Gianforte Camp Eerily Quiet on Judge McKeon’s Lenient Rape/Incest Sentence

Montana Judge John McKeon is the subject of national outrage after giving a 2 month sentence to a Montana man found guilty of repeatedly raping his 12-year-old daughter.  As NPR reports:


The plea agreement recommended a prison sentence of 100 years with 75 years suspended, so the defendant would spend 25 years in prison, as well as the “educational phase and cognitive behavioral phase of a sexual offender treatment program,

I’ll say this again.  This the plea deal was ignored here.

McKeon has refused to comment.

So has John McKeon’s sister-in-law Lesley Robinson and her running mate Greg Gianforte, even amid severe public backlash of the Judge’s controversial sentencing.

All we here is a constant stream of fact-free ads about Syrian refugees – even though Montana is one of the few states that has none whatsoever. Not to mention that the issue is completely federal – it is 100% outside the role of state governors.


4 Comments on "Gianforte Camp Eerily Quiet on Judge McKeon’s Lenient Rape/Incest Sentence"

  1. Was it my imagination or was the ad running yesterday from GG saying he doesn’t support a sale tax even though he obviously did at some point…was using a picture of Bullock with the staffer in the ad that the right wing is hoping he had an affair with…and is telling everybody he did even if there is no evidence of it?

  2. Barbara Van Cleve | October 31, 2016 5:21 PM at 5:21 PM |

    There would be a hellava lot fewer problems with rapists and perverts like this guy who raped his daughter if we had judges with enough guts, to say nothing of principles, integrity and moral values, if they just sentenced these perverts to be castrated and to be seriously circumcised! Either that or lock them up for life as they cannot be rehabilitated. That is a fact.

    • Old Line Democrat | November 1, 2016 6:03 AM at 6:03 AM |

      You simply have no idea what information the judge has to weigh in making his decision. There might have been facts relating to past abuse of the perpetrator. This is learned behavior. There might be economic reasons to keep the guy working on a farm or business to pay for the victims care, housing etc. One size does not fit all. This is why we have judges. To make incredibly hard decisions that might not be popular while protecting all the interests raised. Treatment is almost always a better option than just imprisonment when families are involved.

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