Bad Day for Gianforte; Slammed by Chronicle for Fake Headlines

Greg GianforteGreg Gianforte

The recurrent Montana State University-Billings poll was published Tuesday and shows Steve Bullock with a commanding lead,12 points at 44-32, and so it looks like the Governor is in strong shape.

Gianforte’s negative campaign has been largely ineffective and this new poll is a deflating and embarrassing event, all the more so because it comes on the heels of a report showing that Gianforte has plowed a massive $5.2 million of his own cash into the race. Expect him to spend another million in these final two weeks. Steve Bullock gave a press conference Tuesday comparing Gianforte to a Copper King, trying to buy the state government.

As for those that say Gianforte is a great businessman, I’m starting to wonder. He has paid $5.2 million for something that an average Republican citizen could get for free–your name on a ballot, and a vote total in the low 40s.

If all of this news isn’t bad enough for him, there’s worse: the Bozeman Chronicle is excoriating Gianforte for drawing up fake headlines for his TV commercials. He is running attack ads against Bullock showing images which are supposedly taken from real Bozeman Chronicle articles with ominous headlines declaring the Bullock Administration termination of state employees is somehow related to “whistle blowing” and not the myriad of other reasons employees might be terminated (poor performance, policy violations, failure to complete assignments, not showing up on time, bad customer service, etc etc.)

Problem is, it’s all bogus. The headlines are fraudulent (as are the ad’s allegations). And the Chronicle took Gianforte to task for it in an article today. Gianforte’s campaign has somehow managed to figure out that personnel laws prevent employers from saying why an employee has been let go, so they make up the “whistle blowing” ruse knowing it can’t be refuted. We know Gianforte is well aware of this, given how often he brags about having been an employer himself. It’s shady below the belt politics of the lowest order. The attorney behind this is…wait for it… the attorney for the Montana Republican Party.

This is not the first time that Gianforte’s honesty has been called into question. He has lied on many issues, including his support of a sales tax, his closing off a fishing easement, and his story about a Facebook executive supposedly trashing the Montana economy. The Billings Gazette editorial board observed long ago that he has “a tendency to talk without having the facts to back him up.”

GOP legislators appear to be trying to do the same, although it doesn’t appear to be going well for this bunch either.  Recently, one such politically motivated lawsuit was tossed out by courts. (Remember when the GOP decried frivolous lawsuits and purported to oppose wasting taxpayer money?)  Republican state lawmakers recently tarnished their own reputations over allegations they improperly obtained private personal data, including Social Security numbers, of Montana citizens from former state employees. 


And one final note about the poll, namely, that when I suggested last week in my new Cowgirl Polling Average feature that the Mason Dixon poll showing it a two-point race should be taken with a grain of salt because the polling firm was biased a few points conservative, I was mocked by a few other bloggers for supposedly trying to explain away a tight poll. But I stand vindicated. I said that a poll of polls puts the race at around a six point Bullock lead with the Libertarian loon Breckenridge getting around 3.5. This weekend two more Democrat polls confirmed this number, and if you average the Mason Dixon with the MSUB, it too comes to….7 points Bullock.


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  1. Why is it that those on the political right who profess to be ready to fight to the death for their “freedom” and “rights” and “Christianity” want to shove their beliefs and values down your throat and banish you from the kingdom if you don’t agree with them? Certainly not the Christianity I grew up with. Nor the knowledge and science based facts I learned in public school.

  2. “A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit.” -VP Wallace, 1944 definition of American Fascists (Seems to fit Gianforte perfectly)

  3. This poll doesn’t show well for Juneau unfortunately, should be tighter race, better candidate than Lewis last time…

  4. I’m way to old to pay much attention to shoulds,
    or what I learned in schools.
    Here’s my take. We in three decade surge of global finance and greedy corporations hooking up with slavishly cooperative mass media and buying into Montana territory, water ways, big sky and cultures, and some traditions.

  5. Greg Gianforte had his Mid-West law firm write television stations here in Montana several months ago, threatening law suit for defamation or libel or whatever if the stations didn’t stop running a negative ad calling him New Jersey Greg or some such ribbing? Gianfote was jumping up and down like Yosemite Sam with both six-shooters blazing, wailing and whining that he had been injured. And, now, GG is running negative television ads, using phony headlines alleged to have been printed in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle as vehicles for his lies. Oh, my. Has the dog rolled over?

  6. The MSU poll shows Gianforte almost thirty points behind Trump in Mobtana, I doubt that, MSU must ask some strange questions to get that result,

  7. Oops. Montana not mobtana

  8. Gianforte and his wife Susan are the main money and direction behind the offensive, gay bashing Montana Family Foundation. Most of the homeless kids on Montana streets are from MFF families that turn them out rather than ever accept a LGBTQ child. Not kind, decent people.

    • Greg and Susan Gianforte are a package, If he is elected governor, we get her — a woman who stood before the Bozeman City Commission in hateful opposition to the proposed city ordinance that would protect LGBT citizens from discrimination in housing and other publicly offered services. I fear Susan Gianforte, as Montana First Lady, would be a later-day Anita Bryant, a woman who would stir up hatred against the LGBT people among us to the extent of trying to overturn the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances in Helena, Missoula, Butte, and Bozeman. Anita Bryant stirred up hatred in Florida in the 1970s, and Susan Gianforte would be in a position to do the same in Montana if her husband were elected governor. This man and woman, this package, would hurt our state, be a wedge in our state, dividers and not unifying leaders. We are not free if even one among us is vanquished.

  9. I would be curious to know why Gianforte came to Montana to establish his business. I find it a little peculiar that he came to Montana and succeeded in spite of the “anti business” character of the state that he proposes to fix. I am also curious to know how he proposes to implement policies similar to the policies that Brownback tried and expect to accomplish anything different from the failures experienced in Kansas.

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