GUEST POST: Let’s move forward together

Mary Ann Dunwell

by Mary Ann Dunwell


Finding the inner strength, resilience and forgiveness to move forward together as Montanans, Americans and communities of good will, may seem insurmountable after Tuesday’s Presidential election. I ask for your resolve to do just that.

Like many of you, I too felt numb and remorseful at the outcome of the Presidential race. The effects cascaded up and down the ballot. There were a few bright spots. Some amazing leaders like Governor Steve Bullock did win for Montana and I’m grateful. I’m also honored that voters in Helena and East Helena chose to return me to the state legislature. Thank you to the wonderful people who volunteered their tireless hard work and resources to the campaign.


However, so many exceptional leaders from the top of the ballot to the bottom were defeated – Hillary Clinton, and others here in Montana. Our state and country are deprived of their leadership and incredible promise.

Now more than ever after the Presidential election, we need to show up, speak up and stand up for one another. I encourage you not to turn your back, but have each other’s backs in the face of any injustice, bullying or discrimination that would erode our country’s foundation of freedom, justice and equal opportunity for all. And we need to be vigilant for a continued free press.

I look forward to serving Montana in the 2017 Legislative Session. Serving Montanans is about improving people’s lives by making good public policy during session. It’s about being a voice for you and your family all year long in your efforts with government and other organizations or issues. It’s about listening to what matters to you and your family, and understanding your challenges. It’s about working hard and standing up for you when you need help.

This week’s national outcome will test our mettle as a courageous, resilient people and country. Let’s resolve to move forward together in unity, with peace, justice and love in our hearts. Thank you.


Mary Ann Dunwell is a progressive democrat who was re-elected to represent Montana House District 84, Helena and East Helena. You can reach her at or call or text her cell (406) 461-5358.



4 Comments on "GUEST POST: Let’s move forward together"

  1. I am not resilient anymore. I have no more desire to embrace those who called my family rapists and murderers. The most despicable and divisive man has been elected. That tells me a lot, that no matter how long we have been here and have contributed to the success of this country we are not welcome in spite of the fact that we have inhabited the Americas for centuries. Am tired of being a political football for those who have an agenda. Stick it to somebody else!

  2. Ranchgirl49, I don’t know who you are but I do know that this is a better country with you in it . It pains me to know what a racist and intolerant place America is today, but I believe I speak for many people when I say I will stand up for you and with you. I’m sure Mary Ann would agree. So for what it’s worth, you are not alone.

  3. Please take a minute. Take away the very-last-minute voters,
    and Mr. Unpopular looks even more unpoplar.
    While loosing from the Electoral College(EC).
    That is the collage of powerful often wealthy
    patrons pasted up by the two Political Parties.

    So what? Money = free speach.
    Well, after many decades of watching the EC,
    this cycle is damn different.
    In this cycle, money + Fox + fault right mediators
    = damn little free speach.
    And Bannon (rhymes with Gannon?),
    proposed AS THE #1 ADVISOR to Mr. Unpopular!


  4. Thank you! I look forward to conversing with you, especially to help me defeat Greg Hertz in the next election. Ranchgirl49, I’m with you, and I appreciate all the people who made America great, without needing to make it great again. NOW we truly have to work together to save America.

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