Spencer’s Parents Both Attended White Nationalist Conference

Guest Commentary by Jeff D. Howell

If you haven’t heard by now, armed Nazis from the midwest are threatening to march on the town of Whitefish, unless (wait for it) local human rights activists apologize to a local Nazi’s mother.

Richard Spencer, a Whitefish part-time resident and leading American racist and Neo-Nazi, rose to prominence last month when he called (in German) for a “hail Trump” Nazi salute at a gathering of his racist group, the National Policy Institute, in Washington DC.  The video was all over the news. Spencer generally tries to keep a low profile in Whitefish but the Hail Trump incident caused a group of Whitefish activists to denounce Spencer’s behavior with a public demonstration.  Spencer’s parents, particularly his mother who lives in Whitefish and has commercial real estate, then started feeling some heat. So in a letter to the editor of the local paper, his mother Sherry claimed victimhood, lamenting that her real estate business is suffering as a result of her son’s behavior.  She said some businesses that rent from her are considering leaving, fearing consumer boycotts.

The Daily Stormer picked it up from there.  This is the leading American Nazi website, and it printed photos, names and addresses of the jews among the pro-tolerance demonstrators in Whitefish, superimposing the images next to ovens at Auschwitz and Nazi yellow stars, and telling the site’s readership to “take action against these jews.” The caption under a photo of one of the women reads “kike slut” and there is a photo of her young child, too. Now they are talking about an armed march, but have declared a willingness to call it off as long as Spencer’s mother can be assured of continuing business.

In her letter to the public begging to be decoupled from her son, Spencer said that “she does not share her son’s extremist positions.”

Let’s look at a few things.  First, none of the activists in Whitefish, Jewish or otherwise, has ever made any attempt to get Spencer or his mother to leave town, nor has anyone boycotted them. The Spencers have lived in the town a long time and have been left alone, despite what Richard is involved in.  The only activism against them as been against Richard Spencer by a group called Love Lives Here which made a small demonstration against him, setting off the whole donnybrook.  They are calling for tolerance and are denouncing what he stands for.  They made no issue of his mother at all.  Those activists have done similar things for decades whenever white supremacy has reared its head in the Flathead Valley, and in doing so have helped Whitefish keep its good name as a place to live and visit.  Whitefish should be glad for it.

And don’t buy Sherry Spencer’s crocodile tears.   She is asking for pity for having come to be perceived as connected to her son’s racist activity.  But that’s because her hands are far from clean.   She has for many years housed the headquarters of the National Policy Institute, her son’s white supremacist group, at her home, and still does.   Her home address is listed as the group’s headquarters and her live-at-home son did many radio broadcasts from that house.  She is also in business with her son, very recently having partnered with him to build commercial real estate.

Worse, Mrs. Spencer has attended at least one White Nationalist conference (and probably more, if I had to guess) with Richard and her husband Rand Spencer, an eye surgeon from Texas.  They attended not as chaperones but as active participants.  She was at the Mencken Club Conference,  a White Nationalist gathering, and here are the photos if Richard and his parents Sherry and Rand Spencer at that event with all of them proudly displaying their conference badges.  This is a conference at which Richard Spencer has spoken.  These photos were caught before Mrs. Spencer quickly deactivated her Facebook account after the Hail Trump incident involving her son.  Who knows what else she used to post.

So while Mr. and Mrs. Spencer try to act as if they should be pitied for having given birth to a bad seed with whom they make no common cause, it turns out that they apparently share their son’s political ideas and patronize the same causes and groups, and have only considered pulling away from it since it has become bad for Mrs. Spencer’s business.

She has a right to hold these beliefs, as well as a right to hold them and live in Whitefish.  But the businesses that rent from her have the right to decide whom to rent from and if they don’t like their landlord, and choose to rent elsewhere, that’s their choice.  Should they be boycotted? No, nor have they been, nor, as best I can tell, had Love Lives Here ever even planned one or discussed one.

