Graduation Rates Don’t Matter to Elsie Arnzten

The person who was somehow elected as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in November with little or no name recognition, knowledge of the position, or support from really anyone has decided to eliminate an immensely successful program from the OPI website and has disappeared it in talking points as well.

Graduation matters was a program that our beloved Denise Juneau started in 2009 and raised the graduation rate of Montana high schools from 80% to 86% in just 6 short years. So, obviously in this bizarre Donald Trump is President world we live in this program was cut? Nothing seems to make sense anymore. Up is down, left is right, the Russians are good. Who knows.

How did this happen?

While Greg Gianforte flooded the airwaves with his ads about airplane costs in New Jersey or whatever his campaign was about, there were actual campaigns for the other four statewide elected offices that ran completely under the radar. OPI is one of those four. Auditor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State being the three others. Republicans swept these offices mostly due to the fact that Gianforte self-funded his own race so the state Republican party could funnel all of its dark money to these other four races spending over a million dollars in mailers for the candidates for these offices.

The cover that Gianforte provided was very effective for these races and the main reason they won. The Montana media is overwhelmed and underfunded. The sexy race was Gianforte’s shit-show that no one could take their eyes off. Everyone wanted to see what the magical number was for buying the Governor’s seat in Montana. Well, Montanans proved, they are not for sale.

Sadly what Greg “Money Bags” Gianforte did purchase was some down-ballot races for candidates that I wouldn’t hire to clean a truck stop along I-90 during chili dog awareness month.

Elsie Arntzen may be the worst, but it’s really hard to say when Matt Rosendale was elected. Matt Rosendale ran for the office of Auditor with the slogan, ‘I’m not Barack Obama.’ As if his frighteningly pale complexion or amazingly confusing accent didn’t prove that his policies of guns, god and no gays probably did.

This post is really just a pressure valve post-election, its rambling, incoherent nature mimics the reality we are currently living in; absurd. May god(or whoever you prefer) have mercy on our souls…Don’t even get me started on Corey Stapleton or Tim Fox.


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  1. Are you really blaming this all on Gianforte. I feel you are missing the fact how the Montana Democratic Party leadership poured all their money and energy into the Bullock race and just ignored these 4 down ballots races. It’s time to face facts the Montanna Democratic Party has leadership problems. Stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for this terrible lost. No doubt Arntzen and Rosendale are right wing wackos that will do a terrible job. But as was pointed out by many bloggers right after primary election the Democratic candidates were in trouble being down by around 30,000 votes. The party’s answer was our base and native American will step up in general. Well that didn’t happen and the party ran poor campaigns for these down ballot candidates. We now have one more chance with congressional opening no doubt happening this week
    The party needs to change direction by just not only reaching out to urban voters but find out why the democrats no long can carry rural areas. If demos don’t pick up some of those 65% that voted Trump this seat may well be in GOP hands for 20 years again

    • On the other hand, its a good thing all that money was directed to Bullock who barely pulled off a win. I’ll take him and Palin Jr. over Gianforte and Romano.

  2. DGF is absolutely spot on. Look, if the Dems can’t win Zinke’s old seat, they are done forever in Montana unless Schweitzer decides to run again.

    Conrad Burns had only about three or four talking points. Yet he kept winning over and over again. He was a master at delivering those points. Now that Trump has introduced honest-to-God fascism to the country, we need a candidate that can take four talking points and hammer those home repeatedly. Easy peazy. It’s the only way.

    What are those four talking points? First, lay off gun control. Stop giving that non-issue to the Republicans. We now have Trump for one reason and one reason alone. Hilary’s stand on gun control. She would have won easily if she’d have kept her mouth shut on that. Australian style? Sheesh. We love guns in Montana. (My apologies to Missoula.)

    Second. The Dem candidate must be forcefully and unequivocally for social security. No negotiating. Period! Fight like hell for it.

    Third. Strongly for Medicaire. No negotiating. Period!

    And lastly, whomp Zinke every chance you get over public lands. Everybody knows that they’re going to try to Bundy us. Let’em try.

    It isn’t rocket science. If the Dems run a strong candidate like Amanda Curtis who bludgeons the Republicans with these four points, she will win easily. She doesn’t need any other ammo. Let the Republicans have God.

    Amanda is young, bright, fearless, and articulate. And she has earned the mantle. It’s time to retire the Pat Williams crowd to the stables. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Larry Jent. You were a great war horse in your day. Thanks for your service.) Allow some new young horses their head. For THEY are the future of the party. Bury the Baucusians for good! And let the headstone read, “We tried to beat the Republicans at their own game, but lost. At what cost.”

    We can do this. Do NOT blow this one, leadership! Like you always do.

  3. A low graduation rate benefits the MIC since they recruit largely from inner cities and rural areas. The children of the rich don’t serve since they can easily afford higher education. The poors in USA fight the wars of aggression for the profit of the fascist ruling class. Oh, and attacking “Russians” is silly since they are usually quite nice. Putin on the other hand, nyet.

  4. Military does not accept non-graduates, do they? But since get your point. Those that can afford to, go to post-HS ed. Those that can’t, serve so they can continue school afterwards.

  5. If you can’t quite place Rosendale’s accent, think Spiro Agnew (Maryland). Amanda for Congress!

  6. Like many of the republicans who dont want their children leaving the state. they would rather keep them dumb and here working minimum jobs at the mini mart. They would rather vote down living wages, and keep them in mom and dads basement. cause they will never be able to buy thier own American Dream.

    College as far as some republicans think, might turn their children into libertards, instead of facing the realization that everything they are told about the world actually does require diversity and raising awareness that corporations and the rich are taking them for a ride.

    Elsie is a symptom of a party gone absolutely wrong, and the DEMs dont have the backbone to counter such nonsense.

    Let us not forget that our own party picked Clinton and stashed her money, thinking we would get a better share of that victory fund. We didn’t. and LAstly Chairman Larson believes in only supporting certain kind of candidates.

    Democrats do yourself a favor and only work with your county democrats. Sending money to the state money, might not help you district. Secondly Go to meetings in your area and demand they only serve your area.

  7. This is the sort of silly hyperbole that reduces your blog’s credibility. OPI removed Graduation Matters from its website. Does that really mean that they don’t think graduation matters?

  8. Welcome to a permanent world of alternative facts & truthiness. Permanent until the Democrat party forsakes super-delegates, Goldman-Sachs, useless tokenism (Steve Ellison), diminished capacity-fixers (Debbie & Donna) on their hypocritical crusade for popular election of President & Vice President. Don’t hold your breath . . . .

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