Putting the White in Whitefish

I don’t intend this post to do much beyond inform and educate. I almost hesitate to use the term “educate” because it implies I may have knowledge that has been in some way denied to others. That is by no means certain.

What I do have is this article from The Atlantic which includes video excerpts from a speech given at the National Policy Institute (NPI) in Washington DC by Whitefish resident, and inflatable Hitler doll collector, Richard Spencer. The video is kind of a must see…

I set the somewhat arrogant goal “to educate” in case the symbolism on display in the video, in both language and gesture, is somehow lost on the reader/viewer. It is intentionally and clearly that of 1930s Germany, at the elevation of the National Socialist, or Nazi Party. There’s really nothing more to add here.


Richard Spencer

The ironic difference between the audience to Mr. Spencer’s barely literate, masturbatory ramblings, and the 1930s brown shirted lapdogs (who at least had a competent orator), is that most of the original “master” race didn’t realize what their salute would come to symbolize. The chalky bottom-feeders at the NPI had the benefit of history; yet could not restrain themselves from goose-stepping in time with a wannabe like Spencer who, it seems, could hardly read his own propaganda.

Perhaps the people of Whitefish have been aware of the pimple festering in their midst. The white-power whitehead waiting for a champion like Donald Trump who, despite hiding his own pasty whiteness under a sheen of orange dye (alt-white), cleared the way for Spencer to release his puss. Perhaps, the town council may disavow their latest national headline grabber. Perhaps, they’ll simply vote to change the town name to Whites Only Fish.

Either way, this next four years will reveal a lot about us…Americans, I mean. It will be interesting to learn who we are and what we stand for; and what we stand against.


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  1. John Bachtell is the national chairman of the Communist Pary USA which endorsed Hillary for President. Here’s his endorsement quote.

    “This election will be a national referendum on racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamophobia. The aim should be a landslide defeat of Trump and a decisive rejection of hate.

    The election of Clinton as the first woman president would make history. A landslide would not end sexism, but it would represent a mighty blow just as the election of President Obama was a blow against racism. It would advance democracy.

    A landslide makes it more likely that GOP Congressional and state legislative majorities can be ousted and an end put to the politics of obstruction. Most people tend to vote straight ticket.

    A landslide will give added weight to the progressive platform adopted at the Democratic Convention and give encouragement to appoint progressive Supreme Court justices. It would be added pressure against backsliding on opposition to TPP and other trade deals. It will put public opinion and the movements in a better position to pressure against Clinton’s tendency toward military adventurism and policies of regime change.

    With a Democratic president and Congress the post-election political terrain will shift and give immediate momentum to the new Clinton administration.”-John Bachtell

    Sound familiar?

    Believe it or not there’s nuts on both sides.

    • Pretty sure CPUSA isn’t advocating ethnic cleansing.

    • Nice pivot and deflection attempt there Big S, but we are talking about the Trump inspired spread of American Fascism and the growing acceptance and embrace of Fascism by the Republican base. I find it interesting that fewer and fewer on the right, including Trump, are refusing to denounce Fascism.

      • Or Swede for that matter Kevin.

        My grandparents and relatives fought and some died fighting Fascists like Spencer and Trump. And true to form, Trumps grandparents were near-de-wells and shifty frauds who got kicked out of Germany for draft dodging, just like DOnald trump is a draft dodger for America….following his grandfather’s footsteps.

        All of my children have joined Military of civilian services to protect Americans. My Brother and I served, My Parents served. Ny grandparents served.all my uncles served. two on the USS Arizona and survived to tell the tale.

        Donald Trump is POnd scum, and a fascist extraordinaire, and you big Swede are a fascist as well for voting for him.

    • This is were I think you get confused. An endorsement of Hillary to end hate IS NOT the same as ACTUAL hate and the endorsement to make more from Spencer and his ilk on the so-called alt-right.

      Beyond the stupidity (sorry have to call it what it is) of stepping up in ANY way to defend this swine (Schwein in Spencer’s preferred tongue) is the lost maxim that reminds us two wrongs NEVER make a right. EVEN when you’re making one of those wrongs up here Swede, you’re just left with wrong. And the wrong you are cozied up with by defense and association.

