Written By Norma Duffy

This is my Personal opinion since this election. I, apologize up front to all Moderate Republicans that are not this way, the ‘Never Trump” crowd.. you know who you are. 

Just like Dylan Roof has been found competent to stand trial which starts this Wednesday I believe… So are other Republicans who voted for Trump.  I have yet to see a chorus of republican politicians and supporters dissociating themselves from the spike of violence against minorities since the election.

You all remember Dylan Roof don’t you?  He is the white Supremacist, accused of gunning down nine black worshipers at a historic Charleston church’s Bible study group in June 2015. A guy so warped that after spending an hour or so, bowing his head and joining his victims in prayer… He Then pulled out a gun and killed 9 innocent worshippers.

Authorities say he targeted his victims solely because they were black.

Roof now faces 33 federal charges, including violations of hate crime laws and religious freedoms. He has offered to plead guilty and serve life in prison, but federal authorities are seeking the death penalty.

“Wow”, Says some of you “Tin Hat” Conservatives. “Thats a pretty damn harsh a thing to say Norma.”

Really? How so? I believe a full throated response is necessary to combat this hatred, anything else would be too politically correct and cowardly at this time.

Does it matter who is more vicious toward Americans of Color, Race and gender if it is done by Trump or a group of Trump supporters, by a few Trump supporters, or by the example of one Killer, who would have voted for someone like Trump if he wasn’t in jail for murder?

Roof was hoping to start a race war, and Trump was stoking those same fears in his Campaign to his followers. Tell me how it is different when Trump surrogates, not unlike you, have caused a spike of over 700 hate crimes in the last three weeks after his election. You do realize that around 700 was about the number of hate crimes committed for the last 2 years before the election? Or do you care?

DO these kinds of Trump supporters speak for you???

Southern Poverty Law Center has been doing a running tally since the election of Donald Trump, and even though these hate crimes seem to be tapering off, there is still al lot of Americans now living in fear of the Racists from your side.

“ Hate Incidents by type ranked by number of reports include:

Anti-immigrant (206), anti-Black (151), anti-LGBT (80),swastika vandalism(60), anti-Muslim (51), and anti-woman (36) anti semitic and miscellaneous count for the rest . They are also keeping track of anti-Trump incidents as well, which rose from their last report of 20 to 27.”

Incidents by location: K-12 schools (149), businesses (129), universities/colleges (114), street (82), private property (72), driving (42).

Believe me when I tell you this , We are intrinsically woven in this hate, because of people like Richard Spencer. We need to do more to make them go back to wherever rock they crawled out of.

People outside this state, are already painting us with a Broad brush because the person making the most noise for this state right now, is a hateful bigot who is a white nationalist. So what legally are you gonna do as a Montanan to help stop the hate here? Or are you one of those who truly believe the lies certain members of the republican party and Trump?

Whitefish, The very Town Spencer lives in, has done everything it can to disassociate itself from him for years, But not as much as a lot of people there would like.

Lastly, an accessory to a crime also means doing nothing, standing Idly by while the crime is committed. I suggest you think about that.  George Orwell once wrote that: A people who elect corrupt Politicians…. are not victims….. they are accomplices.

Otherwise You may not like it but, you are competent to stand trial as an accessory of this kind of  hate. THAT IS….If you keep accepting it. The onus is on you Republicans to stop this, like we liberals have been fighting from our side for years.

Additional reading:

Who you can join to counter this hate in Montana, or emulate for your own community:









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  1. Whitefish is the very town Spencer is in. Flathead is the County/valley in which it is found. has an article about a resolution that was just passed on the hate issue.

  2. This must be a picture of a Mensa convention. I see the smartest one is in the front with the klan insignias on his shirt and flag.

  3. When and where in Montana was the photograph above taken?

  4. In an admittedly unrelated matter, ain’t it strange how again goes dormant for several days when Suzanne Tarpey and her IRS shenanigans are back in the news? Hmmm. As Pee-wee Herman would sing, “connect the dots, la-la-la-la.”

