GUEST POST: Time for Montana to shout, “Not in our town”

by Jael Kampfe

4th Generation Montanan, retired rancher, Believer in Kindness

I remember growing up.

My grandfather, Bill Mackay Sr.’s Eisenhower Republican values wove around the dinner table connecting us like matching china.  Value local people and local control.  Serve.  Reach across the aisle.   The best legislation requires compromise.  Be kind.  Your words matter.

I remember 1993.

Neo-nazis targeted minorities and homosexuals with hate crimes in Billings.  Most visibly attacked were prominent members of the Jewish Community. Business owners took out ads in the paper in support of our precious community.   Residents hung Stars of David in people’s windows.   With courage and clarity, their message was clear, “not in out town.”

I remember 2008.

During a Luther school track meet, a young woman with different disabilities announced that she was going to win ribbons.  Many ribbons. But Sabrina didn’t win a ribbon.  She didn’t even come close and her heart broke.  Later, an eighth grade girl held back her pace, encouraging Sabrina and soon the other runners joined and that day, Sabrina won a ribbon.  There could have been ridicule and bullying but instead, the students came together and said, “Not in our town.”

I remember 2014.

A Billings federal judge gave a lax sentence to a rapist after blaming the 14 year-old victim because she was “older than her age.”  Again we gathered in kindness at a candlelight vigil. The national outrage led to the Montana Supreme Court overturning the verdict to provide a steeper sentence. As Montanans we said, “Not in our town.”

It is now 2016.

One presidential candidate represents sentiments embraced by neo-nazis, mocks people with disabilities, and brags about sexual assault. I keep waiting for Montana to shout, “Not in our town.”  If his words were said by a student at Red Lodge High, the student would have to be reported according to Montana law and Title IV.   We cannot tolerate this behavior from a national leader.

Greg Gianforte and Representative Zinke continue to endorse and stand by this presidential candidate.

Where is “not in our town” now?

I believe in the Republican platform of small government and local control. I grew up with those values.  However, those tenets can’t be pursued without compassion.   As citizens, we must stand up to extremism, to violence against women, and to the basic spread of hatred.   We need leaders who model kindness even more strongly.

Denise Juneau works in a bi-partisan manner.  She represents all our students, not one party or the others. She understands that policy requires moderation and one can’t work in extremes.

Steve Bullock reaches across the aisle to create collective results, helping Montana rank #1 in business start-ups and #1 in fiscal prudence.  He supports women’s right for equal pay and represents honest, every day Montana values.

Up and down the ballot, we have two choices.  And one of them will win. At another time, I might consider supporting Republican candidates.  But for now, I stand with “Not in our town” and those leaders whose words and actions reflect this Montana value.



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  1. It looks like when it comes to keeping the Clinton Foundation Money stateside Hillary is practicing “Not In Our Town”.

    An intriguing Ministry of Finance (MoF) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that elite Western bankers were “stunned/bewildered” a few hours ago after the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) registered a $1.8 billion transfer from the Clinton Foundation (CF) to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) through the “facilitation/abetment” of JP Morgan Chase & Company (JPM)—and for reasons yet to be firmly established.

    • How about a link, Swede, so we can see where you’re getting your misinformation.

    • Christians should be careful about rumors, originating them or passing them on. More so, Christians should be cautious about painting an aura of guilt around a person or group of people.

      I don’t recall credible stories of Clintons enriching themselves through donations to the Clinton foundation; and I don’t respect scandal… for example when a person spills ink on another person for no apparent credible reason other than the prospect of manufacturing scandal for political advantage.

    • And you got that info from am radio? Pox News?

  2. There are still decent folk in MT who stand up to intolerance, but the fact that a fairly large majority are going to vote Trump speaks for itself. MT is another casualty in the decades long slide into red state extremism. Zinke is likely to win. Another round of Tea soaked whack jobs will foul the state legislature. Bullock is the only thing standing in the way of a complete disaster. Hopefully GG will be sent packing. Otherwise it’s going to be a long dark 4 years.

  3. This piece makes me proud of our historically moderate and reasonable people.

  4. I wish we could say “not in our town” to the false, nasty rumors and conspiracy stories that are spread around on social media and taken as truth by the right. These false stories spread more anger and hate. A case in point is the story about the Clinton Foundation transferring $1.8 billion (I bet they wish they had a billion!) to the Bank of Qatar. It is totally fabricated but some will believe it. People who believe stories like this are likely to just vote along party lines without regard to what their candidate is staying or stands for because they hate the other side. Once the winner gets into office it is to our benefit as citizens to wish them well because, as George H.W. Bush said, their “success is our country’s success.” Say “not in our town” to false information.” Take the time to verify what is passed on to you in social media.