Finally, Sherry Spencer’s emails with certain community members in Whitefish ended up in the possession Daily Stormer, resulting in the awful slurs and threats and the publishing of the woman’s photo and her son too. How?  Did she give them to this Nazi site? Did her son or her husband transmit them as intermediary? If any of these things happened–in other words, if she is purposely communicating with a Nazi website either directly or indirectly–then this would change everything, and she could no longer be even vaguely excused.  Right now, all we know is that the Daily Interlake appears to have pulled down her “letter to the community” in which she argued that she has no association with her son or his politics or his extremist positions.  It’s unclear why the Interlake did this, but I believe it’s partly because the photos of her at the Mencken conference have only just surfaced in the last few days.  The Interlake may be starting to realize that it got taken for a ride.

Jeff Howell  is a freelance writer and Cowgirl contributor.


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  1. If you want to dig the dirt on someone who had a website and then tried to bury it, this is the place to look.https://archive.org/web/

  2. Funny, no mention of the possible strong arm, even extortionist, tactics that Sherry Spencer alleged the realtor, Tanya Gersh employed. https://medium.com/@recnepss/does-love-really-live-here-fff159563ba3#.xc77x9lmm Has Tanya Gersh ever responded with a firm denial to Spencer’s story or clarified the emails from Gersh to Spencer in context of the phone call?

    • Funny no proof of “POSSIBLE strong arm tactics or extortion. Racism doesn’t deserve any apologies for any reason! Those days are long gone. There can’t be any political correctness giving room for racists and certifiable bigots look what tnjat got us – a pussy grabbing sociopath for POTUs. I think think every square inch of the Spencer family properties should be boycotted including thosewho rent from them It can’t be tolerated period and I am plastering every article about this so visitors get the message about what is being tolerated in Whitefish.

      • Hating the Idea of Bigotry, and racism is not political correctness. It is part and parcel of the golden RUle of Morality written in every religious book from any major religion…..

        Something these whiny little racists hate, and most sane people use daily.

        Hate is taught, and Usually it is taught by parents that hate also.

        This post seems pretty correct as well. And after doing some light research on the Daily stormer seems like another father and son hatefest as well. ANyone who attaches themselves to that particular website is as probably as big a child rapist as the editor and chief is.

        So I will be donating against asshole like the skinheads every minute those whiny little bIGOTS ARE in Whitefish.

        • ..which reminds me Norma thanks for the heads up about the Montana Human Rights Network. I gifted my Faux News channel loving dad and Stepmother who live in Alabama honorary donations to MHRN for Christmas. Incidentally, before I was married I was known as Robin Sessions.

  3. The Daily InterLake launched a redesigned website last week. The redesign may be the reason the link to Sherry Spencer’s letter takes one to a page with the numeral 1 and nothing else. I’m sure Mr. Howell will come into possession of the letter and find a way to make it available online.

  4. The love of money can do strange things to people. BUT then it sure helps to further their cause.

  5. ACtually, Jeff, it appears that there was a Facebook discussion with the number of posts in double digits about a demonstration. You should follow Craig’s link.
    While the Stormers crossed the line, it is clear that the other side stomped on some ethical boundaries as well.

    • How so? Trolling is trolling. If you step into the arena and complain about the rules, who’s to blame? Apparently the whole “lets have a march with guns” was just a troll. I seriously doubt that anyone will ever bother to show up when its so much easier to type furiously into a laptop.

      • Like I suggested, follow Craig’s link and you will see PART of the exchange between a real estate agent/activist and our anti-hero’s mother. So many things wrong there, no wonder the files have been disappeared.
        As for der trullschturmers, yeah, that’s kind of the truth….it’s a virtual movement, about as scary as cyberbullying.

        • Link followed. If any of it can be proven true, then theres a case for lawyers to make money off of. Drumphs nominees are the Next Big Thing so this should become part of cyber-history soon.

  6. As I said, nobody should be boycotting businesses that rent from Ms Spencer. But this woman and her husband clearly are lying when they act like they have no part of Spencer’s political activity. His mother is active with him.

    • Other than attending the conference do you have any proof that the Spencer’s are active in his movement? As to the conference did it occur to you that parents, at times, appease their offspring’s urgings just so they can take away the argument that they can’t judge the offspring unless they have experienced a common event? An event that may have repelled the parents even further as per the public denouncements of Mrs. Spencer.

      As to the people like Robin, noble cause corruption and the ends justify the means just doesn’t help. From all that I have read, Gersh initiated communication with Sherry Spencer over selling the property. Why? What incentives or persuasions did Gersh toss on the fire to encourage Spencer to sell while Gersh perform compensated broker services? Would any of this be happening if not but for these communications?