    • So you offer this as an example of balance and forward thinking…right? Otherwise, I cannot imagine it’s purpose. Or is your mind so polluted that you don’t recognize a rejection of hate when you read it? It doesn’t really matter what group the other represents, it is a message of hope and reason.

  2. Are you saying you are on both sides?

  3. We live in dangerous times indeed. VP Wallace, in 1944 predicted that Fascism would someday rise in America, he wrote – “American fascism will not be really dangerous until there is a purposeful coalition among the cartelists, the deliberate poisoners of public information, and those who stand for the K.K.K. type of demagoguery.”….sound familiar? V.P. Wallace’s historic defintion of a Fascist is a must read for all! http://newdeal.feri.org/wallace/haw23.htm

    • From Henry Wallace to here and now:

      15. “The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan. Democracy can win the peace only if it does two things:
      Speeds up the rate of political and economic inventions so that both production and, especially, distribution can match in their power and practical effect on the daily life of the common man . . . ”

      Darn, I never thought about it.
      Distributed new energy sources would put America back to work.

      Nein! That can not happen. THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN!
      The nation must incentivise fossil fuel extraction and consumption ASSETS AND INCOME SOURCES FOR THE ANGLOS.
      at Montana Cowgirl.

  4. Spencer, whose ideas I abhor, is a law abiding resident of Whitefish, a strong community that leans slightly to the left. Spencer’s fellow residents know who he is and what he does — and they also know he has exactly the same constitutional rights as everyone else. I suspect he might move to another town if Whitefish changed its name to Blackfish. Otherwise, he’ll probably live there a long time, his presence exasperating and embarrassing his fellow citizens while their community both preaches and practices tolerance and continues to thrive.

    • He may be law-abiding in Whitefish but he’s been arrested and jailed in Europe and banned from most of the EU.

    • James, Whitefish residents may be feeling all warm and fuzzy with their tolerance brownie points tallied today, but they might be in for a big wake up call when certain groups of income brackets decide they won’t be caught dead in town where that monster lives! People tolerated and enjoyed the benefits of slavery too and you saw how well that worked out for them. There is no unwritten or written law that states I have to tolerate a bag of bones that incites violence toward people who are not white, who feeds evil propaganda to children. I think subtle hints like we are not spending money in your town because you tolerate racism is perfectly legal and perfectly appropriate and sends a powerful message. I noticed none cowards at the racists ball had “Hi My Name is ______.” stickers on chest. Maybe its about time certain vacationers knew exactly who and where Spencer lives. Neo Nazis are not the only folks who would like to vacation in Whitefish and Glacier Park. I can’t wait for my daughter to show me how to make a post on Facebook go viral with the headline Guess who lives in the beautiful gateway to Glacier Park. Do you really want to spend your vacation with Richard Spencer, your money inadvertently supporting neo Nazism.

  5. Whitefish — Deadfish — ’tis all the same to me ….

  6. The best way to deal with Internet trolls is to ignore them. Like the idiot standing on the street corner bellowing threats of Sharia law during a peace rally, the sensible response is to ignore, not engage. Unfortunately commentary on this site has failed to follow this simple advise.

    So at the risk of acknowledging the trolls who continue to try to hijack this website, please stop responding to the likes of Big Swede and his brethren. Personally banning them is fine with me, but apparently that violates some ridiculous rule of fair play, which is another topic. Like the child throwing a tantrum, responding to these idiots just plays into their personal desire for attention. You aren’t going to change their minds. You aren’t going to win the debate. Their sole motivation is getting a response, plain and simple.

    For the most part, the topics raised here are important and deserve serious discussion and reasonable debate – not meaningless back and forth with idiotic, childish antagonists.

    • Qui tacet consentit, Sal. Loosely translated, “silence is consent.” Silence is precisely what demagogues want; you see that in the way the tiny one twitterates. (I almost said twitterpates, but the tiny one is no Bambi in the springtime.) Knowing that you will never convince him, the demagogue relies on your silence. It affirms his argument. “See, I must be right because no one is saying anything.”

      If we must speak of childish things, the demagogue’s conviction that your silence says you agree is truly childish, no? So, when I see folks calling out this Nazi (he’s not a neo, because there is nothing new about him; nor is he alt-right, a term which makes Nazis sound hip and cool), I say bravo.

