Some initial thoughts: After Stunning National Disaster, Montana Wins Even More Important

Retired Supreme Court Justice Jim Nelson has an excellent guest post up about the presidential race “So What Next,” so I won’t add anything here.

Here’s what I’ll say now about some other races:

Victories for Steve Bullock  (he’s up by about 12,000 votes over Gianforte at the time of this post) and Dirk Sandefur are even more important in the glaring light of today’s news.

But it’s frustrating to see the warnings of many come true in the PSC race, where Caron Cooper did poorly, but pulled just enough votes from Pat Noonan to hand Roger Koopman a victory.

37 Noonan
12 Cooper
49 Koopman

Ballot Measures:

The good: MT voters restored responsible access for  patients approve I-182 by double-digit margin and MT voted down the ridiculous idea to give McLaughlin research $200 million in state funds because they lost their federal grant (the legislature has also frequently turned this terrible idea down).

The bad: The incredibly stupid fake “victims rights”  ballot measure entirely bankrolled by one California billionaire passed.  And you know who the losers are here – abused children.  As if chronic underfunding of Montana’s child protection network wasn’t bad enough.

The ugly: A common sense measure to make public lands trap-free didn’t pass this time.  It is up to all of us to continue to work to ban trapping in Montana.


MT House –

I haven’t yet done an analysis, (Update – Mike Dennison has) but here are some races of note:

Zac Perry-D defeated white supremacist candidate Taylor Rose-R alt right. 52-47

Sovereign citizen brownshirt, 18-year old Chet Billi lost to Dave Fern in Whitefish 56-43

Hill County Dems vice-chair Jacob Bachmeier took out Stephanie Hess -R Havre, roommate of Kris Hansen-R Havre.

Jessica Karjala defeated young Robert Saunders, who’s statements about people of color and on the greater merit of wealthy Americans didn’t help.

And in Livingston, Laurie Bishop (D) has taken out Family Foundation lobbyist Debra Lamm (TEA).

Montana’s legislature now includes Kim Abbott-D Helena.  And Mary Ann Dunwell defeated Steve Gibson (again), a testament to her hard work.

TEA Party poster boy Derek Skees is back, after voters in a different district removed him from office after one term.

Montana Senate –

G Bruce Meyers  – R was replaced by Frank Smith-D who is a kind, delightful man.  Carolyn Pease-Lopez-D was replaced by Jason Small-R.

TEA Partier fast food, anti-labor mogul Terry Gauthier defeated Hal Jacobson-D in Helena.

Margie McDonald D-pulled off a narrow victory in a tough race–and Jen Gross defeated Donna Hutson–both in Billings.

Billings overall did quite well. [Probably worth looking at what happened in Billings that made for the relative successes they saw compared to other areas – well done Magic City.] However, convicted poacher Roger Webb was re-elected, as was his wife. Which brings up another weird phenomena –  it appears  that in a number of races Republicans, instead of going out and  went out and finding new candidates, got their own family members to run.  For example:

Matt Regier (Keith Regier)

Austin Knudsen (Casey Knudsen)

Peggy Webb (Roger Webb)

Adam Rosendale (Matt Rosendale)

Stay tuned.


Election results.




18 Comments on "Some initial thoughts: After Stunning National Disaster, Montana Wins Even More Important"

  1. Be afraid, very afraid.

  2. RE: “Stunning National Disaster.”

    It’s worth remembering that the Republican Party controlled both the U.S. House & Senate for a total of 4.5 years of George W. Bush’s presidency. Heck, we had a ‘Triple R’ as recently as 2006.

    Those of us engaged in activism during that era will recall that we faced a full-on assault on the environment, climate, civil liberties, human rights, education, financial regulations, privacy and basically any and all ‘progressive’ issues and causes.

    Those were dark times. But we fought these assaults with everything we had back during the GW Bush era…and I’m confident that, together, we will rise to the challenge once again.

    Don’t get mad, organize!

  3. House District 60: (D) Laurie Bishop 52%; (R)Debra Lamm 47%

  4. Are you still in deep self-reflection and denial, or are you willing to talk about the beating the Dems got in Montana ?

    Now that the dust settled, the GOP in Montana runs the legislature, the PSC, and rules the Land Board 4-1.

    Goodbye Linda, Denise, and Monica. I hear McDonalds is hiring.

  5. I’m so tired of fighting them. So, so, so tired. There is no safe place for us liberal/progressive types. Not in this America. Face it people, we’re screwed. Get used to their “mandate” to govern as they will. This is such a bitter pill. Such a bitter pill.

  6. Just a little tidbit I found [and easy to find] that Trumps wife Mealina who was born and raised in Slovenia was a member of the Slovenian Communist Party. DO you think she has denounced the party ?

  7. Thank you for writing this blog. It helped me get out of bed today.

  8. Doesn’t anyone wonder why GOP candidate Gianforte got 47% of the vote
    while GOP candidate Fox got 67%?

  9. There are ten million more Democrats in America than there are Republicans. 12 million of them sat this election out-an election where voter participation was 47%. I’m embarrassed to admit my GenX daughter, the mother of three multi-racial children-didn’t vote. I guess it will have to get 1932 bad before we get 85% voter turnout and return the democratic Democratic Party to power. I’m sure glad my mortgage is 80% paid off and that I have VA healthcare. Once again I’ll fall back on H.L. Mencken, and I’m paraphrasing-the voters have spoken, goddam their treacherous hides, and now they deserve to get what they voted for-good and hard!

  10. Koopman 54,141; Noonan 40,871; Cooper 14,934. Cooper was a ringer.

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