  5. Doesn’t matter where the picture was taken, this has been the picture of the GOP base since Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Only difference today is they’ve lowered the pitch on the dog whistle so everyone can hear it.

    • Agreed!

      • I think it does matter if this is as picture of people in Montana. Could be the steps of the capital, but this has to be documented. Otherwise, you are guilty of the same fake new and broad brush condemnation that the Trumpster mobs love.

        • I agree. I was very surprised and a little disappointed that Norma’s response didn’t include remedy for picture and I have seen that same picture applied to a variety of content.

          • This picture comes from Charleston South Carolina. Right after Dylan Roof Killed the Parishioners, and right before the confederate flag was banned by Governor Nikki Haley. The picture itself has no true attribution, Or O would have posted it, though the very people in that picture tell the news team Linked below it is time for a white revolution.

            We have at least a dozen people here in Dillon who proudly display the wrong confederate Flag on their cars here. and flew it from the backs of Pickup trucks in this little town at the end of July 2015. The true Confederate flag I remember, the one being of the utmost importance to America back in the day, was all white when they surrendered.


  6. Ok, everyone join in the course, including Hillary Dems and Bernie voters that couldn’t vote for Hillary and voted for Trump.

    Associating the Klan to all non-Klan Trump voters is about the most asinine, hate mongering, raciest, offensive, and irresponsible statements I have seen in a long time. Do you know how many Klan members voted for Hillary and how many voted Trump?

    What about in 2010, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fondly eulogized Sen. Robert Byrd, a former member and recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan. Clinton called Byrd “my friend and mentor” in a video message to commemorate his passing. Does this make all dem’s raciest? I don’t think so.

    Was this photo taken in Sen. Byrd’s W.Va?

    • Yes, Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a member of the Ku Klux Klan when he was a young man. He changed, realizing what a terrible mistake he had made, calling it the greatest mistake of his life. Sen. Byrd never denied he once was in the Klan. He attributed being recruited into association with the hateful group as a mistake in his “foolish youth.” Sen. Byrd grew and progressed in life to become one of the most respected and indefatigable liberals in the United States Senate. He was known and respected among all his colleagues, Democrats and Republicans and Independents, as the most ardent defender of the Constitution. Sen. Byrd was broadly respected in West Virginia, that group of Unionist counties which broke away from Virginia when it joined the Secessionists. It was a group of Unionist counties that became the 35th state in June 1863. West Virginia, like every State in our Union, has its hateful people, but Robert Byrd did not go to his grave as one of them. His life was not without its flaws, but he lived a long life as a good, repentant man who stood and defended all that our Constitution hold true for each us. To use Sen. Byrd’s mistake juxtaposed with Hillary Clinton’s respect for the man, as you have herein, is a false example of hatred and evil and reveals a deep shallowness in you knowledge and thinking.

      • You missed my statement. “Does this make all dem’s raciest? I don’t think so.” I would never make that leap, but there are those berating and intimidating anyone that voted for Trump. Like above? Who is the most pregnant? And one old guy got beat up. Have you ever seen an election like this?

        • I dont think you understand Democrats or America at all Bill. If there are laws in this country that say you cannot Hate, Minorities, Disabled and Women.

          And the Majority of Democrats in this nation follow those laws…. Yet a majority of white Republicans like you do not….. the LAw breakers and the racists are who?


          Therefore no matter what you say, what you seem to be arguing against… It is in truth, against the constitution, Against State and Federal LAw and against America as a whole.

          So what you are arguing against, has been settled law for a very long time…. And I am not even touching the Moral laws of equality and Justice in the Numerous Religions of today that nobody in your conservative group follow anymore, Especially Christ’s teachings….

      • Birds evolution is a favorite redemption journey for me AndI think HTC evolved as well – DOMA is one example. Unlike hacks like Bill, people who have critical thinking skills are able to learn and grow up no matter their chronological age.