      • Well, Sherry Spencer remove here entire Facebook history upon the blowup. You should consider why that is. And as to Ms. Gersh’s motives or behavior, I don’t know. But you should consider an interesting thing. That while Ms. Gersh’s emails are published, Sherry Spencer’s emails to her, in the same conversation, are entirely omitted from the string that was published.

        • Since you readily admit that you don’t know key facts, perhaps it would be wise to walk back the inflammatory rhetoric and defamatory accusations until more is learned.

          • Really Craig? The writer of this Piece has as all the information in links at his site and you haven’t looked at it yet?

            Looks like the only person who has got this wrong is you!

            • Craig is spot on… this entire article looks like it was written by LLH. I live in Whitefish and know many of the people involved which I believe helps when putting the pieces of the puzzle together. What Tanya Gersh did was nothing short of an old school shakedown in a lame effort to look like some sort of hero. The boneheaded neo-Nazis never would have threatened to come to Whitefish if she’d had kept her mouth shut and let LLH do their thing. I damn sure don’t agree with Spencer on anything and at the same time think LLH is a joke. As far as the meeting the Spencers attended with their son it was 6 or 7 years ago. Did it ever occur to you that this exposure was what caused the Spencers to realize their son was a bit scoop-shoobied in the head? You mention Sherry Spencer deleted part of her facebook history but fail to mention that Tanya Gersh’s real estate broker completely removed her from their website while she went into hiding.

      • The community is aware of the familial alliance the Spencers have with the National Policy Institute. Income and business inspires and funds the Spencers residence in Whitefish. The income from rents and other commerce helps to fund their existence in Whitefish which implies that the community accepts their existence and therefore their behavior. Racism doesn’t recognize the intentions of it’s supporters, it exists because it is allowed to exist. It exists because the actions that allow it to exist are rewarded and it will continue to exist until it is no longer rewarded whether monetarily, philosophically, structurally, or physically. The Spencers provided the structural, monetary and physical conditions to allow racism to exist. The people who rented from the Spencers provide money to the Spencers although they may not philosophically support racism. There is no nobel cause corruption -it is the science of classical conditioning. Jeff’s essay did not inspire me to boycott the businesses that rent from the Spencer’s nor did it prove or disprove any extortion attempt by Gersh which actually would be nobel cause corruption depending on the philosophy of Gersh. I have no idea what is in the minds of the parties involved, I only know that the money received by the Spencers help to fund their existence, that the Spencers have attended functions held by a racist organization, that they have sheltered a man who leads that organization and that organization promotes not only racism but it’s very own brand of American racism which requires all but those of a certain European descent to be expelled or extinguished from this country (apparently, Spencer neglected the Moors in his studies of Europe’s evolution of racial purity). The goal to reduce racism requires that it is not rewarded at any point along its path so there will be collateral damage. In this case this is not noble cause corruption. There is no corruption in not rewarding a party to participate in racism.

    • Why should we not boycott businesses that rent from Ms Spencer? Is is criminal to not condone the support of racism? What alternative exists to compel them not to give money to supporters of racism? Do you condemn those you boycott ivory because it is the product of destroying animals and ecosystems and often torture and murder of humans who object or by chance are in the way?

  7. The local human rights activists SHOULD publicly apologize and end this, they should buy space in all the papers and say “We are so sorry…that your family are all horrible racist-fascist-Nazis and a disgrace to everything America stands for.” That apology should end it and all will be happy!

  8. Why can’t these people go back to the hole they came from! Give me a break, am sick of them and their anti this and anti that rhetoric. Go live in a damned cave and live your lives the way you see fit and don’t associate with the rest of humanity!

  9. Andrew Anglin, founder of the notorious neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, told his audience that Heidi Cruz, wife of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, “should be in prison or execute [sic] for high treason.”

    The threat, which may be illegal under federal law, is completely unsurprising from the neo-Nazi cesspool, which has hosted such voices as Dylann Storm Roof, the alleged Charleston shooter who killed nine African-Americans at the Mother Emanuel AME church last summer.

    Under 18 U.S. Code § 1879 – Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons, “whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.” Advocating for the execution of Heidi Cruz certainly seems to fall under such a provision.


