Billings GOP Candidate: “I am not a racist”

The Last Best News is reporting that more racist statements from GOP candidate Robert Saunders have come to light.

Saunders acknowledged his statements, which also appear in the Billings Gazette this week, though it isn’t clear whether he’s  talking about the statements he made about Ferguson or if he means the time classmates say he told an African-American women that “100 years ago he would have owned her”or something else.

Saunders used his candidate Facebook to say of these views:

 “I haven’t loved God or people the way I should.”


“I didn’t before I ran for office.”  “I haven’t while I’ve run for office, and I will struggle to do so when I’m in office, whether after this election or after another”.

Good to know.  He continues:

No, I am not a racist. No, I do not think that only rich people should vote or hold office, and I have never said that I did.

Well, you can what he said for yourself on that here.

In the same Facebook post, Saunders tells us he has decided to “stop using Facebook to talk about controversial things” because “it’s too depressing” and “presents temptations to say things I shouldn’t.”

Here’s another view Saunders imparts to us:

“Holding public office isn’t just a time to make laws or be in the press. It’s a time work, to learn, and to grow as people. Unfortunately, most of our public figures tend to get worse instead of better. I intend to do the opposite.”

It appears no one told him this isn’t about him: it’s about representing the people in House District 47.

You can read the whole acknowledgement post here. Or screenshots here here here here and here 

Saunders is running against the popular Rep. Jessica Karjala (D-Billings). In addition to acknowledging his racist statements, Saunders candidate page has also devoted significant real estate to posting and editing accusations that his opponent is stealing his yard signs.

saunders sign accusations screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-55-02-pm



2 Comments on "Billings GOP Candidate: “I am not a racist”"

  1. I’m pretty sick of the character assassinations that have become the bread an butter of our modern political soiree. I entered the conversation this year when I chose to put down the bottle and start having conversations with those in my community ready to do something about the many problems facing us here in Montana. Conversations that aren’t afraid to touch on the truth.

    The question isn’t whether or not our candidates are racist (I’m sure nobody in the capital building would feel comfortable talking to some of the people sleeping in doorways in downtown Billings here), it’s what we are going to do about it.

    The claim that Montana needs more jobs doesn’t mean anything to me, a conversation about what type of Montana we are going to build would. There is an environmental imperative to begin our move away from coal. Great. Now lets talk about all the jobs we’ll need to fill to do that. Let’s talk about all the communities in need in Montana and what we can do to help them.

    Let’s also talk about what big money is actually doing to our state. This is not a state of luxury, at least not in the east coast royalty kind of way. Luxury out here is having a car that runs, a house that is heated, and food on the table. We don’t ask for much. Building mansions out here confuses people, and gives them more reasons to feel disconnected.

    I’m not sure about Robert Saunders because he refuses to speak candidly or meet with me. His facebook has him and his well fed friends looking like some modern Christian Addam’s Family ripoff. I’d like to know what his plan is for my home. If somebody could pass the word that he should invite me over to his next secret meeting that’d be great.

  2. Seems like montana is becoming a magnet for racist kooks. SPLC probably has some info on that.

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