  7. Poor, rich Bill.
    Always wanting someone to respond to him.
    But Bill responds to no one.
    The crude dude has no care. No try.

    • Amen Bob. Bill never answers, Never defends his comments when people Question him, or his understanding of ethics…. just on to the next Straw Dog argument.

  8. Am so sick of all the hate mongering against anyone who is not a white anglo saxon protestant! You all need me just as much as I need you on this planet. We are one. You all believe in Jesus and your bible but think nothing of hating on someone who is not like you. Let me tell you Jesus was not white, he was middle eastern and those people are brown. Your ancestors came to this part of the world and killed the indigenous peoples to get the land and the gold that was on it. Your ancestors perpetrated the biggest genocide of our people while holding the bible in your hand and a gun in the other. So when you tell me to go home I am home. It is you that needs to go home and quit causing the rest of us who want to live in peace a problem!

    • Precisely and thank you Ranch girl and as a woman who had to hear my EX father in law say “…and you want to marry that dirty half breed”

  9. Every time you post a picture of these attention seeking idiots they win. Every time you attempt to tie them to the mainstream Republican party you legitimize them. These groups would not have even been a significant part of the conversation if Hillary hadn’t given a speech on the alt-right that suddenly made them relevant.

    Stop politicizing hate and they will go away. If you keep telling everyone they have to become a radical racist to support ideas different than your own it’s you who is the accomplice.

    • LArry Liberals didn’t legitimize them, Republicans did. Republicans voted these kinds of A-holes in. NOt Liberals. Non voters on either side Helped….. Though I believe any person who sat on his hands instead of pulling a lever on election day, isn’t American.

      Secondly History of white Anglo-saxon people have already proven that saying nothing leads to Despots and HItler like people.

      Thats how those people get into power… saying nothing Legitimizes the Behavior of Bullies.

      Tell me Larry are you gonna be the one who sits quietly by why they take away you social Security, your Medicare, your Family’s rights?

      Sounds like it to me.

    • That is the most ridiculous statement I have read on this site excepting the regular nut jobs like Bill. Blame it on the messenger? Come on. You are telling me we are supposed to let it fester and bloom under cover until it becomes an unlanceable boil! We tried that before the civil rights movement and it didn’t work. Now we have laws and the crimes need to be exposed so they can be prosecuted and persecuted. I think this is the persecution phase !

    • Mr.Emmett, I owe you profuse apologies, for contradicting your statement and saying it was ridiculous. It is I who is ridiculous for not believing you are right. After reading the tweets which I was directed to by the Monfortin comment I was ashamed to know I live within 500 square miles of the authors of such nonsense. Nonsense that the mass slaughter in Aleppo is fake news, and I won’t repeat the odious remains. My head has been in the sand far to long and that one peek left me wanting to never see the light of day. Yes, I will embrace your wise words and ignore the imbeciles and save my energy for the deconstruction phase by boycotting, protesting, and giving aid to the afflicted. Thank you for that sorely needed slap in the face.

    • But, I believe it is true that the tea parties legitimized hate and by extension the Republican party that fact remains because they have made no moves to deny this and bow down to a sociopath.

    • But who knows I may change my tune at a moments notice no matter the circumstances.After all, that seems to be the fashion these days with the soon to be current joke of an administration.

  10. Ugh to 9:27 Comment!
    Five sentences. All false.
    Ranchgirl has it right.
    Euro-Anglo oppression and violence has deep roots.
    Back to subject.
    Moderate Republicans, now is damn good time
    to dis-associate, disambiguate, from thought patterns
    of haters and hate groups.
    Especially the one-party nationalist hate groups!
    Very especially the Plutocrat funded Anglo supremacists.
    Your heart and spirit and community, even our nation
    will benefit by your turning away from hate and hate groups.

