Quist Surprises in Straw Vote

A poll was conducted this weekend by the Bozeman Chronicle, surveying the handful of democratic party activists who will decide the nomination for congress at the special convention coming up soon.

Newcomer Rob Quist is edging out two well-known legislators.  Quist has 37 delegates, Amanda Curtis has 30 and Kelly McCarthy has 13.  At the convention there could be as many as 250 although it will likely be much lower and might even end up under 100 (there were 129 at the convention in 2014 when Curtis was selected as the nominee for US Senate).  Turnout at special conventions is as unpredictable as in other elections.

As percentages, this poll has it Quist 46%, Curtis 37%, McCarthy 16%.  It’s remarkable because Quist is a total outsider and yet has gained traction even among an inside crowd. The delegates to the convention are the four party activists from each county in Montana, who constitute the state leadership committee of the Democratic Party. Some of the comments of the delegates surveyed were interesting too, including a few who indicated that although they would prefer Amanda Curtis, they feel Quist could appeal more broadly and in rural places. Support for Curtis from the very powerful teachers’ union, the MEA, does not appear to be mattering, despite Feaverish phone work.  (Curtis is a state MEA board member, so the group kind of has no choice but to try to whip support for her.)  Financial support and endorsement is largely meaningless when there are only 150 voters.  If it were a citizen primary, union dough would be paying for Curtis TV ads, but in this case one must assume that the most important force being exerted upon the delegates is simply the ugly history, the string of gigantic losses in House races going back several decades.

The last time Montanans sent a fresh Democratic face to fill this seat was 1993.   The only reason that there is any real optimism about this race among Dems is that his election will have low turnout because it’s at an odd time, and presidents almost always loose seats in Congress during their first term.  The way things are going Trump’s act will likely have worn thin by the time the election takes place in early Summer.  So you never know.  Also, the presumptive Republican nominee is Greg Gianforte, who though well funded seems to have a serious problem connecting with Montana voters. He also has significant baggage.

Quist is a fairly well-known Montana singer-songwriter among medium aged and older Montanans. Curtis is a Teacher from Butte. McCarthy is a defense contractor and military intelligence specialist from Billings. If the first ballot at the convention resembles this poll then it will a two person race on the second ballot, the musician versus the teacher, and the question is whether Quist picks up more from McCarthy than Curtis does. It’s anyone’s guess but I’d say Quist must be pleased with the results of this survey.




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  1. Doesn’t anyone remember that Amanda Curtis polled 40% against Daines’ 57% after she entered the race as a last minute replacement for John Walsh who had to withdraw. She raised over 100,000 in just 4 weeks. Besides she is not just a teacher but has been a State Legislator from 2013-2015 and from 2017 -. And Democrats was to field Quist who has no legislative experience at all. They might as well hand the race over to the Republicans!

    • I like Amanda Curtis, a lot. If I thought she could win the election I’d be backing her. It’s not just how well qualified Curtis is, it’s who can actually win the election. Quist can win that seat, and I’m pretty sick of having dopes like Ron Marlenee, Denny Rehberg, Crooked-Conrad Burns, and Rick Hill representing Montana in DC.

      • Um, not to put too fine a point on it, but just HOW do you know that Quist can win? Got evidence? You see, what the paper failed to poll was just how many people under the age of fifty have even heard of Quist? I mean, I last saw their band back in the seventies.

        Sure, Conrad Burns was a bucolic buffoon, but he was also a lovable bullsh*tter. And a darn good one. It was hard not to like Conrad. And his ag creds were extensive. Rob’s not so much. Hippie ag is a small part of the Montana ag scene.

        • A lot is at stake here, don’t screw this up and give us Congressman Gianforte.

          • I’M going to screw things up? Now that’s just real funny. But you failed to offer up proof to back up your statement that “quist can with this thing.”

            Baucus screwed things up long ago. Now, we can only try to get things back. Time to run a person from the democratic wing of the democratic party, NOT a dude even older than I am who has NO name recognition nor a record of any kind to run on. Sorry, but a pig in the poke ONLY works for so called ag folks. Ag folks know pigs! Attempting to appeal to the bucolic buffoons in eastern Montana is a waste of time. They’re going to vote Republican every time, for they really are that addled.
            Always have, always will. If you think you’re going to win by out-republicanning them forget it. You’re not. And that only shows that you know little about Montana politics. For the record, have you ever LIVED over in the east? Or maybe the Highline? I thought not.

            • You definitely win the most annoying commenter award! Of course Quist can win. He’s the only candidate polling ahead of Gianforte currently. I know him very well and I’m 35, my sister loves his music and she is 28. But way to make sweeping uneducated generalizations!