    Wonder why a person consistently hides outside of U.S. jurisdiction? Traveling overseas to engage in sex with minors is a federal felony.

    Andrew, Spencer’s biggest admirer, the owner of the Daily Stormer is a pedophilist. and Richard Spencer doesn’t deny this?

    So does this mean the people commenting here for this skinheaded bigots protest, dont deny it either. I mean I thought these GOP voices were all for Family Values. So Andrew Anglin id your Idea of FAmily Values Craig? What about you Dave Skinner does this guy represent you?

  10. Sorry, I do not think that freedom of speech includes the right to hold beliefs such as this any more than it includes the right to yell FIRE! in a crowded theater in hopes of causing a stampede or just for fun to see what might happen. Our Constitution may say a person has the right to utter or publish whatever they desire, but they have to be ready for the consequences. Libel and slander take care of defamation of private character, but an ignorant assault on the public order and threat to other individuals implied by that utterance is NOT PROTECTED SPEECH in my book in the USA. If people open up businesses and expect exemption from retribution for their ugly and unconstitutional beliefs, that is just unrealistic. Once you bring your business out of your house onto the public ways, you must conform to the rules that the public has set. People have the right to protest your presence and even drive you out of business if you do not relent and apologize for your transgression on the common good. That is not authoritarian it is just what it takes to be part of a civil society and a caring community.

    • Exactly and well put!

    • I hope this is just a failed attempt at satire.

      • James you dont think when someone puts himself in the limelight… that person isn’t scrutinized more? when they back bad Ideas and policies they are not subject to review, criticism, and questioning?

        There are laws that squarely attack these people thinking, and then putting bad Ideas in practice? shouldn’t there be Consequences?

        Sophie Scholl:

        “The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves—or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.”

        • Norma, Schnert’s comment asserts there are “unconstitutional beliefs.” Your comment comes close to echoing Schnert’s. That’s nonsense. All beliefs and thoughts are constitutional and lawful.

      • The real satire is contributor Jefferson Davis Howell linking to a photo album by blogger Robert E. Lee.

  11. I am speaking constitutionally.

    Maybe you need to bone up…. Specifically the first amendment. The First Amendment protects us from the government, it does not apply to relations between private persons. Second, the First Amendment, like all individual rights in the Constitution, is not absolute. And lastly, freedom of speech has its costs.

    Maybe Rocky Sehnert comments are above your understanding of what free speech entails. If we are talking a marketplace of ideas (ie freedom of speech)…. His opinion is just as important as yours. if hateful ideas are communicated by the likes of Spencer and Anglin, the theory is (hope?) that counter-speech like Rocky’s will emerge to rebut it and to fight it. In other words, more speech rather than less is the remedy. More vocal Protests, is better and possibly the cure.

    Liberals have been letting these bigoted jackasses run amok without the proper degree of counter-speech and protest for years now…. And to me Ignoring the obvious hate doesn’t work.

    Sure we can all decide to just ignore them again…. hang out in our warm houses, but if these buffoons show up…. They will consider their march a victory. They will look at us as cowardly not the intelligent Folk that dismiss them to some science-fiction obscurity, and they will just get bolder the next time out…. We have done nothing for years and it just isn’t working. Some poor sap one day is gonna get shot, just because he had to go to town to buy groceries at the same time these asshats march for hate.

    It is time to counter in Numbers, it is time to counter in speech, it is time to edify and scorn the fools. They need to see we won’t Idly stand by and take their nonsense anymore.

    I believe we should troll the trolls

    And all though rough , even obscene speech is protected, there are some people who like threatening to kill, maim, or hurt someone. That kind of speech is a crime. that is something we can hammer about.

    But again, this isn’t because it’s hate speech, it’s because it’s illegal to make true threats and incite imminent crimes against anyone and any business and for any reason… and that’s the problem with Spencer and Anglin and his bunch of skinheads isn’t it? That possibility is out there, and we should be ready for it. And if we do nothing but act like elite democratic know-it-alls, we should be ready to take some blame for not being there should shit roll down hill in Whitefish, and it well.

    Spencer and Anglin are inciting the stupid to do the illegal next step in their stead, shouldn’t we speak out to that?