  5. Jael, I remember Billings in 1993, when hate crimes were committed against the person who was the MD for a close friend, and community response. And my resistance.
    Right now I note people’s response up and down the 2016 Montana Ballot. I note where resistance is at work against greed and power.
    I note those who shirk from the work of working together.
    I notice the doubling of people streaming into Montana from the South, Washington, and Oregon since the mid 1990’s. Then I toggle the Montana page on this link and look at the half of Montana that moves on to nearby States.
    And think again how important is the Vote on up and down Offices of the Montana 2016 Ballot.

    and for awhile I chuckle at the weak hearted souls who tilt their lances at HRC windmills, while Sanders and supporters will continue to move HRC, the Senate will again get sane, and unbalanced SCOTUS
    MAY get fixed and go on to help make for a better union.

  6. Thanks for your recollections. I remember 1994, too…

  7. Big Swede needs to check out the source of his false story , before he posts something that a blogger writes and then claims it as a fact.
    This story has been debunked by the way , Most likely a Trump supporter who stayed up all night to think of something that would damage Hillary.

  8. It goes on and on and on. Is Bullock really that clueless on email and record retention policies? Especially as Attorney General. Will charges be brought forth? If charges are levied that will go nuke nationally because of Hillary’s email.

    Will Hillary’s voter turn out be like her rallies? Polls cut in half since the debate. Why won’t she do interviews or press releases? No reasonable responses to all the Wikileaks. Did you like her pivot when she avoided responding the the Clinton Foundation question.

    Hacked memo shows how top Clinton Foundation aides helped former president

    A memo leaked Wednesday by WikiLeaks shows how a top aide to former President Bill Clinton worked to convince top donors to the Clinton Foundation to send business opportunities his way.

    The November 2011 12-page memo was from former Clinton aide Doug Band in response to an audit of the foundation after Chelsea Clinton expressed concerns about the operations of Band’s company Teneo.

    In a separate email from Chelsea Clinton that month, she wrote, “My father was told today of explicit examples at CGI of Doug/ Teneo pushing for – and receiving – free memberships – and of multiple examples of Teneo ‘hustling’ business at CGI – and of people now having quit at CGI.”

    Band’s memo detailed how he raised money for the Clinton Foundation from some of Teneo’s clients including Coca-Cola and Dow Chemical — Coca-Cola gave $4.3 million and Dow contributed $780 thousand. And Band also pressed some of the foundation’s donors to hire the former president to give speeches or give him lavish gifts.

    • Clinton’s ‘polls cut in half since the debates’, what are you smoking? Clinton’s poll numbers took a big jump UP after the debates. all the out of context stuff listed in the post just shows the delusional nature of the alt right movement.

      • hope you are not looking at the one UP 14 point poll, what a joke. Look at realclearpolitics polls. Don’t think anything is in the bags..oops …bag.

        • Nope don’t trust the right wing realclearpolitics. Prefer a reliable site like 538 instead. trump’s numbers have cratered since the debates (in which he got his fat ass kicked).

          • ROFL… what are you smoking..lets see what next week brings

            • The folks eagerly mining alt right lies and cluelessly repeating them are exceptionally fortunate. During their lifetimes, thel’ll get to see a remarkable series of events.

              Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly have two terms in office. It’s likely that by the end of that successful administration, Michelle Obama will have overcome her distaste for public office and, with her enormous popularity, will have easy victories for two terms of her own. As her administration concludes, Chelsea Clinton will have the maturity and experience to follow in her parents’ footsteps also. After her two terms, Malia Obama will be a natural candidate with a staggering approval rating.

              It’s going to be a great century!!

              • Yes, they need the money. They left the White House broke because attorney fees for Bill’s impeachment and payoff for all his sexual escapades. I would vote for Trump just to see the Clinton Foundation go up in smoke and their speaking fees vaporize. No more pay for play.

                Hillary Clinton Net Worth. The Hillary Clinton net worth total of $31.3 million comes from analyzing her Public Financial Disclosure Reports. Bill Clinton has an estimated net worth of $80 million. That gives a combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth of $111 million dollars. Chelsea net worth $15 Million. $3 million for her wedding.

                • ” I would vote for Trump just to see the Clinton Foundation go up in smoke and their speaking fees vaporize. No more pay for play.” Wow Bill you reveal yourself as a very motivated supporter of Republican values and philosophy like many good Republicans. Its funny how you and other good Republicans and Libertarians embrace successful business and prosperity is the cornerstone of our great nation yet here you are blasting a citizen for being successful. Fortunately for millions of citizens, global and national, the Clinton Foundation has benefited them greatly and often times saving their lives. The Clintons have also earned millions of dollars with speaking fees and book sales and you complain about their earned wealth. Your complaint is precisely those of communists who have philosophical issues with out of proportion wealth! Meanwhile, how many lives have you saved today?

                  • Robin, my concern is the special privileges Hillary as the Secretary of State gave to foreign contracts and US manufactures for donations to the Clinton Foundations and exorbitant speaking fees. This includes the sale of US Uranium to Russia. Of course you know what Uranium is used for. I wonder if this Uranium was sold from Russia to Iran for double the price using the 1.3 billion we gave to Iran for the hostages. Oh, guess what, they have taken more hostages. Also, what about the favoritism the state department gave to Haiti contracts. Google it if you want to know more.