              • Well I’m 65 and have heard of the band, and if we’re talking about music…no, I’m not impressed. Have no idea of his beliefs or agenda except the older than dirt crowd and the so called “party machine” seems to be impressed. Cowboy hats and folksy music do not make a candidate, whereas Amanda Curtis has shown to be an excellent candidate…simply put, a good decent human being. If you want someone who will energise, engage and help build the Democratic Party for now, and into the future, Amanda Curtis will fit that bill. Quist, in my opinion, not so much.

            • “Attempting to appeal to the bucolic buffoons in eastern Montana is a waste of time.” That’s ugly.

              • This mentality of the Montana Democrats is exactly why they can’t win over places that are consistently close like Carbon, Pondera, and Treasure Counties. Put up a good candidate, spend resources there and you’ll have a shot.

  2. The Chronicle didn’t poll me, and I’m a delegate.

  3. Nice selective reportage, almost as good as Trump. Why would you say that the teacher’s union “had no choice?’ You continually put Amanda down in your blog. She has been a dedicated member and leader in that union, while Quist has been singing on stage.You also neglect to mention that the Chronicle said Quist would appeal to conservative rural voters. Why would we want a candidate that appeals to the same people as Gianforte? Maybe you just like Quist’s clothes. Sadly the delegates to the convention will be the same old main stream democrats that gave us decades of Max. It’s the good old boy network again who don’t believe that Montanans can learn to understand what is in their interests. If all you say and do is the SOS the people have few choices.

    • This.

      Like the teachers would actually rather support a singing cowboy with no policies than an experienced legislator whose policies are mainstream democratic. And one with a track record. And one who did her best…which was very good…to save the party’s patootie when they screwed up in 2014.

      We’re supposed to be giving voters an alternative to Gianforte and the madness on the right.

    • By the way, Amanda, her husband Kevin, and a percussion man play in an excellent labor and gospel songs trio. They’ve performed all over the state. So it’s not just “the musician versus the teacher.”

  4. “does not appear to be mattering”

    does not appear to matter

    • Extremely insreetting, if Cantor is indeed at all vulnerable. The kind of criticism of Israel that appears on this blog, or is done by high level academics like W & M, is extremely well modulated and nuanced. But in a rough and tumble campaign? In any case, a political story well worth following.

  5. Where does Quist stand on any issue? No one seems to know. Would Dem leaders be so out of touch that they would nominate a cipher because some of them have heard him sing? Not only did Amanda Curtis excel in the race against Daines, but also since then she founded the Butte America Foundation, which was 100% responsible for creating a community radio station. She knows how to campaign, she’s intelligent (a well-liked math teacher), AND she has legislative experience. This blog is pushing Quist and it shows.

  6. Feaverish I may be for Amanda because she is the best. But in fact, at her request, I have not made a single phone call on her behalf in this particular special event. Further MEA ceased to exist as such almost 17 years ago when MEA merged with MFT and became MEA-MFT. Finally, MEA-MFT is NOT only a teachers’ union. We represent university faculty in every Montana public institution of higher education, state employees, county employees, k-12 classifieds, students, and retirees. We are 18,000 members strong, the largest union in the Montana. We are proud of our significant contributions to the Montana labor movement and public programs and services, including public education, the foundation of democracy.

  7. Why not? Because age sixty-nine seems the perfect time to start a new career field! And really, I prefer an old guy who needs a job and some OJT! Sheesh. Thanks Max. Better save our Dim money for the midterm when Amanda can run again!

    • Go away troll!

      • How ’bout we just let everyone speak? I’M a troll? You’re 35 yrs. old. You know nothing, and it shows. Please, allow your elders and betters to speak. Is that really asking too much? Are you a fascist now too?

        Sad, so sad.

        • You haven’t brought anything to the debate except petty insults. That is trolling by it’s very definition.

          • And you HAVE, Mare? Like this blast from the past!

            “Are you drunk? I’ve heard more cogent responses from my two year old daughter.
            If you don’t think the GOP is all lathered up to take on the Math teacher with the daily Facebook video logs bashing god and guns you’re kidding yourself. She’s red meat for them.”

            Yes, Mare, you said that. What does that make you, a troll? Yes, by your own definition, I would have to say so.

            We get it. You don’t like Amanda. Well, get over it. We don’t like you people either. And sorry, that doesn’t make me a troll.

            Now run along and ask your daughter again for an opinion. Got to be more cogent than you!

          • I can’t believe you’re not playing with me-h-tat was so helpful.

  8. According to the SOS website, turnout in November was around 75% with 496k votes.

    Republicans got 279k votes, 56% of the total. Democrats got 178k votes, 36% of the total.