    Rocky has a right to say what he feels because he sees it for what it is, threatening, vulgar language, which might be acted on at any time by someone as unstable as Dylan Roof who read the Daily storm like the Daily morning paper.

    I happen to agree with Rocky, we need to be mindful, we need to grow a spine and be ready to protect our LIberal, religious freedom minded, communities.

    You would protect your loved ones, from wild animals that threaten to harm them wouldn’t you? Thats considered love as well!

    • An incoherent diatribe, Norma.

      • I believe some Liberals need to stop living in bubbles, James.

        • I see James is responding to your nonsense with the eloquent silence it deserves.

          • Rich coming from a spencer kind of lobbyist?

            • IMHO Richard Spencer and his ilk are pissants not worthy of attention. I have written as much elsewhere. Your tar brushing attempts are laughable.

              However, if you are calling James Conner a Spencer lobbyist, you are quite beyond shame. The topic here is about R Spencer’s parents. It appears you are merely squeezing off air biscuits to support your delusions of self importance.

      • James, I inquire about “incoherent diatribe.”
        Perhaps you mean in your opinion, the Comment is an “incoherent diatribe.”
        Perhaps you meant what you said.
        But if so you diminish a bit your trustworthiness
        to use accurate labels inside of coherent statement.
        In fact there is a coherent body of seven linked thematic paragraphs in the body of Norma’s comment.

        No prolonged bitterness in her Comment.
        More like a call to action to like minded people.
        More properly, her Comment is an exhortation form of speach.

        To me the Nazi’s spoke of marching. It’s cool if Norma exhorts people to consider action.

        to me, Rocky and Will Randall moved the discourse forward.

        imo ONLY todays newspapers have moved discourse about Putins’ hacking operation way, way forward.

      • Incoherent diatribe? Norma’s message was loud and clear to me.

  12. Move Israel to Flathead County and make Bibi run for commissioner.

  13. The only “demonstration” Love Lives Here ever had concerning Spencer was voicing our opinions at Whitefish City Council meetings over two years ago. We actively tried to shut down efforts in the last couple of months to protest or boycott the building that were being talked about by other community members. We did not agree with the strategy as it would only harm innocent tenants. I will remind everyone that protests and boycotts are protected rights and that rumors of such actions should not lead to death threats or the destruction of someone’s career.

  14. and you’re absolutely right Will, protesting against the Building was a bad Idea. Depot park was a perfect place to exchange Ideas yesterday.

    • Now I am really confused. I understood a boycott is to refuse to buy goods or services at or from the designated business. How did this lead to death threats or destruction?

      • Not all people associated with this realtor building are the spencer antagonists.

        Anglin, Spencers fan boy, writes crap like this and some of hi commentators go even further rallying for violence

        “we here at the Daily Stormer are making the extremely reasonable demand that Montana ban Jews.There is absolutely no logical or even close to logical reason for allowing Jews in a city, state or nation. In fact, there is no real reason to allow Jews on the planet earth.”

        “If the Jews of Love Lives Here and The Montana Human Rights Network get a chance, they’re going to do to the people of Montana the same thing the Jews of Israel are doing to the Palestinians: slaughter them like dogs!”

        His website says they will be coming with Loaded machine guns, and the rest might carry swords or Baseball bats.

        So to me it is not a stretch to believe his participants might be planning violence.

        So there is your threats of violence!

  15. Jimmy Conner should pick on someone his own size…like Chris Christie.

    • Heh. Fat jokes. Next up: yo’ momma!

      • Jim Conner is a bully, a hater, and an oaf who can’t tolerate dissent.

        • Larry, I see no evidence of those three allegations.
          So I have to inquire, about how long you been down on James Conners and missing the stream of quality at Flathead Memo?
          Or is it just some of his Comments here at Cowgirl?
          What crazy damn times. Here we are talking old fried potatoes little stuff when our Montana Legislature walks along a cliff. And the new Administration walks backward into history.
          The more deadly subjects are in DC the more twiddle twaddle babbles from some commentators.
          The more the GOP prevaricates about Health Care
          the more acted out ad hominem attacks at Cowgirl.
          Somebody Guest Column a scoop, satire or insightful, edifying gossip.