  11. I find racism and bigotry against a group because of their race, religion, gender, etc. simply dumb. But a YouGuv survey found that 50% of respondents do not think hating a person because of their race, etc. makes one a bad person.
    I have voted Democrat and GOP, but definitely could not support Trump. I find anyone who did just has no decency or ethics. But most Republicans did vote for him. It definitely was Party first, as it always is. Also hard to win 3 consecutive elections.

  12. And this is the kind of people who represent Missoula. The rest of the country thinks this woman is a joke. We in Montana treat it as “normal” for Missoula.

    • ele, three sentences. Three gross distortion contortions.
      You got no care. No try.

      • BOB, forgive me because I usually hang onto most every word you write, but I can’t understand what you have written here. I can’t see how what this woman wrote could possibly be valuable and represent Democratc and or liberal values as a whole. I get that to her, she lost faith in humankind and especially males because the election of Chump, but that it represented Montana Liberals. No that represented a day in the life of one person who doesn’t seem to get that the consequences of the election are a threat to democracy, not her love life. Please enlighten me because I just don’t get it and I don’t get why the WP published this when that valuable space in WP could be used to discuss a constitutional,environmental,civil rights issues via a Montana liberal and or Democrat. What am I missing?

        • Robin you don’t miss much.
          Damn good rip on Wash Post
          that ripped off a personal post.

          Here’s what I heard. A mother with two kids made a personal comment for personal reasons.

          As an old person I’m more concerned for the kids.

          I kinda look at people the way I look at written material, even blogs. What are the purposes, and how well are they presented, and accomplished?

          Come to think of it, that’s about same way I look at purposes leading to the selection of key players in the next Administration.

          So back to urging moderates to turn away from haters and hate groups.

          • Thanks Bob now can you help me do something about Trump while you are here. If he appoints either of the Exxon guys as SOS that’s the end and there is no going back – the combined wealth of Exxon and Russian oil would make certain government employees very filthy rich. I wonder how many members of Congress and the Senate own Exxon shares in their modest stock portfolio? And the deplorables bitched about Obama paying for green fees on their dime, God I think I am about to get sick.

    • I am so embarrassed! I viscerally despise Trump and his minions for trampling the constitution and neon signing lies while broadcast media lot it up, but this wp middle school essay just poured a metric ton of salt in the wound! Did the editors at the WP take the day off to rejuvenate at a hot yoga session or for a funeral? God what I would give for those Russian hackers to obliterate this essay from the pages of history and my mind. Probably one of the greatest opportunity to expose a genuine,reasonable reaction of Trumps election by a Montana
      liberal was just blown to pieces

    • And that essay doesn’t represent Montana democrats as evidenced by the essays you can read on this blog – God I hope that was counterfeit ghost writing or we are doomed – for the second time in less than 3 weeks

    • And after the next 4 years she has 10 people working for her after the last 8 years in the same position. Her 401K has grown 3 times the growth from the last 8 years. She is married to a well to do mid-level manager at a auto plant, steel plant or coal plant and she looks back at this article and says boy was I a naive idiot back then……lol

  13. So if I walked into your bar wearing a Trump shirt, what would you do?

    • If you had an ounce of common sense (which by several of your comments, you seem to be lacking anyway) you would not walk into the bar that I frequent dressed as a trumpet. The patrons would most likely help you turn your shirt inside out just like they do in kindergarten when a student arrives with an offending comment blazed across their shirt.

    • And I would give you a new hAt that said “Make America Think Again” You can wear that one. The shirt not the gentleman would not be welcome.

      • And if you walked to to a cake store and wanted to have a same sex wedding cake made and what would you do if you were refused?

        Are you any better then the KKK? I am out of here. You guys are scary.

  14. It is a broad brush to use to equate *all* Drumph voters with nazi’s. But when Drumph apponts people to his cabinet with a proven history of trying to attract the white-suprematist crowd, theres definitely something going on.