    Historically, turnout in off-year elections is around 55% (so circa 272k votes). Assuming that was the turnout for a special election (optimistic, it will probably be lower), and assuming Republicans retained 56% of the voter base, they would have 154k votes. It is plausible that they will have even fewer. Trump fever is waning.

    BUT. If everybody who voted Dem in November came out and voted Dem again in a special election, Democrats would win (178k to 154k). If 85% of Dems who voted in Nov came out in a special election, Democrats would win. If people who voted Trump got buyer’s remorse and couldn’t stomach Gianforte (or whatever far-right candidate they come up with), democrats could win.

    I’d be willing to bet my britches that there will be more people with incentive to vote…effectively…AGAINST Trump, than FOR some substitute Trumpish-type person to replace Zinke, whoever he or she is. As is so often the case, this will be election for the Democrats to lose.

    Montana democrats could return elections to a question of policies, not personalities – challenge the false assumption that the majority of Montanans want to “smash the government” Trump, or Bundy, or Bannon, or any other style. Rescue Tester from having to run as a semi-Republican Democrat because the assumption is that the far right rules in Montana. It doesn’t.

    Montana democrats have a moral obligation to select a candidate based on policies, and to Do Their Job in getting out the vote. It’s not just Republicans who are failing to step up to the plate here.

  9. Jean Lemire Dahlman | February 13, 2017 8:56 AM at 8:56 AM |

    As a farm/ranch partner living in rural southeastern Montana I can attest to the fact that Rob Quist is the best candidate for this race, for at least 3 big reasons: Rob has a special relationship with Montana voters and can appeal to Independent and many Republican voters; 2) Rob is a unifier and can work to overcome any lingering diviciseness in our party–he knows all about harmony! and,; 3) Rob has already demonstrated that he can expand the party base. We have 7 new county central committees formed in the past month due to his outreach efforts. I hope the convention delegates will cast their votes for the Sage Elder in our midst.
    I like Amanda and Kelly too and would like to see one of them challenge Daines.

  10. I live in eastern Montana, which Curtis apparently does not know exists. I will support Quist because he is electable and a decent human being and has actually been IN eastern Montana. Unlike some people.

  11. Jean Lemire Dahlman | February 13, 2017 9:04 AM at 9:04 AM |

    Sorry, I actually can spell “divisiveness”. Maybe I should have just tried for “togetherness”.

  12. Jean Lemire Dahlman | February 13, 2017 9:07 AM at 9:07 AM |

    Right you are, Amorette! Rob has already been here twice and he’s coming again this week! We exist and will prove ourselves at the voting booth this Spring.

  13. RL, Yes, yes to every line.
    And so it was a month before.
    Sure looks like communities have been missing the opportunity to have a greet and meet the leading contenders event.
    imo, it has already been kind of nuts and unreasonable for communities to sit back and default to the somewhat troubled and severely disadvantaged MT Democratic Party to manage both the selection process also the name to be on the Special Election Ballot.

  14. I am a delegate and I live in Miles City. No one contacted me about who I want to run. I have contacted Amanda twice through Facebook about coming to this side of the state. No reply. Like it or not, this election can not be won by votes from the west, votes from this side are needed too. We are lucky to have three great candidates. That said, for those of you who don’t think we need conservatives and independents to win look at the data from the last election. The Democrats continue to loose numbers in this state. Which candidate will be able to keep and energize our base while attracting enough moderate Republicans and independents to win. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. As I read all of these comments, it seems to me we are doing the same thing we always have done and thinking we will win. We need to find a “togetherness” formula that will produce a win. From these comments we are even close.

    • The one thing I’m hearing which makes me optimistic, Sharon, is what other delegates are saying. No matter who the nominee is, Democrats will get behind him/her in a big way. Republicans, and Independents who voted for Trump, are showing buyer’s remorse. We can win this one if we do the work.

      As you say: “We are lucky to have three great candidates.”

    • Thank you Sharon ” the voice of reason” Kearns! I think many people are just not getting it- we need all hands on deck its Defcon 2 for the Democratic party and possibly the very institution of democracy. We don’t have the luxury of carving out the perfect democrat. I would be happy with any Democrat who realizes that that a little less than half of the country’s voters have been brainwashed and forgot that the US is a democratic Republic and not a monarchy and the other half who doesn’t own thousands of shares of well any three letter word, hasn’t slept in 4months!

      • Well, actually, the Dim leadership in this state has INSULTED every real democrat in this state by pulling a has-been singer out of Maxi’s rear. I mean, what the hell kind of strategy is that? It doesn’t even reek of desperation, just stupidity. That’s all.

