Under New Management


2016 is over and thank goodness for that, but for better or worse, the Brave New World of 2017 is here.

With a new year we all get a chance at rebirth, rejuvenation and a fresh start. So, it is with that spirit that I let you know that I will be one of the new voices of the Montana Cowgirl blog. The old administrators are no longer around so I stepped up. The name of the blog will not change, though you will note that posts from the administration of this blog will be under the name, Montana Cowboy, no longer are the original creators of this blog associated with it anymore.

It is a time to start doing the hard, important work of holding those who govern us accountable. Montana values must come first. That is why I am here and that is why I need you. I wish I was an insider so this would be easier, but that’s why I need you the readers out there to submit your tips with quality information.

Please help and submit tips to mntnacowboy@gmail.com

I will be trying to figure out this newfangled system so please forgive me as I work out the wrinkles. I cannot replace those who were before me. I merely hope to amplify your voices and your insight. Let me know what’s going on out there and I’ll post about it. In 2017 we all have a responsibility to be engaged and really make sure we hold our state and country to the standards we demand.

Thanks in advance and don’t forget to help your neighbor. It’s how we’ll survive this long Montana winter.


Montana Cowboy



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  1. OK. Well I would suggest that you start by allowing everyone to post. But censoring those that you disagree with, you will NOT be a cowboy, but simply another gelding. And believe me that is not what the progressives in this state need.

    BTW. Cowgirl did an exceptional job. She is a true Montana hero in my book. Hopefully, you will have at least half the oysters that that lady had. I’ll miss her.

  2. Oh no, say it’s not so! I will miss the Cowgirl. She did a great job and always had me coming back for more.

  3. Thanks for stepping up and speaking out!

  4. Big shoes to fill – go for it bro.

  5. I know that doing something like this is draining and time consuming. Thanks for stepping up. The blog was getting stale and using too many “guests.” In these difficult times, progressives need all the voice we can muster. If there is anything the rest of us can do to lighten the load, please ask.

  6. Are you actually a cowboy? Have you moved cattle or branded calves?

  7. Hey there, Cowboy! I had a feeling whoever Cowgirl was might be getting burned out. I know how that goes! Thanks for stopping up!!! For your first story, how about letting everyone know where all the marches are this Saturday. I’ll be at the one in Helena. Are there others or are we concentrating just in Helena? Is there a place people can donate for food for the marches? I heard they expect 2500+ in Helena. I know folks who will be marching in D.C., and others in Sandpoint, ID, Spokane, and Seattle, but don’t know if any in Montana except Helena.

  8. Looking forward to some fresh insights in Montana, but it looks as if liberals are definitely ‘out’! Can we get anything but cuts to programs that millionaires don’t care about like healthcare and schools?
    We are overrun with whacky! Marches may stir down spirits, but are only cheers in the dark, I’m afraid. Repuglicants are so giddy with power that they will hold no one accountable.

  9. At a time when all seems bad for progressives, it is good to grasp the things we know for sure. Here are a few that might help:
    No one has more respect for women than Donald Trump.
    There might be a God.
    The far end of what we know is at least 13.7 billion light years away, so bad news from there will be delayed.
    Finally, the party in power usually does badly in midterm elections.
    I hope some of you will find solace in this.

  10. Congratulations! Thanks for taking this on. Lots of opportunity for you here to make the difference we all need.

  11. Good luck Sir. I will miss Cowgirl very much and hope you will be as successful in keeping Montana informed, entertained, the honest.

  12. Thanks so much to the Cowgirl, I really have enjoyed her blog. Good luck to you Cowboy, I am looking forward to your upcoming posts. Go get ’em cowbow!

  13. The Cowgirl is a tough act to follow: best of luck!! Hope the surgeries were cheaper than changing the masthead, Kaitlin . . . .

  14. I am so sad to hear the Cowgirl retired or moved her energy to something else. We don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone – or at least we don’t express our appreciation loudly enough. Thanks for all you kept us up on, Cowgirl!!! Here’s hoping the contributors still contribute, and others step up, like you, Cowboy. We need the Montana political news to be spread, accurately and on the cutting edge. Thanks!

  15. I have long relied on Montana Cowgirl for information, understanding, discussion. Best wishes for keeping a relevant, motivating blog. Thanks for stepping up–tell us what you need before it is too late to help.

  16. Thank you Cowgirl for the battles you took on, your effort on behalf of public lands and the disinfranchised was heartfelt, very real & a class act.
    Again Thank you and good luck in your new endeavors!

  17. Dear Cowgirl: Thanks for all the fish.
    Good luck Cowboy.

  18. I’ll reserve judgement for now. Lets See What Happens. Heh.

  19. Thank you cowgirl. Good luck with whatever comes next.

  20. Two questions. Is there a reason that we do not know who you are? Or am I just not looking in the correct place? And, how can this be call Montana Cowgirl Blog, when the person driving the herd is a guy? Should that matter… yea, a little

  21. Adios Cowgirl and welcome and well met pard, pull that cinch tight ‘cuz it’s gonna be a heckuva ride!

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