    • Snuhwolf, what is your source for this? A screenwriter or ??? What is this cabinet members background?

      • Bill, I was under the impression that you were “…. out of here. You guys are scary.”
        Well for the scary part, BOO! Now please live up to your promise and get out of here.

      • Oh my god Bill can’t you read? Maybe it is true what those nasty liberals say about Trump worshippers. Get your hands out of your pannts and read an effing newspaper! Try one that doesn’t start with the letter InfoWars or Fox news. You Chump Suckers are running out of excuses so you better pull your pants up!!!

      • Oh you! Well do you know who Steve Bannon might be? Alt-right and all that. Seems like the white-pride folks really like him for some reason. Care to guess what that might be? Heh. BTW, don’t leave, you’re excellent free entertainment!

  15. You need a new Playbook Norma Duffy – It was during the Obamacare debate that I was out with the Teapartiers one day, down at Testers office, and my said said “Taxed Enough Already” and a guy walked up and told me my sign was racist.

    We elected The Great Leader twice – I think that kind of stops the argument that America didn’t support Obama because he is half-black.

    You got your ass-kicked nationwide, There are only four states with Democratic governors and legislatures; it is true that this includes California, but the majority of Americans live in states in which there are Republican trifectas or veto-proof legislative majorities. Two-thirds of the nation’s governors are Republicans; more than two-thirds of our state legislative houses are under Republican control. Republicans control both houses of Congress and have just won the presidency.

    Let me guess your response – 2/3 of Americans are racist ?

    • Wow is this the same Eric, that was a bought troll of the Koch Brothers? I would bet so the one who kept trowing up Montana watchdog Propaganda like they were real news…. You and Dustin Hurst talking so much Crap I needed Waders to stroll through your post cuz the Bullshit was knee High.

      And we only have four Democratic Governors left in the entire US???? WTF HOw about 20, Your Math is off by 16. DId you go to school Eric?

      Again, our asses were not kicked we won the popular vote by 2.7 million.

      The clear people’s Choice! The second Highest vote tally in the History of the United states Ever

      SO GUess what? that’s 2.7 Million people. who will not cow to you ignorant asses anytime soon. ONly 25% of the nation voted for the Dumpster.

      Nearly half of eligible voters (231,556,622 people) did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, according to data of early turnout rates compiled by the United States Election Project and crunched by Josh Nelson of Mashable. The full results may not be available for at least a couple more weeks. BUt the clear winner is still Clinton not the Dumpster fire.

      Not to mention Republican Governors closed 800 more polling places this election purposely to keep people from voting.

      So your talk is pretty cheap there Eric, and your man is gonna have a very hard time telling people like me who know the score to shut up.

    • No actually just the Minority of Americans who voted for Trump either implicitly or explicitly. The Majority of Americans who are registered voters obviously are not at a rate of about 2.8 million more.

    • Add up votes swayed by Comey’s lies & Rusky hackers
      Add them to votes hacked out of the Ballot Box
      Add them to the cross checked OFF Voters who never made it to the Ballot Box.
      Add them to the reality unknown to us, long lines and broad discriminations/recriminations against African Americans.

      And notice how some individuals stand on piles of sand.
      Stand upon VOTER OPPRESSION as justified means,
      to the *Great glorious New Administration*

  16. Touch a nerve did I? Good. I will type this slowly, since I doubt you read fast – Ha Ha –

    A Presidential election isn’t about popular votes, it’s a race to 270 electoral votes. That’s what a smart candidate goes after – the win. If The Donald had wanted the popular vote, he could have spent a couple of hundred million dollars, set up campaign offices in LA and Sacramento, and he would have won the popular vote too. But there was no point in it.

    I also urge you to google up California Assembly Bill 60, called the “Motor Voter Bill” which Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed the law in October 2013 to give a legal document to the 2.5 million undocumented immigrants in California alone — most from Latin America and particularly neighboring Mexico. It gave drivers licenses to 2.5 million illegal aliens, and they were automatically registered to vote as well. Technically it isn’t legal for them to vote, but the State doesn’t check their immigration status.