        And no, we ain’t comin’ together on this one. I will write in Amanda if she is not the pick and allow the Maxi crowd to flounder a little longer until the young turks take over the party, or form a new party altogether.

        It’s time. I mean, what the hell do we have to lose now? Nothing really that isn’t already lost. Max done sold the farm! Better to die on our feet than kiss the Maxi behind one last time!

        Max, three time loser, maybe needs some more alimony money for his other wives! And the best way to do that is screw the state one more time. What the hell, a YUUGE gift to the insurance industry wasn’t enough for Max? Remember Obamacare?

        I will survive. I’m not worried. I’m not afraid of hard work. Done it my entire life. Guess things have to get much worse before the people in Montana finally figure out that the Dim leadership is NOT your friend. I have confidence that the young folks will figure it out. Max was a blight on the state, but it’ll soon be gone. All I know is that marching backwards is NOT an effective strategy, no matter WHICH old fart singer is playin’ in the band!

        • Maybe you should go do that and stop crapping on these boards!

          • Now now. Don’t get testy. Look, ALL of us real Dems have a say in this matter, not just the so called leadership. Consider me and those like me the tea party Dems. We’ve had enough of Maxi and the business as usual party. Max is an idiot. He gave us Obamacare when the entire country wanted single payer. And he voted FOR the evil Iraq war. I’m done with Dim business as usual. I’m thinkin’ it’s time to take the party back, back to its roots.

            Come on, Lapenski, read the comments above. Just WHEN the hell did the Dems become anti-union, anti-teacher, anti-education, anti-woman, and pro corporate fascism? Why should we look for common ground with the trump nazzzis?

            I’ll wait.

            BTW, whom do you want to run for Zinke’s seat? And why?

            p.s. I’m thinkin’ that Zinke just might jump ship before he takes that position anyway. Now that all the Russian connections are coming out, Zinke might have some explaining to do, like his relationship with his pal Livingstone, Manafort, Roger Stone, etc. They were ALL in on the Russian spying deal. If Zinke were smart, he’d get out now before the NSA starts releasing tapes!

            • Zinke’s friends. All slime all the time. Wonder what Zinke knew and when he knew it? Remember his ridiculous endorsement of Trump?


            • I want to win this seat. We need to have the votes in the house to impeach the Chump when the time comes.

              Who can do that? Right now it looks like Quist is the best shot. I think you’re wildly underestimating the goodwill he’s built up over the years with the people in this state. Not just with older folks either, I went to Aber day in P burg this summer and there were tons of young people there, bluegrass is hot right now in their culture and they look up to him.

              I’m not sure anyone outside the liberal echo chamber really believes Amanda can win bless her heart. Her supposed draw with young people doesn’t count for much because the youth vote is at historically low levels (less than 1 in 10).

              Rob has turnkey name recognition all over the state and you can laugh at the cowboy hat all you want but it makes him more palatable to the farmers and ranchers and in places like Bozeman and Great Falls that typically decide these races. He’s big in Indian country too. I think he’s an intriguing candidate with a transcendent appeal that folks would be foolish to dismiss. (Not sure why you keep comparing him to Baucus they are nothing alike, apples and oranges)

              Heck if it doesn’t work out they can always nominate Curtis in a year. Why not roll the dice?

  15. I don’t think this site is picking one of these candidates over the other. I find it refreshing this site is putting out informations on all 3 major candidates. It’s good there is a mix of thoughts in the comments concerning each candidate. I do worry that if Quist is the selected candidate many of the progressives that support Curtis may not feel they can support him due to the fact he is reaching out to rural Trump voters that they at this point very much dislike. But I feel at this point in time there is no togetherness in these comments that people will support the selected candidate wholeheartedly in special election. What the democratic party has been doing has not been working.

  16. I gotta go with Rob Quist as well. I have heard from party insiders that Amanda Curtis displayed some “temperament” issues during the race against Daines. Which may be why Quist is polling so high among the delegates.

    • Sorry, but the go with quist strategy gave us Trump. How’s that working out for ya? We need a Bernie type candidate, not has beens! Amanda will invigorate a party that is moribund. Quist is Max, Max is quist. THAT dog will no longer hunt! And really, “party insiders”??? No thanks. Maxi’s hangers on you mean!

      • Actually the “go with Quist” strategy got us Schweitzer twice, Bullock twice, and Tester twice. Amanda got absolutely crushed just two years ago. The koolaide is strong with this one.

        • Tester and Bullock were also products OF Brian Schweitzer.

          • Really? That’s comical. I see that you do NOT know the folks you write about. Where you from?

            • Is this LK? I bet it is.

