A Post Mortem Post

photo by Gary Migues, Glacier National Park

The  Bullseye has one of the more interesting post-mortem analyses I’ve seen – That the election results are as much a repudiation of Republican obstructionism as a rejection of Clinton:

…the election of Donald Trump of being a double-barreled repudiation—a flat-out expression of the deep antipathy half of America felt for the Clintons and a condemnation of Republican tactics by claiming it was doing something by preventing Obama from doing anything.

Patience for that attitude has long-since expired…and now the GOP faces a daunting task epically more challenging than existing as the party of loyal opposition.  Now it must govern.  With control of the White House, both house of Congress, and likely soon, prevailing in the ideology of the US Supreme Court, the GOP has no one else to blame.

And from Gail Collins:

When it comes to big domestic policy questions, to Trump they’re just applause lines or bargaining chips. Anything could go either way.

While that’s not necessarily calming, it’s better than assuming he actually believes all the stuff he says. What kind of program could he really, really get his heart and soul behind? The only thing I can imagine is a multitrillion-dollar Donald Trump Historic Biggest Ever Infrastructure and 50-State Golf Course Building Program.

This particular election was also striking in that Republicans were allowed to lie. Repeatedly, blatantly and often. Both on a national stage and even here in Montana. Expect more of it in the legislature, especially around three topics:

1- Bills or budget cuts  where Republicans want to hide the fact that they are enacting cuts to punish and harm people who don’t have a lot of money, who are struggling to make ends meet, who are seniors, children, the poor.

2-When all the voter suppression bills come up for discussion.

3-The inevitable tax cuts they will propose for big multi-million dollar corporations, even though the budget cuts to harm the poor will be justified based on artificially suppressed revenue projections.

Speaking of the budget, note that four states legalized recreational marijuana with ballot measures: CaliforniaMassachusetts, and Nevada and Maine.  Montana should join these states and reap the budgetary benefits. Public opinion on this issue is vastly different than it was even a decade ago.  This week new medical marijuana measures passed in ArkansasFlorida, and North Dakota  – and of course Montana voted to fix the legislatures’ ruined law that had gutted an earlier medical marijuana ballot measure.

Finally, author, poet, and Cowgirl contributor, 4th Generation Montanan, and retired rancher Jael Kampfe offers us this short poem to help us recover from the election:


We cast our votes
for civil rights,
for kindness,
for respect

And we went to bed


But today
the sun came up
and so did we

and our dogs
still licked our faces
and our kids
still held our hands

May our fight
for the good of humanity
be stronger

may our patriotism
be more active

may we take strength
in the rise of a sisterhood
a brotherhood

a collective

these similar beliefs

59 Million

59 Million

a lot
of good

We Are Stronger Together





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  1. The only good thing to come from this election is the fact that we will not have to look at Elsie’s ad in those horrible fitting jeans!

    • Amazing that a comment like this flies in such a staunchly liberal blog. What a truly sexist anti-woman comment. Making a comment about a woman’s unflattering appearance on a public forum. You have really lost it…. Wait! What? Oh yeah, that ideology only applies if Trump had said it. Disregard! That comment is clearly a hit with the MTcowgirl team and why it was approved for the comment section. Hilarious and clever you little devil!
      Same double standards of the Democratic party that brought voters to the polls Tuesday and declare that they have had enough.

  2. I have come to believe that it is better to formulate a good question than a fast, easy answer. As Republicans now assume responsibility for governing the nation, and as they roll out their proposals to do so, every citizen might do well to ask plain questions about each new policy, program, tax cut, etc. Who will benefit? How will success of this program, initiative, etc. be measured? How will we know it has worked? What will those in government do if it fails? The nation has many problems, one of which is a lack of accountability and responsibility. If we are to assume that Republicans were given the responsibility to govern because the Obama administration–and a prospective Clinton administration–failed to be responsible and/or accountable, can we also assume that a Trump administration which found so much fault in how government functioned during the campaign will change all that? What do you want to accomplish? How will we know you succeeded? How will it benefit the American people? Let us channel the energy of our suspicions to healthy skepticism that looks for measured outcomes. It is gut-punched passion that wishes the new Trump administration to fail; if we truly love our country, we will wish for the success of the nation, but ask sincere questions about how our new president and his administration will achieve it.