    Hmmm – The Donald goes into California leading by 2 million votes – and suddenly the numbers change, and he loses the popular vote – not much of a mystery here, is it?

    So go ahead and console yourselves if you want, after all, the USA that elected Obama twice, was RACIST for rejecting Hillary – ignoring the fact that she is white – and since only 55% of white women voted for the Donald, maybe the voters are SEXIST ?

    • Eric, time to get in and respond to Guest Posts or get out and stay out.
      Ha ha ha on your distortions
      of four Democratic Governors.
      California would vote for a lizard
      before Voting for Trump Economics.
      Your crap is old but still stinks.
      Be off w you.
      U got no care.
      No try.

    • WHat a complete LYing sack of do-do you are Eric! First of all since you didn’t want to answer My Koch Question…. Suffice to say you are the same troll Mt Temperance has Banned before.

      Secondly the Motor Voter Bill, gives undocumented drivers the chance to be recognized, legal for driving, and banking purposes, buying car insurance making everyone safer on the road…. which actually gives AMericans more jobs in the retail sector.

      The licences are clearly different and cannot be used for voting Compared to real Citizens

      So no illegals couldn’t vote in 2013 or Nov 2016. Not now! Not ever! Like Maverick said Get lost, and stop Your lying, and racebaiting for the Koch brothers here.

  17. Confederate flags and the mentality that goes with them are not uncommon around here.

  18. Wow.
    Using a picture of South Carolina trash to broad brush anyone who voted for Trump — or at least NotHillary. Not a surprise coming from you, Norma.

    And thanks for the MtTemperance clue. I’d always wondered who the anonymous moderator was who’d banned me for a couple months last year — Madam Tolerance herself. Not surprised there, either.

    Hurry up January 20.

    • Ah I’ll take the complement Dave. But Temperance has more patience with A- holes than I do, and a better sense of letting people like you…. Who are paid to misinform stay on, for a while.

      Personally, I would send a lot of commenters like you to re-education library events to get Fox News and Breitbart out of your systems. Someplace that would teach you all better research habits. And teach you all that the Fourth estate is supposed to be more accountable to the public as a Whole, not dumbed down with Propaganda, conspricy theories, and entertainment about the Kardashians.

      • Aw, darn, that’s my mistake. Temperamental posted your guest article. My apologies. Confirmation bias, I guess.

        As for your comment, paid to misinform? Gosh, I wish. I could use the loot.

        How about just a re-education camp? That just shows how tolerant you are of dissent or bubble-pricking. This is a free society, or have you forgotten that part?

        • Yah, but blog owners can have whatever rules they want for their blog. It’s kind of like going to the mall — kind of like private property that let’s the public in if they obey the rules.

          • Oh, I understand that just fine, Ivy, but it’s when the “rules” are selectively, o so selectively enforced, that issues arise.

        • Cowgirls on Vacation Dave and Mister T, is watching the site, as he always has…. I guess that is too hard for a lot of you conservatives to understand….
          Chain of Command?
          Following the Rules?

          I leave my post here as a contributor, but it can only be posted by Cowgirl Or MT T. I do not get to make that decision.

          As for re-education camps? I wouldn’t spend the Money on Housing the likes of you my friend.

          Most good Information and Facts are free at any library. SO is true History About Nazi’s, dictators, and Robber Barrons in America’s past like the Donald Trump’s and RIchard Spencer’s of today.

          The medicine for any kind of stupidity, Ignorance, Propaganda or dumbshittery has always been Real Facts freely distributed….

          BUt in a free society, A Democratic society, people are given the choice to raise their awareness of their surroundings by Information, Which is what Most democrats do.