              Brian Schweitzer was the man who made this all happen. Do you think Bullock (an urban Democrat) was going to be elected if not for expanding the policies of Brian? Let’s not forget about the Libertarian ticket the first time around for both gentlemen.

              I come from a depressed timber town in NW Montana. I know what the hell it means to be one of the last rural Democrats in Montana. I am cut from the cloth of Jim Elliott’s ilk.

              • Really? A depressed logging town? You really THINK we’re gonna cut our way out of an economic depression? Jesus. You might as well join your Teabagger buddies, Doogie. We don’t need you! You ain’t a progressive Dem!

                But for the record, in this year of our Lord 2017, who the FLOCK wants to cut trees to make a living? It’s dirty, dangerous, part-time work. I’ve spent many years of my life cutting trees, and let me tell ya, there’s no future in it. You might as well pick up cans along the highway for a living, Doogy, for there is more of a future in that. Only losers cut trees. I only did it because I liked the work. We cut the old way.

                But a guy can’t live on trees alone. Get an education and a real job just like everyone else in Montana. Get yourself a hotdog stand and sell them to the tourists. THAT’S the future, Doogy. The buffalo ain’t comin’ back, neither are the trees no matter HOW much whining you do.

                Look, NO party can do a damn thing for you if you don’t have the initiative, fortitude, and guts to help yourself, strike out on your own so to speak. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. What, you want us to come up there and replant trees for you to cut on clear cuts? What could quist do to help you? Be specific. YOU have chosen to live in a depressed area. Now, why is that OUR responsibility? I simply don’t get it.

                Sorry, Doogy, but someone has sold you a bill of goods, and Robby’s singin’ ain’t gonna improve your lot.

    • Aside from bashing on God and guns? Yep. That’ll work in Montana.

  17. Jean Lemire Dahlman | February 13, 2017 12:37 PM at 12:37 PM |

    Give me a break. Rob Quist is as progressive a democrat as I am–and you may recall I am the only “superdelegate” who endorsed Bernie after our June primary. Has been? I think not. He is a refreshing new face on the scene. People, no matter their political stripe, if any, are sick and tired of politics as usual and politicians.

  18. I don’t give a rats ass who’s most ‘qualified,’ I just want a D in that seat. It would be huge for a Dem to win in a red state during the first year of Trump. Would Curtis have to give up her seat to run, or is it only if she wins?

  19. Can MSU and UM schedule an off-season exhibition football game on election day? Anything to distract Trumpkins from the vote.

  20. There is generally a higher turnout among older voters than younger voters. Pays to remember that, especially in an ‘off-season’ election.

    • Hey, I even remember when Jerry Garcia was alive! At this point its apparent that “anyone but Gianforte” would be the better choice. People vote primarily on appearance, and cowboy hats seal the deal it seems.

  21. Regarding comments about Rep. Curtis and Eastern Montana. Remember, the Montana legislature is in session and she is kind of busy “legislating” and representing her constituents. This is also the case with Rep. McCarthy. Rob Quist has had the luxury of being “between opportunities” and having the time for “outreach”. I might mention that when I talked with Rob about his interest in seeking the nomination, he spoke highly of Rep. Curtis, voicing do dissatisfaction with her abilities, only his desire to serve Montana.

    As for the comment about “temperament” issues. I have heard similar charges against many strong women over the years. In fact, didn’t our own Steve Daines tell another strong woman to “take her seat”?

    Speaking ill of any of the candidates does a disservice to our common goal to take back the seat held so faithfully by our beloved Congressman, Pat Williams! Pat was a teacher from Butte, who also had served in the Montana State legislature. There is something to be said about both legislative experience and experience running a statewide campaign.

    As far as “electability”? The “experts” have not been real successful predicting winners! I have certainly given up on that game of chance. I support candidates, whose values I am in sync with; who have experienced “the arena”; and who will be in it for the long haul. I can’t think of anyone in Montana, who has won a statewide race in his/her first campaign for elective office, except, perhaps, Rep. Jeannette Rankin, a 100 years ago.

    The important thing is to focus on the prize; support the nominee financially early, often and in every other way. Failure to do so will place the result on our shoulders as much as the candidate’s.

    Nothing wrong with touting one’s preference, but, personally, I believe its more productive to focus on one’s strengths than the alleged shortcomings of the opponent. Let’s not be one of those “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”!

    To quote an old Johnny Mercer song, “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative” might just be a novel approach in selecting the Democratic nominee and team-building to achieve victory in the General.

    Just a thought.

    • But the legislature being is session hasn’t stopped Kelly Mac from campaigning on the weekends. I question whether Amanda has the “fire in the belly” to win this race. Quist has been to over 30 counties in 10 days according to news on the race and Amanda has been to none outside Helena. That is a troubling disconnect no matter how you slice it.

