Democratic Congressional Candidate Forum – 2/1 – Billings

For Immediate Release

Montana State University Billings College Democrats is hosting the 2017 United States Congressional Democratic Town Hall.

BILLINGS, Jan. 25, 2017 – Montana State University Billings (MSU-B) student-led Democratic organization invites students and members of the general public to meet the potential Democratic candidates to replace Representative Ryan Zinke. The public forum event will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at MSU-B in Library Room 148.

Potential candidates who have agreed to participate at this time are:

  • Rep. Amanda Curtis
  • Rep. Kelly McCarthy
  • Mr. John Meyer
  • Rep. Casey Schreiner(Editor’s note, no longer seeking office)
  • Mr. Rob Quist

**Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

MSU-B College Democrats President said, “This spring Montanans will have a special opportunity to elect a new representative to serve as the sole voice of Montana in the U.S. House of Representatives. This makes it extremely important that we as Montanan’s select an individual who will put the interests of Montanans first every time they have the chance. Having an informed electorate will ensure that the right person is selected to be our voice in D.C. Effectively informing the public is the purpose of this event and what makes it such a flagship event not just for Billings but for all of Montana.”

The forum will be moderated and led by MSU Billings students and MSU Billings College Democrats President Cody McCracken and Vice President Amelia D. Marquez. The candidates are only allowed to appear on live video through Skype. Each candidate will be given 20-minutes to answer questions from the general public The questions will be voted upon and approved by the MSU Billings College Democrats before the forum. Each candidate will be given the same set of general questions. The public may send candidate-posed questions to

MSU-B College Democrats meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in MSU Billings Student Union Building in the Missouri meeting room. MSU-B College Democrats is the only college democrat organization in Mont. that is recognized by the College Democrats of the United States. For more information, please visit

Amelia D. Marquez
Vice President of MSU Billings College Democrats
Senator Associated Students of MSU Billings
Student Representative of Dept. of Communication


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  1. As an old party organizer of the 1960’s I applaud this student group for stepping up to give the people of Montana a look at some of these candidates views. So where is the leadership of the Montana State Democratic Party? Hiding in their Helena offices since we’ve heard not a word from leadership since the terrible lost the democratic party suffered in November.

    • I’ve heard quite a bit from the leadership in Helena, DGF. One just has to be involved. It is gearing up for the special election but certainly can’t weigh in on the Democratic candidates at this point. Just like picking favorites before a primary election, it’s bad form for leadership to lean toward any one candidate (at least publicly).

  2. Helena’s in a COMA, wake up to Rural MT!

  3. Edward Scheterlak | January 25, 2017 9:55 PM at 9:55 PM |

    Dinosaur rider Gianforte just declared for the republican nomination. If we are serious about running a progressives candidate with a chance of winning we need to eliminate the wrangling inside the party and get behind Amanda Curtis.The Cowboy has been oh so inclusive about this race, giving equal time to all the hopefuls. It’s time to BE the progressive voice we have come to expect and endorse the only real progressive out there. Enough fence sitting. We don’t have that much time. G-man has all the $$ in the world. The party leadership is in despair. They will dither until hell freezes over and blow the opportunity. Let’s get to work to influence the convention so we can get to work electing Amanda.

    • I’m with you Edward Scheterlak. Amanda Curtis is our candidate. We need to stand her for election immediately and break the gerrymandered republican stranglehold on the US House. Amanda is a Supernova in the Progressive constellation (rising in the east) – at the same time, the twilight of the corrupt politician — is sinking in the west.

      “We’re Burning Daylight !”

      Go Get’m AMANDA ! Make America THINK AGAIN !

  4. Publius II said “Russians are proud, stoic folks, cursed by HORRIBLE leadership, from…”
    They are cursed by tyranny for sure, but I wouldn’t call such tyranny ‘leadership.’ It’s more like captivity. Such a waste of human potential. We mustn’t go down that path. Resist in every possible, peaceful (if angry) way. Pay attention.

  5. Interesting for the party of super-delegates, Goldman-Sachs, Debbie & Donna whine about the compromised democracy of the electoral college . . .

  6. Please run Amanda Curtis !

  7. Second the motion for Amanda!

  8. Everyone, the party leadership will decide who gets to run for this seat, so it’s important for you to contact the party leaders in your county to let them know whom you support. Here’s a list of the chairs and co-chairs for the counties, with links to their emails:

    Committeeman and committeewoman also have a vote.

    I urge all Amanda Curtis supporters to contact their delegates to let them know of their support. Voter turnout will make or break this election, so it’s important that we have a candidate people can get excited about and work for in the short time we will have.

    Plus, if we are serious about “breaking the glass ceiling,” it’s time Montana Democrats start putting their money where their mouths are, and support more Montana women candidates for national office.

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