Greg Gianforte and Richard Spencer

Please pray for Republicans and Greg Gianforte.

A battle for the soul of the Republican Party is being waged.

Will Gianforte and Co side with Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon(remember Bannon tutored Spencer) who have taken over the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower?

Greg Gianforte Donated to White Nationalist Taylor Rose’s campaign for legislature.

I hope that the Grand Old Party can exercise the demons that are infiltrating it.

The good, hard-working, honest people of Montana deserve a real debate between two parties who care about them.

What we have currently is a Republican party that is attacking those who want reason and accountability.

Not all Republicans are Nazis, but all Nazis are Republicans…..

Richard Spencer was treating Donald Trump like a newly elected Fuhrer after election day. (Video through link)








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  1. Did I stumble onto the National Review site? What’s with all the republican crap? If Gianforte had a soul, it would be damned to hell for all eternity. The GOP supports Spencer and his racism. It’s much more true to say that most progressives are democrats but not all democrats are progressive. No republicans are progressive and no progressives are republican. I have not heard anything about a groundswell of republicans condemning the ban on Muslims. No republicans were at the demonstration we had in Bozeman in favor of public education and against the appointment of DeVos. Gianforte is a right-wing carpetbagger who hates unions, planned parenthood, single payer healthcare, the social safety net. He has said that native people on reservations need a work ethic. If I prayed, I would pray for him to go back to New Jersey and stop trying to buy our elections with the money he made from out-sourcing jobs. More people in Montana should be punching nazis like Spencer instead of worrying about their racist souls. If your head is on straight, join us to demonstrate against the Muslim ban on Thursday at 4 P.M. at Steve Daines office in Bozeman We meet at the corner of Main St and Willson.

  2. PLEASE: Read Vice President Wallace’s historic 1944 definition and warning of the future rise of the American Fascist movement. It is a short and concise, after reading it you will KNOW FOR A FACT that the MTGOP Party bosses and Gianforte are, without doubt, Fascists.

    • I have been. But the Wallace referenced Russian history needs updating. Seems like poor Russia now has oil oligarch financed fascism type of governance.
      It’s Russia that has aided and abetted Assad’s genocide, but who even thinks Russia should take in Syrian Refugees.

    • I read Vice President Wallace’s warning of the future rise of American Fascist movement. It was a stunning prophetic statement that has now come to pass. I would certainly recommend everyone read it. Thanks you Kevin Curtis for posting it.

  3. Are we going to be the USE – United States of EXXON – or USA!? Also, BANNON is Toxic 45’s RAS-PUTIN!

  4. I say let the Repugs implode under the weight of their own stupidity.When the people who voted for them loose their healthcare, and public lands access maybe, just maybe they’ll wise up.

    • The sad part of Trump’s rule will be that the Innocent as well as his followers are going to suffer irreversible harm to our Nation as well as others Nations .

  5. The last three times I stopped by Pee Wee’s Kalispell office it was closed. Sign on the door said it should be open but nobody home. 3/5 tries to call DC office all I got was ringing phone. I am trying to get them to show me where in the bible it says refugees aren’t widows and orphans that we were told to support? And prisoners? As for abortion, only one mention I can find and it’s a vivid recipe for eliminating an unwanted pregnancy, direct from the Boss’s mouth. Anyway, first there was FUBAR, I’m pushing #ATU, as in “hey man, that travel ban was All Trumped Up-i.e. poorly planned and executed, ultimately unconstitutional and accomplishes the opposite of what was intended. Like after #KountRex moves State in stupid directions and 3/4 of the experienced staff leaves and so the organization left behind is unable to implement stupid policies effectively and innocent lives are lost by the 100’s. Then Hair Twittler can declare martial law and postpone the elections. Before you accuse me of hyperbole remember I predicted the Iraq occupation in 1998. I thought Syria would be next but I just might be wrong since I hadn’t accounted for Trump, nor had the authors of PNAC. Although Iran is a remote possibility, North Korea offers Trump a way to become a wartime President and secure a 2nd term so I’m moving the other 8 year-old world leader to the #1 spot. It’s already sounding like the Bay of Tonkin in Yemen though so that situation is #ATU and who knows with a child in charge? So if I’m hyperbolic it’s well founded hyperbole.

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