      • Jane, you simply HAVE to be a republican plant. You make NO sense. Do you speak Russian btw?

        • Jane, do you have the fire in the behind, or is that just your hemorrhoids just actin’ up? Sheesh. Fire in the belly. Lay off the hot sauce before you post next time, Janey. But for the record, please give a concrete example of just HOW Robby Q. has the “fire in the belly”! Too funny. I really want to know. For you see, I’m almost as old as old man Robby, and MY fire in the belly is usuall just indigestion!

          • You keep making fun of Rob’s age but he’s running circles around your girl crush. He’s been to every county in Montana with a central committee and even a few without have formed out of enthusiasm to support him. Meanwhile your gal hasn’t left the cozy confines of Helena and is having others call on her behalf and that disparity it now showing up in this straw poll. Those of us who have been following this race are not the least bit surprised.

            • Yup. Support. A fella needs a supporter. And I’ll say one thing ’bout Robby. He’s got balls! LOTS of balls. And lots of supporters ‘cording to “Jane”. Why, Jane supports his balls better than a jock strap! Ain’t that right, “jane”? You like supportin’ a fella with balls!! Ain’t so bad, is it? HEY, whatever turns your crank!

              • Merv, turn your crap crank off.
                Apologize to Jane.
                Avoid selfish distractions.
                Let East meet West on Cowgirl.
                Let rural have a voice here on Montana Cowgirl.
                Respect their expression of free speach. Respect the readers and followers who want to listen in on community free speach.

                my tablet and inexperience find fbook MSU-B College Democrats has no skype audio of the House contenders,BUT THE TEXT DOCS BY THE CONTENDERS ARE SUPER INTERESTING
                link in w Comment and link provided by Paul Van Tricht on 2/13 at 7:13

                • Hey, Bob, I’ll ban myself after one last comment.

                  Been a hard core Dem my whole life. But tell me, WHEN did the Dem party become anti-union, anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-woman and actually misogynist, and basically, anti-democratic?

                  Go back up and re-read all the comments. They SICKEN me, and they should sicken you too. This is NOT my old democratic party. Mansfield would be kickin’ butts, as would all of the old time dems. But these newbies make me puke!

                  Is it any wonder that they lose every time? Not to me.

                  • Don’t leave, you’re amusing. I think the terminology you’re looking for is neo-liberalism. When Shillary gave speeches to Wall Street execs, she was assuring them that no measure would be taken to stop the corporatists from taking over the DNC. Btw, I speak Russian. Is that kewl?

  22. Oops! Last sentence, first paragraph, “No” dissatisfaction, not “Do” dissatisfaction. Reminds me of when I requested that my comments in the minutes of a meeting be amended because I had been quoted “accurately”. What I had said was not what I meant.
    Fortunately, my fellow board members were of a forgiving nature.



  23. Amanda fights. Having long experience with oppressing influence of money in politics, and the angry reach of a GOP fringe comprised of Nationalists, Libertarians, Neo-Cons, and common Brand-Loyalty. Optimistic and persistent – Amanda engages them when they move. The badder the better. Girl with A Dragon Tattoo.

    • “Fighting” is great for activists but that’s not what successful congressmen do. The only way to accomplish anything is through consensus building.

      • Lay off the Koolaide, Jane. Cowboy Kumbaya will NOT work with the Trump crowd.

        Now, you made the statement above that quist is like Schweitzer, Bullock, and Tester. You spouted, now be outed! HOW is quist like these three?

        Tester, former teacher who served extremely well in the legislature, just like Amanda!

        Schweitzer, a no nonsense hard charger who took on the bad guys and gave no quarter, and who ran a great statewide campaign that nearly un-horsed Burns. People liked that, and they responded. Just like Amanda!

        Bullock, lots of time in state government and has run a statewide campaign. A proven quantity. Just like Amanda!

        Jane, a lost little soul still wandering in the political wilderness searching for the magic potion and longing for the days of Max, JUST like the Dim leadership!

        And that’s just real sad. Cowboy Kumbaya. Sorry, but we ain’t buyin’!

        Enjoy a little reality with that Koolaide!

        • Amanda is also a proven commodity. A firebrand activist who fires up the base and then gets beaten 59-40 ala two years ago.

          • Your favorite soda? Cowboy Crush?

          • Didn’t she have something like 2 1/2 months between when she was put forward to replace Walsh and the election? In truth, it is rather remarkable that she was able to lift the campaign off the ground in that short of a time and fund a campaign against one that was heavily funded from out of state. I don’t know if your 59 – 40 percentages are accurate but, if I recall again, the party was pretty demoralized by the piece on Walsh by the NY Times. I hardly consider that election anything like normal so parading figures without context might not be the most transparent method of persuasion.

