Last Chance Power Drive

Readers of this site may have noted a conspicuous absence of content from this author since shortly after the elections. In part, this (perhaps welcome) silence has been a product of an effort to maximize holiday time with family; however, it must be admitted that a bout of mild situational depression and a nagging sense of futility have combined to cripple my efforts to be in any way articulate about the current state of the world.

To complicate matters, the interwebs are stuffed so full of opinion blogs and dripping with all manner of rage and disbelief about such audacious tweeting, it is hard to find room for an original thought…let alone to have one. This essay may be no exception. Nonetheless, when this little factoid came to my attention, it was a statement too perfect to not share: a Bruce Springsteen tribute act, The B Street Band, will be playing President Trump’s inauguration.

I mean…come on! Am I right? Not only is this a knock-off…a cheap imitation of a real rock band…but, it’s sole purpose is to pay tribute to a man who is the literal antithesis of Donald Trump. Maybe its just me, but the hilarity content of this irony is intoxicating.

You can almost hear the planning committee: “This is a great idea! People Who love both Springsteen and Trump will be reminded that one thinks they’re short-sighted fools, and the other can really only deliver a bargain basement counterfeit; a hollow fraud, masquerading as a kept promise.”

What about the people who think celebrities have no business weighing in on politics? “No problem. Every song will not only be a glaring, blaring reminder their voice will not be heard over the din of sycophantic back-slapping; it won’t even be sought.”

To The B Street Band, congratulations on the gig. You might want to ask for payment in advance.

UPDATE: According to Rolling Stone, The B Street Band has withdrawn from the inauguration ball. Well played, boys.


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  1. Is it time to go home?

  2. Don’t give up–we appreciate you. I do think in talking to many who feel like I do—we have all been depressed—but we will get stronger–we will fight this crazy place that our country is in right now. We need to organize–we are talking about it locally and hopefully get the word out to others. Hang in there–there are so many that appreciate what you do.

  3. How about a pool for how long Trump will last? Would that help depression by just thinking of his exit date?

  4. The worst thing we can do is to not pay attention. We need to hang in there and speak up.

  5. Glad you’re posting again.

  6. Eight days until the Fourth Reich takes over

  7. It will be fun helping to bring down the Orange (? Golden) Mussolini — leader of Pussygrabistan — and restore America. Or die trying? Keep up the good work.

  8. It is all such a spectacle, meant to unseat the normal, replace it with farce, grab all the power and run! These are spectacular times that require a firm focus. You help me focus Cowgirl! Thanks for engaging.

    • I noticed the meat puppets on RT keep referring to the “Trump Rein” when talking about him, as in “the 1st week of Trump’s Rein was #ATU and left world leaders asking #WTF?”

  9. I know How you feel. I also have felt a great loss. I feel as if I have lost my best friend. A country that was full of hope and promise and opportunity for all. I have never thought of myself as anything less than an American. My ethnicity has roots in the Americas with a majority of European blood. Yet there are some people in this country who want to obliterate me or feel superior to my race. People like the Spencers of Whitefish make me want to gag but I will not let them frighten me because I see them as needing me more than I need them..So Continue writing. I enjoy reading your blog and all that you say..

  10. The British love to gamble and they are now taking bets on how long Trump lasts in office. Sadly, I know Republicans wouldn’t impeach him even if he gave Putin a blow job on live TV.

  11. Don’t get your hopes up too soon, Amorette: Took 18 years to put Kevin Trudeau away, guaranteeing Trump a second term. Combine Trudeau with Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Tim Blikseth, Bobby Knievel, Charlie Manson, and the Lafferty bros. Viola; Trump. What could possibly go wrong?? Started on your fallout shelter yet??

  12. I get the irony of a fake band playing at the inauguration of a fake Cheet-O, but I think you’re too harsh on the tribute band concept. Many (most?) of them put out a good product, and I’d argue that some are better live than the originals (especially when compared to the original studio products). Also, I respect the dedication it takes to produce a viable shadow. Finally, you gotta love some of the names (Lez Zeppelin and Cheaper Trick being two of my personal favorites).
    We can only hope the Cheeze-Puff-in-Chief turns out to be a something resembling an original leader.

  13. Yeah,nobody thougght fascism could happen here. But here it is; the logical endpoint of capitalism writ large. So whats to do? Fight back, hold the cowardly dems like Tester who just voted for NOT lowering prescription drug prices. Its time to kick ass and take names.

  14. Good to hear from you again. I didn’t really miss you as I watched no news and read no political blogs for six weeks. Just couldn’t go there, disappointed by predictions, needing to take a break Maybe it will be fun to get back in by watching The B band and enjoying their awfulness beside the real thing.

  15. You broke some good news stories, Cowgirl. I hope that doesn’t go away. In these tumultuous times, we need as much info as we can get (especially since Republicans are advancing all sorts of bills to block transparency — Montana SB 87, for example).

  16. Hey Cowgirl,
    No time like the present to sharpen your spurs, and ride/write with abandon.

    R’s drenched in giddiness,
    think they have it all.
    Quaffing toxic hubris,
    Yep, pride before the fall.

    Life’s not a mystery,
    realizing no one,
    outruns history.

    Trumpty Dumpty screamed for a wall.
    Trumpty Dumpty will have a great fall.
    All Republicans, and misogynist men,
    couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

    More importantly, look in the mirror. Look how you, and so many other women in this country have reacted; pessimism, defeat, depression, and futility. This is exactly what they want, for women to stop seeing the bigger picture. 2006 there were 13 female senators, today 21. That is little over a 60% increase in 10 years. At that rate, that means 33 by 2026, and 54 by 2036, the majority.
    No, it’s not a fad, it’s a trend that, with 1.5 million more women entering college than men each year, and that same number more women graduating, is going to roll this country in ways few can see today. I see it, applaud it, promote it, and wrote/write about it.
    Wanna neutralize flaccid Republican boys?
    Keep making noise!

    John Marshall

  17. Heres a poem thats circulated on the interwebs about the angst a lot of progressives are feeling nowadays.

  18. This must be how people felt when they realized ISIS was marching on their town.

  19. Oops, the B Street Band changed their minds. It’s looking more and more like karaoke.

  20. Wanted: MTCowgirl
    1) Loyalty
    2) Honorable support
    3) Preserve credible voice(s)
    4) Widely Listened to – Taken seriously – Consequential

  21. It’s six o’clock. What have you all done today to fight fascism besides whine on a blog? Just a hint. That’s not fighting back, nor is it effective. Next thing you know you’ll be giving yourself an award for best comment of the day. Just a thought.

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