  3. I see that Bullock sent highway patrolmen to Standing Rock to help knock heads. It’s this kind of action that speaks loudest about where the modern Democratic Party stands. No wonder they’re losing all over the country. They have no ethical center.

      • I stand corrected. Bullock did send 10 highway patrolmen to Standing Rock — to help ND maintain law and order, not to knock heads, although the heads of some of the knotheads burning construction machinery and trespassing on private land have earned the right to have their heads knocked.

        • So for you it’s property rights over human rights?

          • A wonderfully trollish, argumentative, self-righteous answer that posits a false dichotomy, Turner.

            • Turner does raise a valid point… and it doesn’t seem even remotely trollish. He/she raises a purely philosophical criticism, property vs. human rights, that is squarely at the center of the pipeline protest. There’s no name-calling, personal attacks, or even sarcasm, just a simple question criticizing your point of view. I thought that was the whole purpose of a political blog? I am disappointed as a progressive (we’re supposed value diverse arguments and debate right?) in the knee jerk labeling of critics as trolls because they criticize your point of view online. Conner I’ve been a fan of your blog since its inception, and I’m disappointed to see you resort to this tact. There’s a trend of eco-chamber rhetoric going on wherein commenters are labelled trolls, or criticized for being anonymous as a knee jerk way to avoid engaging them in argument. Makes this forum appear more intolerant than it really is. I was curious to see why you think he presented a false dichotomy, especially in the context of the pipeline protest… because I agree with you. I just don’t like your tact because it detracts from beneficial debate.

              • I no longer respond to comments from people who lack the courage and decency to write under their own name.

                • Then why do you comment here? On an anonymous blog?

                • My name is Richard Turner. I live in Dillon, MT.

                • @James Conner – Good.

                • Um, Conner, you’re posting on an anonymous blog published by an anonymous blogger. You’ve just implied that they, and all of us who choose to post anonymously lack courage and are indecent. Not everyone is looking to promote themselves on the blogs by putting their name everywhere; many of us simply want to engaged in debate without the narcissism attachment to self-promotion. In addition, this blog’s anonymity and allowing anonymous posters does a huge service to political debate. Because so many political insiders and folks outside the process have very real fears of professional, political, and social retribution for their views (staffers, journalists, state employees, union members, clergy, etc.), anonymity allows them to comment more freely without this fear. For those outside these organizations, it gives them the freedom to engage with their views and not fear the same retaliation. You’ve just insulted all those folks and implied that their sentiments lack credibility, courage, and decency. You’re insulting not only your own blog’s readers, but also alot of well informed people who have valuable viewpoints that should be included and not marginalized. I’m disappointed that you would use this approach.

  4. The Revenge of the Never-Trump

    Trump bucked the polls–just like Brexit.
    Now “Never-Trumps” plan their Nixit.
    Drawing a blank? Don’t sweat it.
    Try and recall Nixon’s exit.

    • Know full well the Nixon exit. Scares the hell out of me that Pence could end up being president and then watch the world fall apart.

      • Well, if the Nixon scenario is repeated, Pence is the counterpart of Agnew, who resigned for taking bribes and was replaced by Gerald Ford. So Herr Trump could be replaced by a member of the current House leadership. Not necessarily a comforting thought.

  5. This just in.

    Sarah Palin for Sec. of the Interior

  6. Land Board Matters | November 11, 2016 4:20 AM at 4:20 AM |

    GOP now controls the land board. That is going to take some serious effort by the state party to fix. Legislative races come and go, but the land board’s impact is a big deal. We need better campaign talent at the state level instead of riding the coattails of the top-ticket races to do this. With all respect to MDLCC and the state party, the last fifteen years have shown that we only win the big races when we import talent and raise tons of top-ticket money. We can’t rely on the DSCC and DNC for this anymore. A the end of the day, the land board is not their priority, and we need stronger talent and more dedicated folks making this happen in a long term capacity (not just folks promoting themselves from one campaign job to the next). This has really hurt our organization and the land board shows it. You can’t blame that on the trump train. Our heritage as Montanans is at stake with the land board. Public Water. Land. Timber. Oil. Gas. Access. Leasing. Selloffs. It’s quiet scary stuff.