            • She had 4 months in ’14 after Walsh dropped out. This one is 2.5. That election wasn’t normal but this one is even less so. 40% is typically the Dem base in this state. She struggled with Independents and moderate R’s. Can she change that math this time around? Maybe but I doubt it.

          • Keep in mind Amanda only had 80 days to run after Walsh dropped out while Daines had campaigned for almost two years. She started at 16% and ended up at 40% at a time when the Democrat’s brand was at the lowest. She raised almost one million dollars in 80 days most from small donations while traveling over 11,000 in the state. And she was taking on a sitting Congressman with over 7 million left to spend in his account, who played dirty politics and had the help of Koch groups like AFP and America Rising who smeared Amanda relentlessly. I really doubt anyone else could have done better under those circumstances. This race is different because both candidates will be starting at the same point and time.

            • She hasn’t been to the Lincoln County Central Committee yet…Rob has.

              • Derp. Whiner alert!

                I already TOLD you, Doogie. At some point you really have to accept some responsibility yourself for your life!

                We did! Long ago. Coal miner dad had eight kids. We we’re poorer than DIRT!

                But what we had was a work ethic. ALL my siblings and myself included worked our AZZES off to get ahead. Two, three jobs. No days off. And we had to go where there was work. ALL of us made it through college one way or another!

                So, for me anyway, your whining is falling on deaf ears. ALL the Dems like Amanda can do is offer you the chance we had many years ago. If you choose to stay where you are and whine, fine! Not my problem. Now, that becomes YOUR problem, NOT the problem of the Democratic party. All we’ve ever offered is a chance. Decent wage, fair wage, good education, and maybe a few benefits, etc. and a level playing field. And the opportunity to get ahead, IF you’ve got the nuts to do so! The REST is up to you, Doogie.
                Can’t do any more than that, Dooogie. Sorry. Go ahead and vote teabagger if you want, and see where THAT gets you!

                Your turn, Doogie. What is Robby gonna do for you? Sing you a song??

  24. And to Rob Quist: Hey, Rob, you want to work for US, right? So, we’re your boss in a sense. And after perusing you resume, I gotta say that it’s a little on the weak side! Sure, you have an interesting background, but who doesn’t at age sixty-nine? But that’s not exactly what we need for this position. You see, this position needs someone with REAL credentials. So, yeah, you appear to be a nice fella and all, but sorry, not this time. Come back when you get a little experience for the job and we’ll maybe take another look at you. We’ll keep all your info on file. Help yourself to a cup of coffee on the way out on us.

    Oh, and Rob, another thing, just for your future reference. MOST of us quit playing cowboy about fifty years ago. About the time Roy Rogers and Dale Evans went of TV. Lose the hat. We tried Denny Rheburg and Conrad Burns, and that just didn’t work out for us either! This ain’t Texas where it’s required attire! What, are you trying for the Midnight Cowboy vote???


    Your constituency.

  25. You have to be kidding! We have Kelly McCarthy, an Air Force Vet from Yellowstone County who is progressive, yet appeals to Republicans, and you are supporting a know-nothing Cowboy? This is why Republicans keep winning elections. If I wanted a celebrity, I would have voted for Trump.

    • And a pro-war industrial complex supporting at that. No thanks. I support our vets, but not in this capacity. Jeannette Rankin would be spinning in her grave.

      • Yeah Kelly kinda creeps me out too. He’s a former military contractor who worked for the NSA for years (has anyone watched ‘Snowden?’) He’s supposed to support progressive values? Not buying it. Plus no one outside Billings knows who he is. We have a 2 month election cycle, that’s not enough time to introduce an unknown to the electorate. We need one of the candidates who already has name recognition to beat Gianforte. My preference would be Quist because of his ability to woo independents.

      • Seems like you know Rep. McCarthy well, to say he is “pro-war industrial complex supporting.” Any proof of this, or did you pull it out of your hat? The problem is that you have zero interest in doing actual research; supporting an unqualified Cowboy who did God-knows-what in a band for decades over someone who has served his country and has an impressive legislative track record is just your speed. Stick to crayons.

        • Because a military contractor represents an anti-war view…

          Let’s not forget that cowboy appeals more to the largest voting block in our state…the elderly.

          Perhaps you’ve huffed too much glue to realize what you’re saying.

  26. Seems like most of you do not know Rob. I’ve known Rob for over 30 years. He is a kind gentile man with a strong personality. A man of his word.He believes in Montana. He will work hard for All Montanans. I live in Troy Mt. There are many many people very excited for Rob here and all over Montana. We all need some fresh air. My wife and I will be voting for Rob, if he is nominated.

