GUEST POST: On Donald Trump Winning

Whitehall, MT July 2016Whitehall, MT July 2016

by Bill LaCroix

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Who will stand and fight now? Pay close attention because those who will are the ones who will lead us (and the Land) out of toxic waters of the mile-deep mining pit America seems hell bent to land on. Which of us snow geese will not land in those waters? Pay attention! Those are the ones to follow.

Here’s a clue: the least-comfortable among us will be the most likely to show the common sense and courage that we all must honor and then emulate. Rebel against the ones who will not hesitate to land in water that looks like…water? Those comfortable leaders who’ve already feathered their nests and see no problem with sticking to appearances? Yes. Of course, and it’s always been that way and you goddam-well know it.

Here’s another clue. Those real leaders are already showing us the way. I’ll just leave it at Standing Rock. You want a livable world for your children? Think about it. Is an Indian still just some “chief” selling cigars to you? It apparently still is to the town fathers of Whitehall, and Whitehall–or at least Jefferson County where Whitehall exists–went heavily for Trump.

Who will seek comfortable waters of toxic waste to float their poor, weary butts on, and who will not. Who will stand and fight and who will you follow?

Far past time to decide. The painting’s been on the brick wall for long enough for those of us who need more time to process these things. What do think of white privilege now? Do you benefit from it? Be honest! What will you do?

Give the Brick Wall a fresh coat of paint? C’mon. Get real…

Follow the leader, I’d say. Evolve.


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  1. Here’s a few basics that would have been in an DAPL Environmental Impact Statement(EIS).
    A. Construct a crude oil refinery near the Bakken formation creating 150 high paying occupations. (As previously considered.)
    B. Cross the Missouri River once instead of twice. Start DAPL near Montana, cross the Missouri and route the pipeline East of the Missouri.
    A. “leak Detection” = if 320 barrels of volatile Bakken crude are pumped into DAPL every minute, then less than 320 barrels received in Illinois = “leak”. No external accidental discharge sensors. All high pressure pump stations remote controlled. Pipelines break apart at girth welds. And split apart at lengthwise seams bonded by Resistance “welding.”
    B. Benzene in river water. An EIS would have referred the USA to how benzene in Bakken crude oil quickly contaminated the water supply in Glendive, Montana. When the pipe broke apart, deep under the frozen over Yellowstone River. Authorities differ as to how effectively benzene can be removed from water supply systems.
    OWNERSHIP How much of DAPL volume would be owned by foreign owned
    tidewater seaport export refineries at Nederland Texas?
    What owners are responsible for a DAPL Major Accidental Discharge (MAD) emergency response/triage? Repair? Restoration?
    How many tons of coal burned each day to generate electrcity to pump refinery feedstock to DAPL hub terminal in Illinois, and on to low land Nederland Texas.
    What is legal basis for exemption from EIS
    while granting eminent domain status to a LLC?
    Is DAPL less in the interest of the USA and more in the interest of a two level speculation system? Where market investors acquire a predictable rate of return, while SUNOCO and other developers acquire a guranteed right to enjoy profits even before market investors, while incentivising DAPL with EIS exemption, plus free right to contaminate air and waters of the USA?
    And starting pipeline installation WITHOUT A FEDERAL PERMIT TO CROSS THE MISSOURI RIVER?
    DAPL developers and investors know full well, how USA mass media has been grossly negligent about reporting DAPL basics.
    Such as no permit to bore a horizontal tunnel under the Missouri. Insert no protective casing. Merely pull through undisclosed strata of gravel and silt bent sections of girth welded 20″ pipe of unspecified wall thickness, at unknown depth below fast flowing channel within the channel of the Missouri River.
    Knows full well that before the Election there was way too much money in all the wrong places, desperately seeking fixed forward returns.
    Knows full well after the Election that Bond rates will go up,
    and quantitative easing may have to be re-instated!
    Knows full well authorities predicted a colder than usual winter for Noth Dakota.
    Have a heart, send Carhartts to protect the air and water protectors at Standing Rock.
    Encourage selective boycotts of DAPL developers and investors.
    Stop incentivising fossil fuel extraction!

    • Well laid out, good points, and WHY isn’t more refineries HERE for west, mid-west for fuel closer to rural/town folks? Nope, exported for corporate profit, that’s why Trump would consider EXXON’s KING Tillerson for Sec. of State to expand Exxon’s global influence while Exxon being prosecuted for DECEIVING the planet on climate impacts!

  2. Lynn, the Guardian link has been usefull each day.
    The fifth paragraph from end, was sure a wake up call.
    The links fits well with what I saw an Bloomberg this morning, and on the financial section of the Sunday newspaper.

    Now i have a new responsibility, compare fiscal policies of the New Administration, with or without quantitative easing.

    But comes a bigger responsibility, Connecting the dots on a matrix that maybe, might come to depict a Federal Program, to transfer more money to those who already have too much.

    Most of the money being transferred, to mega wealthy white men.
    Just like in the last two quantitative easings.

    And that is exactly why their taxes should have gone up, but not down.

    Meanwhile, the dominating white nationalists build up their RESERVE$ to combat the forces tilting toward diversity in The USA.

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