                    My disdain is for career politicians using corrupt and illegal practices to make themselves rich on the backs of the taxpayers whether Democrats or Republicans.

                    • My disdain is for citizens who have the capability and resources to discover and deliver impartial and credible information for the benefit of all citizens yet they choose to validate propaganda, rantings of lunatics, and unproven theories. It’s incredibly simple to write and speak, and repeat untrue events. So simple a two year old can do this,but substantiation requires an unfettered mind. Try it some time you might like the scientific method.

                    • Robin, then please provide the facts to prove me wrong.

  9. Hillary gets in White House people are in for something special and not in a good way.

  10. After Hillary wins the election the hard work of continuing the rEvolution Bernie was talking about will just begin. It will take a lot of work to finish retaking the House in 2018 and to take back a substantial portion of State Governor and Legislative bodies. Math shows more Democrats than Republicans by a good margin so if some proverbial cat-wrangling can be accomplished progress on climate change and economic inequality by 2025 could be flat inspiring. One thing is for sure, Dubya was the Last Republican President. His failure at the job and the base’s reaction to Obama gave us Donald Trump, the Emperor Nero of the GOP. Or maybe they’ll make amends with Mexicans…well, let’s just say with with every single demographic except Alt/Right rubes. Nah, the last Republican President will be the last Republican President. (although Hillary may do a good imitation of one)

    • Hillary will do nothing and blame it on the Republicans and now that Bernie Sanders has been promised the Senate Budget Committee Chair he has rolled over and promised his voters to Hillary. We will see how that goes with the Bernie supporters. Especially after what the DNC did to Bernie and Hillary getting debate questions prior to the debate. I guess Bernie really wants that Budget Chair.

      • No, Bernie really wants to make sure that Trumpty Dumpty doesn’t get any closer to the White House than that hotel up the street that is already in deep financial trouble.

        It’ll be interesting to see whether Trump files for bankruptcy first on the hotel, or on all the campaign debt that he has run up, while reneging on all that bluster about “self-funding” his campaign.

        First, of course, he’ll try to bully the RNC into covering the hundred of millions of dollars in unpaid bills. Reince Priebus will finally have to grow a pair and tell Trump to go pi$$ up a rope, because the RNC won’t have the funds left to buy a half-page ad in the South Bugtussle weekly shopper.

  11. The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration.

    That group of arms manufacturers — along with Clinton Foundation donors Boeing, Honeywell, Hawker Beechcraft and their affiliates — were together listed as contractors in 114 such deals while Clinton was secretary of state. NBC put Chelsea Clinton on its payroll as a network correspondent in November 2011, when it was still 49 percent owned by General Electric. A spokesperson for General Electric did not respond to questions from IBTimes.

  12. More like vote for Trump and see the whole world go up in flames.

  13. Yep “not in our town”
    Plus read the Newstalk KGVO FB comments and questions that unfortunately didn’t get read during the show.BTW There’s three entries so go to the first on 10/26

  14. Stand up for Montana!
    Vote for Candidates that will stand up for Montana.

  15. How much federal money does Soft Landing make? How much do they need to make before they fold up and leave?

    ST. CLOUD, Minn. — The man who the police say stabbed 10 people at a mall here on Saturday seemed like a model of assimilation, not a violent jihadist, people who knew him and his family said. The son of Somali refugees, he lived in the United States most of his life, did well in school, played sports, worked as a security guard and took classes at a local college.

    But a new description has been applied to him: terrorist. As he stalked through the Crossroads Center mall, wearing a security guard uniform and wielding a knife, the attacker, identified by officials on Monday as Dahir Adan, 20, mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if he was Muslim, the police said.

  16. This Bill is now being submitted for approval, H.R.4032 – States’ Right of Refugee Refusal Act of 2015 which give Governors the right to refuse refugees being settled in their state. Jordan now has stopped Syrian refugees do to security/vetting deficiencies and they have a massive settlement now on their boarder. They providing aid. Hillary Clinton’s plan would bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term. Her plan would cost $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare and entitlement costs. 10,000 were brought in this year. Again, can I get the air miles?

    Good luck, Helena and Missoula.

  17. slightly paraphrased: “Let’s look at Cheney’s Halliburton connections: during the time he was their CEO, there was a dramatic increase in the number of Halliburton subsidiaries registered in tax havens: from nine in 1995 to 44 in 1999. That was accompanied by a spectacular drop in Halliburton’s federal taxes from $302 million in 1998 to less than zero, actually an $85 million rebate in 1999. At the same time, Halliburton received $2.3 billion in government contracts, and another $1.5 billion in government financing and loan guarantees. Source: Pigs at the Trough, Arianna Huffington, page 60.

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