Meet Chet Billi – 18-year-old Sovereign Citizen Candidate

With a white supremacist candidate running for legislature in Columbia Falls, the disturbing candidacy of young brownshirt Chet Billi has gotten less attention.  Let’s here from the candidate himself giving his sovereign citizen speech.  You can read about the Sovereign Citizen Movement here:

Chet Billi failed earlier this year to collect signatures for a ballot initiative to put guns in schools.


11 Comments on "Meet Chet Billi – 18-year-old Sovereign Citizen Candidate"

  1. This little man needs to go back and study a bit of history and also needs to address the “crowds” dressed in something other than the fascists uniform that he is wearing. What a sick lost little puppy he is.

  2. The Republican party of today seems to be a good fit and safe place for Fascists. PLEASE read Vice President Wallace’s historic 1944 definition of a Fascists and warning of American Fascism, it is an eye opener!

  3. Sovcit = Traitor. Period.

  4. Did this twit end his speech with the Horst Wessel song.

  5. This sovereign citizen speech appears to be his standard stump speech

  6. The thing about 18-year-olds is that they don’t have enough life experiences to see shades of gray.To them, it’s all black and white. I guess it’s why the military loves 18-year-olds. When the Sarge says “take that hill,” the 18-year-olds see the order in black or white. Take the hill or get into trouble.70-year-old soldiers see shades of gray and other possibilities. “Take that hill” translates into “let’s have our bombers bomb the crap out of it.” Anyway, that’s why I don’t pay attention to 18-year-old politicians, white supremacist or not.

  7. How and where did he learn this stuff. Wonder what his parents are like. Hope they are proud of their little boy. Are we tired of the social media culture of hate yet?

  8. Unfortunately Montana has become the Mecca for white nationalists who would vote for Charles Manson if he had an “r” next to his name, especially when they see he has a swastika carved into his forehead.

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