  7. I think Bullseye completely misses the “mark” (LOL). Republican were handed Congress AND the presidency. Apparently Americans want their agenda implemented, and not obstructed by democrats.

  8. I recently spoke with an elderly lady that voted for trump in order to get “God back in the White House”. Another gal, who voted for trump, claims that Clinton was responsible for the 937,804 abortions so far this year in America. How do you reason with these folks?????

    • Yeah industrial grade head scratching. Obama represents far more christian values – just not in the typical hypocritical way – yet the evangelicals flocked to the guy that would be the anti-christ any other year.

      We hear its about corruption and being above the special interests yet here we’re watching Trump pick every industry lobbyist, shill and insider for his transition team. Being cosy with wall street is bad, but Trump is littering his fiduciary team with them including a former Goldman Sachs chair as possible S.o.Treasury

      I can’t believe so many Americans swallowed this handful of magic beans, and gladly. Are were such a nation of easily swayed rubes?

  9. I’d much rather take my chances with Trump. Pence has policies just as destructive to Liberal objectives and he knows the procedures to get it done, he is a patient politician familiar with the process. Trump has been all over the map at times in opposition to the Conservatives and that could work in this liberal’s favor. Let’s face it, if Trump bails Pence becomes president, and he knows how the system works. Nope, I’ll take my chances with Trump.

  10. The poem is encouraging but in ½ century worth of elections I was never really worried about our democracy. I am now.

    • Bob, I have been thinking that for months and now this is the first time I didn’t want to read one of your posts because you just made it real and I do t want to believe it.




    Any Star Trek TNG fans here? Seriously, did you have to get up this morning and go to work ? Did you ever have to count the change on your dresser to buy diapers for the baby the night before payday ? Do you try to save your money ? Do you believe in God, and his Son Jesus Christ? Have you ever went hunting or fishing, or hold a gun?

    If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, there is a good chance you are what the Dems refer to as a ‘deplorable’ and I want to tell you that the Republican Party, (The GOP), is REALLY the party of inclusion, and we would welcome anybody that the Democrats have abandoned.

    • @Eric – I possess most of those silly characteristics that you attribute to the low-wattage bulbs that voted against their own well-being to favor a sociopathic elitist who thinks they’re ignorant scum fit only to cheer for his incessant lies.

      I was born poor, grew up poor, and chose to live poor all my life so I could establish the foundation for a comfortable and dignified retirement. In all that time, Republican policies never benefited me. They only worked to minimize my efforts and prevent me from rising above my beginnings. Those Republican policies have been consciously and deliberately constructed to establish and maintain a perpetual underclass, whose only acceptable purpose is to serve and protect their “betters.”

      The party of “inclusion”?? Bull! For all their lies and viciousness – include me OUT!!

    • What if you answered “NO” to all of these questions?

  12. No Claudius – the Dems put more value on an illegal immigrant from Mexico than they do their ‘old’ base. You will soon see – America will be Great again, and Safe again. Come along with us for the big win !

    • There is nothing standing in the way of Republicans making America great again. They have the White House, the Senate, and the House. I’m expecting great things. This will be a new experience for the GOP, actually governing. We’re watching, Eric.

    • Bob, I have been thinking that for months and now this is the first time I didn’t want to read one of your posts because you just made it real and I do t want to believe it.

    • Eric your party is who made America unsafe. Unsafe for anyone who doesn’t look think or non secularise like the great white hope. Now we are not only unsafe from ruining our planet and unsafe from being homogenized and poor, you brought us to the brink of tyranny. Merry effin Christmas!!!