      Those who call him out have no intention to convince him, but by calling him out they identify themselves as principled Americans. It is always worth remembering Freiderich Niemoller: “When the Nazis came for the communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I wasn’t a Jew. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

  7. Sorry Sal that’s what they want. too ignore them like DNC democrats and Media Ignored Trump. Its not what we do as liberals. we should confront BUllshit and we should engage in change for the better. Not just at election time but every day in our communities and states.

    That type of political correctness is cowardly, antique, and unprosperous for the nation as a whole. We want an America that asks questions, and deserves fair answers. we should want the next generation creatively thinking.

    • Norma,
      I agree with you regarding the need to resist and stand up to oppressive policies, just not with internet trolls. For one, they and their idiotic antics are not actually the threat. They are just here to provoke a rise out of you. The real threat comes from those in power who intend on doing you real harm. They are the ones we need to stand up to. Facing off with trolls is an energy waster.

      • Sal, who the hell do you think put Idiots like trump in charge. the very same idiots you are discounting now.

        • Time for these republican dummies to crack open real Books of history approved by the American Historical Association. Which by the way do not acknowledge any of Bill o’Reilly’s books as History but fiction.

        • exactly and that is scary that there are that many people like Big Swede out there. Fortunately, however we all know that there are more people who are not like Swede and that is perfectly illustrated by the fact that Hillary Clinton one the popular vote by almost 2 million votes!

      • Sal, addressing the least of these,the trolls,serves to reinforce and further define ones convictions – addressing trolls benefits the addresser,not the addressed.

        • Also other people reading – which is one reason why you don’t want to just call them names, even if that’s what you’d like to do…

    • Norma,thank you for clearing up the internal conflict I had regarding how to address or not address the Big Swedes of this country-or what’s left of it.

      • You welcome! A couple of years back on this site I put up two letters written in Eisenhower’s Republican administration. On of them said thus: https://goo.gl/images/Bsqw6c

        The republicans over the years have gone from real American people with compassion to complete and ardent Fascists. its time to be as upfront as this republican was.

        Maybe they will learn something, Though I dont think so……. that in the 1950’s the time they want to go back too, the administrations of that time Eisenhower and Kennedy saw a need for all people to be treated uniformly. With JUstice and fairness the Unions were strong. Corporations and the rich paid 90% taxes and The only people pontificating on hate were little men handing out leaflets on street corners.

  8. WHY may I ask AGAIN did no one seem to care that Mrs. Donald Trump was never asked if she denounced the Slovenian Communist Party that she and her parents joined ? Her father made no bones about the fact that he joined because he saw it as the fastest way to gain wealth. [ Sound a lot like his son-in-law ?] This was all so easy to find , yet people acted as though it was just some satire article. Wikipedia after Trumps election deleted it, but there are still numerous factual articles . Hopefully we will not have the first Communist First Lady in the White House.

    • you mean to go along with the commie-approved pResident? The one elected with Russian hacking of voting machines? AuditTheVote.org

  9. What was wrong with Bachtell’s statement. Seemed great to me. Big Swede compares Bachtell to Spencer. Really. Makes no sense.

  10. Melania was born in COMMUNIST USSR before wall came down, in era of KGB and now she’s learning about local terrorists, KKK.

  11. Has Melania ever publically denounced Communism for what it is ? The Republican Party will use Communism or Muslim as a “weapon of choice” when degrading the President or ANY one who they dislike.

  12. Greg Palast on this for days.
    Think it thru. Consider filling out
    your DOJ online complaint form.
    I’m driving with headlights on!


    National school vouchers under Secretary of Education nominee,
    will turn off lights for some school children.

  13. In a nation of 321 million, Richard Spencer could draw only a couple of hundred followers to Washington, D.C., for a sit-down dinner. Like many masters of freak shows, he has a talent for publicity. And the mainstream media write about him because that’s easier than researching and writing about hard issues.

    Some of the commenters above seem to think he should be tarred and feathered and run out of Whitefish on a rail. They don’t like his point of view, so they want to silence him and send him somewhere else. He must chuckle and rub his hands in glee every time he reads such intolerant nonsense, knowing he can write an effective fundraising letter by quoting the folks with the sack of feathers and the bucket of tar.