        • Dissent? I’m pretty sure Preznit Baby Hands is gonna outlaw that soon.Next up, something for you to enjoy.http://www.democraticunderground.com/10028457810

        • Tone it down LK. FIRST WARNING!

  16. For the record, I will not be attending any racist or nationalist events with either of my sons. I love them, but there is a line. If it comes up, I will knit them socks or some such thing to show my affection. Maybe, but probably not, feed their pets while they are away heiling Hitler.
    Disclaimer: I say this to make a point. Neither of my sons are bigoty bigots.

  17. Responding to the original post: This event was kicked off by Sherry Spencer’s post on Medium that was picked up by the nazi troll army: https://medium.com/@recnepss/does-love-really-live-here-fff159563ba3#.dvlkpjfhr In her post, there’s a link to a scrib.d archive of emails from/to Mrs. Gersh. https://www.scribd.com/document/334219220/Emails If you take the time to go though those emails, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anything threatening in them. I came away from reading the source material with a lot more sympathy for Mrs. Gersh.

    I came away from the rally in Whitefish on Saturday more heartened. I watched an “open-carry” militia guy (I knew he was militia because he had a vest on that said something like “Montana Militia” on his back. He seemed calm, but was carrying a leg-strapped semi-auto. The reason I noticed him was that I noticed a group of three scruffily undersdressed middle-aged men with bulges in odd places staring at him and talking to each other. Then, when he started to walk away, those three nonchalantly followed, and I noticed two other guys about 20 yards away move out of his path, then walk further up the street so that mr militia guy was boxed in pretty well. I was kinda slick, but not particularly subtle.

    I had the opportunity to speak with Chief Dial who I think is handling this very well. He’s on the pointy end of the stick when it comes to allowing people to express their First Amendment rights, and at the same time, is on the hook to protect public safety. It felt to me like he was doing an excellent, low-key job and achieving that balance. I found a piece from MT public radio the other day, and thought I’d include part of it here: “But Whitefish Chief of Police Bill Dial says the city hasn’t received any of the paperwork necessary to hold a legal march. Dial addressed the weekly Glacier Country Pachyderm Club meeting in Kalispell Friday.

    “Realistically, could something happen? Yes. But is it going to happen? Probably not,” Dial said.

    Dial confirmed his department has been closely monitoring the situation, and is cooperating with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.

    He said they have several plans in place to ensure the safety of Whitefish citizens, for example, setting restrictions like no loaded weapons, asking the march organizers for the names and date of birth of participants to vet demonstrators in advance and arresting any convicted felons for possessing a firearm, which is illegal.

    “If they come, if they’re going to protest in our city, I want them to understand they’re going to do it our way, or we’re going to kick their ass,” Dial told the club.

    He said if the march does occur, he urges people to stay home, ignore the demonstrators and know that law enforcement has “a good handle on it.”

    I don’t know if I’m going to stay home next week, but I’m definitely not going to be in the Chief’s way.

  18. Speaking of Spencer it looks like his murder of goose stepping crows have been shooed off for now. Jimmy Conner and Flathead County can go back to pretending it’s not inhabited by a bunch of white people from California fleeing cultural diversity for a little while longer.

  19. Who knows what the neo-natzi party is up to, but the conspiracies in my head start forming when I read the above quote from their newspaper the Daily Stormer that claims Jews (and supporters of Jews), if allowed to live in Montana, will eventually turn Montana into a Palistinian type state. WTF. Correlation?

    Why this bugs me. I see the lengths that the Isrealis go in order to sway public opinion their way. For example, anyone who supports BDS online gets a label of “anti-Semite” .

    Would bibi go so far as to establish a movement against him, but by such despised people (like neo-natzis) that it actually bolsters public support for the conservative Isreali agenda.

    Yes crazy, any crazier than a 240 lb man child / professional bully running our country?

    Seems like you have to see-through the miss-miss-information these days. Like Trump, half the shit coming out of his mouth is in no way the truth or what trump believes. But he sure has a bunch of you thinking he does.

    Someday we find out bibi is trumps superior while spencer licks trumps boots. Just a bunch of racists.

    Surprise, lots of old money hiding in little whitefish. Old money breeds racist behavior, just how things work in Merica.

  20. Apparently the Breitbart Bunch are Broke.http://www.democraticunderground.com/10141663348

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