  13. Here’s hoping we never again hear from this seasons corporate court candidate, Holier-Than-Thou-Juras!

  14. Here’s a question to ponder.

    “How soon after inauguration does the media rediscover true unemployment, a bad economy, crushing public debt, and the plight of the homeless?”-Ace

  15. It is only now sinking in. It’s difficult enough to be a Democrat in rural Montana, let alone a Hillary (or Bernie) supporter, but now this! Part of me is glad he won, because it would–at least initially–have been almost as awful if Clinton had won. We would have, once again, been relegated to obstruction, lies, conspiracy theories, “The Party of No” for FOUR MORE YEARS. Part of me detests half this country almost as much as I detest Trump. My Republican friends (if we talk about this at all) tell me “I am voting against Hillary, not FOR Trump.” I say “bullshit”. To vote against one of the most qualified people to ever run for this office and to install the least qualified, most dangerous, hateful, narcissistic, sexist, bombastic, sick bafoon…. to be the face of this country is simply beyond my comprehension. But, the Democrats had better heed this lesson well. They have got to remember who they work for, and who they have forgotten. While the Republicans obstruct, we have rung our hands and lamented. We need to take this party ahead by recreating it. We gave experienced the worst campaign in history, where lies went unchallenged, where outrageous statements took the place of political discourse and where absolutely no issues were discussed! Did the American public get what it deserved?

    • I’m afraid the Democratic Party is too corporatized to save. The main sponsor of this year’s Democratic Convention in Helena was Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The platform committees ruled out discussions of single-payer health insurance and tuition-free college. A party dominated by corporate interests, including the labor unions that are in bed with the corporations, cannot call itself “the party of the people.”

      • I don’t buy that, sorry. Even if both are heavily leveraged by corporate money – a good argument for campaign finance reform – there is no comparison with the republican party and it’s role as action wing for the corporate agenda. It’s much worse. And I’ve worked for labor unions…they put money into one thing…candidates that will help their workers whether socially or economically. IT’s almost a pragmatic exercise…they need to spend to keep some semblance of balance with the 20 fold massive amounts corporate America spend to keep pushing for or fighting against union specific legislation.

        And that’s where the rubber meets the road and blows this thing up. Hillary might have been a centrist (like her husband) and typical politician in many ways, but I can list 20 agenda items in her platform that I know I support strongly versus knowing I don’t support those on the trump agenda (when and where he was rarely clear about his agenda or guessing at them since he provided (and wasn’t hammered for) providing so few answers.

    • living in a R party controlled Montana County
      and during a decade of national massive media brain wasting R party nationalizd propoganda, i was ready for more of same.

      I’m just sarting to see people in Montana advocating one party nationalism,
      while consistenly turning their back against Montana.

  16. “the worst campaign in history, where lies went unchallenged”

    That’s actually not accurate- we saw lots of lies, and we saw lots of them challenged.

    The problem was that we became numbed to it. Especially with Hillary – because the rules have never applied to the Clintons, and we all know it.

    Just wait – next year it will become clear how the Clinton’s amassed $300,000,000 personal dollars running a ‘charity’, and we’ll find out what the foreign governments got for their money that they ‘donated’.

    • Eric , I would agree this was not the prettiest campaign in history . If you would look at the history of our country you would find that there have been many nasty campaigns.
      I do take issue with you making false statements about the Clintons taking as you say 300 million dollars for themselves from their foundation. their foundation is rated as one of the best in the world as how the money is spent as well as providing a monthly report on the activity of the foundation. They do not as you imply take the money for themselves. The Trump foundation on the other hand is a different matter as has been reported that Trump has used money from his foundation for himself. His foundation now seems to be defunct at this time.

      • Orland, Can you tell me where you heard that “the Clinton Foundation is rated one of the best in the world”? I’m prepared to concede that the foundation has done some good things. But there was always some tit for tat. In exchange for donating over a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s state department approved a large weapons deal with Boeing. In the same deal, Boeing donated $900,000 to the foundation. Many other similar deals were made. It remains to be seen whether or not the Clintons pocketed any of this money. Their accounting practices were pretty shaky, I’ve heard (but can’t be certain about). Again, a thorough investigation of the foundation is warranted. Unfortunately, Obama will probably issue a blanket pardon of Clinton for any actual crimes she may have committed.

        • Oops, I left out the words “Saudi Arabia” above. They’re the despotic nation that gave the foundation over a million bucks to get their deal with Boeing approved.