    Herr Spencer is a petty nuisance, not a threat to the republic.

  14. Time to stand up for your right to vote in this Election!
    Act against partisan hackers who might have stolen votes,
    in two States that might have not voted for the EC to select Mr. Unpopular.
    Even more Unpopular now that we know he has planned on running his business while ruling the Country from 5th Avenue and DC.

    Even Alexander Hamilton, would stand up against the Silvio Berlusconi model in the THE USA.


  15. Not sure if it was here but I have been blathering about voting machine hacking and “red shift” for a couple of years to anyone who would listen. I’m increasing my donation to Free Speech TV-we’re going to need them more than ever!

  16. Not only has E-vote systems been hacked before, they killed a guy who was going to expose it.
    Full story:http://tinyurl.com/z48w5pp
    Preveiw page:http://preview.tinyurl.com/z48w5pp

  17. A little late, but interesting information about his ex-wife.

    Why is that Putin’s name keeps appearing?

  18. Much ado about nothing – I’ll start worrying when I see laws enacted in Whitefish disarming the minorities and staging another Reichskristallnacht.

    Of course, if this distraction takes your collective lib minds off of the Nov 8th ass-kicking you got – I’m all for talking about Whitefish – :)

    • You didn’t win the popular vote. AGain! Trump didn’t win the Popular vote. You guys are gonna be backing a president who will be impeached within the first year if he isn’t voted out by the december 13 electors due date. and you’re probably gonna be the Block captain of Reichskristallnacht if Trump succeeds in ruining this country.!

      • While I see good reasons that trump could be voted out by the electors, I don’t see any scenario in which it actually happens.

        • One Republican elector from Texas has stated publicly that he won’t vote for Trump. Are there 36 more?

          There is also a law firm that will provide free legal advice to any elector who doesn’t want to vote for Trump (www.electorstrust.org).

      • Trump may be impeached by the House, but why would the Democrats in the Senate want to convict when the result would be a Pence Presidency. Talk about bad.
        Better to keep the ethics violations front and center for 2018 and 2020. Make the conservatives defend unethical behavior.

        • I agree there John but what a mess we will be trying to clean up. This did kind of happen in California, years ago and it is why the republicans party is as small as the green party is now in that state. but the economic ruin it caused in that state because of republicans, is something I am afraid of seeing in this country as a whole…..

        • I don’t think Trump will be impeached ,but I don’t think he will do much more than post on twitter and travel between Mar Largo and New York. Pence will try to run day to day operations and Pence is not smart enough to do that. I think it will be interesting to watch them destroy the republicans .

      • Norma, they don’t care if Muslims are the new residents of Hardin MR currently useless prison – at least they won’t until they are reminded permanently that it wasn’t just so called communists that were jailed during McCarthy’s reign of terror, but also that personal grudges were pursued. I am sure they never passed off a local sheriff or councilman???

      • Norma, they don’t care if Muslims are the new residents of Hardin MT currently useless prison – at least they won’t until they are reminded permanently that it wasn’t just so called communists that were jailed during McCarthy’s reign of terror, but also that personal grudges were pursued. I am sure they never passed off a local sheriff or councilman???

  19. Tribune gave this racist fool Spencer FRONT page story, he should have been buried in Montana section, page 5a or something…!

  20. When I first moved to the Flathead Valley in 2011 to be a part of the Kalispell PLE… my goal was for the PLE to be a part of the community… one that didn’t try to screw with the locals. Before me.. there were those library movies… after I got there, I tried to make it so the PLE did healthy, normal things… such as trips into Glacier and other wholesome things in the outdoors. While I succeeded for a while… and I never had any issues with my own activism in the city. In general I got along with people of every political view. Spencer was always there, however, to negate any “positive” work I did.

    Since I left nationalism/the alt right… I have felt a weight lift off my shoulders, and I absolutely hate what he stands for. He’s an obvious con artist and his alt right is mostly a bunch of suckers that hate women, and don’t care about anyone but themselves. Plus, the seig heil thing is idiotic. I always found National Socialism to be stupid.

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