          Republicans….. Who are too insecure to open a book or proper webpage by themselves after HS Graduation…. They want someone else to do it for them…. and they trust whoever wraps himself in the AMerican Flag and calls them a patriot……They will believe any carpetbagger with a flag pin…. like Kindergartners you have to pin notes onto, when the teacher sends them home.

          Information is about as Important to conservatives as Trump Blowing off Security Updates for the country…. Believing Russians over our CIA.

          So Nope! Nope, No Camp Housing for you! That would be a waste of Taxpayer money.

      • Once again you nailed it in both reply ! Thanks Norma.

  19. Free speach has always been plagued by propagandists. Its up to the reader to develop critical thinking skills and see past the agitprop. As far as “re-education”. It won’t work. Psych studies have confirmed that people make an emotional commitment to a “position”. And when presented with evidence to the contrary, just dismiss it. I think its called “confirmation bias”. But don’t quote me on that.Heh.

  20. Roof wanted to start a race war; Chuck Manson wanted to start a race war; Trump is likely to whether he knows it (or cares) or not.

    • Trump would feel glorified that he was the person to do it. I wish I had never clicked on the link in the Monforton comment. I had no idea there are people who actually believe that the horrors in Aleppo are fake news and all the other posts, the ignorance and hate? I dontr understand why they want people who aren’t ignorant or full of hate to see those posts. It Doesn’t make any sense??? ? What is wrong with those people? Are they even real? Wait, what am I thinking of course those people exist – they all voted for Trump and I still can’t believe there are that many people who are either ignorant, full of hate or both. Now I have proof and I wish I could erase that fact from my mind.

  21. Trump encouraged these assholes. Our Smart-Ass-In-Chief encouraged them every chance he got and even his dismissive, flippant “I condemn them” was a non-starter and meant to be so.

    Here’s the problem with moderate Republicans. They did NOTHING for 40 years as the Neo-Conservatives and Libertarians cut the head off the Republican Party and replaced it with an atheistic “hands off the marketplace”, mean, miserly, and often sadistic policies. Moderates DID NOTHING !!! What’s apparent… the Libertarians and Neo-Conservatives are NOT CONSERVATIVES. Read “Why I am not a conservative” by Hayek. and read Irving Kristol’s Neo-Conservative bible where he denounces conservatism. Ayn Rand was an atheist who considered ‘selfishness’ a noble lifestyle – since she passed… her disciples and the Neo-Liberals and Libertarians have constructed an altar to greed, and placed it at the center of the GOP cathedral where moderates Republicans hold their silence and bow their heads in assent… all definitions of “Duty” are perverted beyond recognition in today’s Republican Party – and Montana may be the best of the blighted crop – it still went for Trump. Shame.

  22. Took a long time to get to it.
    Yes he continually encouraged them.
    And he also continuously encouraged climate agitators,
    While he drew on the strength of far right anarchists.
    While favored by some organized religions coveting SCOTUS.
    He’s a real pluralistic. A populist with many groups.
    He’s becoming the President without precedent.
    He deserves resistance on many different fronts and sides.

  23. I know how a Democrat could win the upcoming electon for the House Seat. Don’t run against your opponent. Run against Nancy Pelosi. Run moderate. Run to overthrow the nutball left AND the nutball right and vow to bring common sense to Congress. Align with those 63 other dems who want a new party and voted against her. Run for the future and take the common sense Montana has (see vote for Bullock) from the middle to DC and say your total purpose is to be a thorn in her side until something vhanges. If the Republican put a nut up, all the better as the candidate will clearly be from the middle. What do we have to lose. And these things NEED to be Done.

    • That sounds to me like it could work. Also add running against money controlling the political process, which I think drives a lot of the craziness.

      What do other people think?

  24. La Times did an Op Ed mentioning COwgirl! LOve it! Calls Spencer the crazy relative we all know we have!

    • Good article from the LA times , I think that Spencer is not crazy ,just does not know right from wrong. His followers are a small group and mostly idiots. Steve Bannon is in the same category , with much more power than Spencer.

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