          • I see that you didn’t mention Trump, his foundation, his lawsuits, his “shaky” accounting practices, his tax returns, his ties to Russia in your comment. You make it sound as if Clinton ran the State Department as her own personal fiefdom, as if Boeing has never had a weapons contract OR a charitable donation before. (Can we talk about Haliburton and Black Water, and the call to war?) As if the Clinton foundation hasn’t, literally, saved lives. As if Trump has given even an ounce of himself to help anyone but himself, especially in comparison to the Clintons. And, where are those tax returns?

        • Turner
          You can very easily check out the Clinton foundation on google and see where I got my info . You have apparently not spent the time to do that. As far as Hillary’s emails maybe we should discuss the Bush and Cheny illegal deletion of more than 20,ooo emails, love here from you about that

  17. A Butte legislator offered what I consider one of the most perceptive and succinct assessments of the entire election process.

    “People want change. But they don’t want to change.”

  18. Eric, you are I believe that you are inaccurate. Every time Trump opened his mouth he either said something to denigrate someone or some group, or he lied. The media at first covered him as if thus was the biggest joke ever made, and then many tried to backtrack, but they were too late. Clinton didn’t deserve most of what was thrown at her, but she has taken it all with calmness and grace. Trump has shown absolutely no qualities that we need in the leader of the free world, or as our Commander-in- Chief. He has no dicipline no ability to take in complex issues, nor the attention span to deal with them. He has no curiosity, seldom reads, is not a student of history. And this doesn’t even touch upon the personality traits he has exhibited which point to a very definite disorder.

    • Assuming everything you wrote is true, why in the world did the Dems nominate a flawed candidate like Hillary? Why not a Tom Udall, Jay Nixon, or Joe Manchin? Even a one-term Senator like Jim Webb would have been a better candidate.

      • I won’t deny that Hillary was not the best choice this year, mainly due to the s*# storm that would have ensued by the ring-wing, alt-right propagandists who would have rendered her Presidency very ineffective. The Democratic Part needs to listen to the message here, absolutely. That being said, I would put Hillary’s character, integrity, honesty, strength, and courage up against Trump’s any day of the week.

  19. Everyone who works should receive a living wage. Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. That is not the agenda of the GOP. Trump has never proven by his actions to be someone who cares about those issues either. Yet almost half of America voted for the same aholes who have forgotten about them and left them to suffer. I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed and very angry when business continues as usual. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. The bright spot is this. The GOP is in charge now and they can’t make President Obama their scapegoat anymore! They are going to have to produce or face the consequences in the near future. Hopefully there will be something left of America to salvage!

    • Old Line Democrat | November 13, 2016 6:05 AM at 6:05 AM |

      You’ve hit on the big issue. Consistently a democrat has been elected to clean up the mess after the republicans run things into the ground with their mix of greed and cruelty to those less fortunate. The problem now, with the precarious state of the world on so many levels is how far do we fall? The rest of the world now does not even have to give us lip service about morale authority. They now have the perfect reason to ally against rather than with us

    • Well ‘Cat Stiles’ exactly where in the Constitution are the rights for free health care and guaranteed wages? I can’t seem to find them in there. I’d like to have a nicer house, do we all have the right to get nice houses?

    • Totally agree. And, we need to hold him, the Republican Party , and all who voted for him, accountable.

  20. The post mortem also has to include the media. I am hoping that much of it will become less of an echo chamber, less lazy, fewer talking heads, and more investigative journalism, and actual talk and questions about the issues! Along with many of our unstitutions “The media”, and by extension, the public, were the big losers in this campaign which was devoid of issues. Nothing about climate change, social security, healthcare, the reality of the global economy, income inequality, banking reforms, on and on! The media is culpable and so is the hand-wringing Democratic Party leadership–the leadership and the rank and file, too, who allowed the Republicans to obstruct, who let it pass when they didn’t fight harder to insure that a sitting President be allowed to nominate, and have hearings on the Supreme Court vacancy. Now it will never happen, and that is the biggest defeat of all.

  21. Sanders over Trump by 10%.
    USA partisan duopoly is doubly defaulted.


  22. Pelosi out and new blood from working class states, not all urban elites!

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