards for the public. The Gazette editorial board agrees that I-177 would be a better law than the trapping rules now on the books. People shouldn’t have to worry that they or their pets will fall prey to man-made traps when they go out to enjoy public lands.

Gazette Endoses Sandefur for Supreme Court

Given that Juras has exactly zero experience as a judge and has expressed her eagerness to get on the court so that she can help block access to birth control, this an important, obvious, and correct choice.

The Gazette also pointed out that it was “disingenuous to argue that this is “absolutely settled law” as Juras said when she talked with editorial board members earlier this month in Billings. Disputes about how stream access law is applied in particular cases continue to be litigated.”


JurasJuras’ Family Members Have Got to Be Kidding

Barely raising any money while a bunch of out-of-staters and millionaire who oppose stream access tell lies about your opponent to elect an anti-birth control justice to the MT                                          supreme court is not anything like military service, nor “the sacrifices that many leaders face to keep our democracy strong.”

It make you the opposite of a leader:  It makes you a pawn.










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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that in many cases, when making endorsements, editorial boards throw darts at a chart with the names of candidates and initiatives written on it. Except in the most egregious races, like the Sandefur/Juras contest, these boards attempt to make everyone happy by making no one happy. Examples: the Missoulian’s convoluted pro-trapping endorsement or the Gazette’s endorsements — one Democrat, one Republican, one Democrat, one Republican, etc., etc. — despite the qualifications of the candidates.

    These endorsements are to be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Who is behind the American Lands Council? Follow the money and you’ll find out who Fielder really works for because is sure isn’t the citizens of Montana!

  3. ALC AND ALEC BOTH VILE GROUPS, tools of industry and corporate shills, and Field Marshal FIELDER compensated by them, quid pro quo, and she MUST not be involved
    in any related legislation!

  4. Thanks to Cooper, Koopman will easily win re-election. She has split the Democratic vote.

  5. Watchdog Group Seeks Sen. Fielder’s Emails on Land Transfers, Flathead Beacon Nov 1, 2016
    Thompson Falls Republican says eight-month delay in fulfilling records request is due to lack of time

    “Sen. Fielder seems intent on delaying disclosure until or close to her upcoming election on November 8, suggesting she seeks to deprive the voters of Montana of information that may prove useful in casting their ballots for state senator,” according to the organization’s letter to Barrett. “If true, all of this would be a gross violation of the meaning and intent of Montana’s public records law.”
    I have discussed this issue with the Sanders County Conservatives (Thompson Falls) previously and we were researching a method for requesting and obtaining these email records. It is good to see that the Campaign for Accountability (CfA) has already requested the email records. We encourage Senator Fielder to release the email records immediately.

    Glenn Ferren Republican Write In candidate for Montana Senate District 7

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