  27. Three great options. The GOP has none. This is a winnable race. Whoever we go with, we MUST unite behind them and get every last warm progressive body to the polls.

    • If the Dim leadership picks the done nothing cowboy, I will, for the very FIRST time in my long life, be not voting. I mean, what’s the use?

      I would rather take my chances with the Nazis screwing things up big time than allowing another max Baucus clone representing Montana. That just ain’t who we are.

      • Max Baucus clone? Maybe you should stop trolling for a few minutes and actually research Rob’s background. He’s been on the Montana Arts Council (appointed by two governors) for 12 years providing grants for Montana’s artists and making sure we keep music programs in our schools. He’s also the spokesman for the Montana Food Band Network. But apparently research isn’t quite your strong suit.

        • DAMN! Well, ya got me THERE, Mare! Spent my entire life in eastern Montana drinkin’ in the bars and working all kinds of jobs. And you’re right. Ya got me by the shorties with your cogent insight. You see, every place I drank, from the Seventeen Club to the Jim Town Bar to the J Bar T to Uncle Charlies, when we had a snootful in us and got to got to ramblin’ on ’bout politickin’, we nearly ALWAYS brought up just who was and who wasn’t on the Montany Artsy Fartsy Council! Yippers! Oh, and the food bank dealy too! Yup. Them ol’ cowboys was REAL interested in who was doin’ what fur the artsy fartsy thingy and feed the banks! Why, I can still hear them fellas arguin’ the various merits and points of view on that! Least wise tell we all got drunk enuff and fell off our stools laughin’ at folks like you Mizzoooolee folks like you!

          Know a lot about eastern Montana do you Mary Reed? Is that your troll name? Just curious, for this entire thread seems to have been taken over by paid trolls who are trying their best to disrupt the election. I mean, really, go back through the thread and read their comments. Not one FACT in the whole bunch of’em!

          You see, THIS old Montana cowboy smells the feedlot in your comments. Oh sure, you’d LOVE to run against the aging cowboy, but it ain’t gonna happen without a fight. You lightweights best keep to thinkin’ that Jesus loves you, ’cause you’re gonna need Him to get Gianforte elected!

          • Are you drunk? I’ve heard more cogent responses from my two year old daughter.

            If you don’t think the GOP is all lathered up to take on the Math teacher with the daily Facebook video logs bashing god and guns you’re kidding yourself. She’s red meat for them.

            • Really? You know this God fella? Please, tell me about Him. For you see, the founding fathers were actually deists! Ever heard of them? Well, it don’t get more patriotic then the founding fathers in my book, so why shouldn’t Amanda hold forth on God?

              As far as guns go, NO ONE is more of a gun guy than I am. But we just don’t need them in schools! Or other places where it’s not appropriate. Now, if you can’t handle that, there’s the door! Join up with the teabaggers, and form your OWN school where all the kiddies pack heat. Homework? MAKE MY DAY!

              Silly, silly stuff.

              • I can handle it just fine. It’s just not what you do if you’re trying to win a general election in a red state. If she lived in Portland or Seattle she’d be an icon and probably a Senator by now. When a gun control loving atheist wins high office here we can revise the general election playbook, until then, it’s a Montana values platform or bust.

                You gotta be able to win in places like Choteau and Cut Bank and Great Falls and Bozeman and Livingston like Tester did if you want to prevent a Gianforte swearing in ceremony in a few months.

  28. Quist being 69 does not bother me at all as this seat will flip again in a term or two. Right now the important thing is that we get a Democrat in there because we cannot have Gianforte. In two years we will need every Democrat we can get so that we can get control of congress, an hopefully impeach trump. I am a huge Sanders supporter, yet I am smart enough to know that if a candidate ran for a national office from Montana under his platform they would lose, to many uneducated people do not know the difference between a Social Democrat and a communist. Also if Curtis is once again picked it will just convince more people that the MEA-MFT controls the Democratic party which in many aspects it does. I am a very strong union person and a strong supporter of public education and our teachers, but we need fresh blood on the ballot not someone put in place by Eric Feaver.

    • Tom Clark?? Is that really the best name that you could come up with? Why not John Smith? Come ON, lil’ tommy. State your name, town you’re from, and the name and ph. number of someone in that town who will vouch for you. You’re a pathetic made up troll, dude. And it’s quite obvious. Sad, so sad. Stop doing this. You’ve been outed. Now, put up or shut up! Can you do it?

  29. Probably all of the comments made above are made by people who have not seen all three candidates, Quist, McCarthy and Curtis. All three appeared at a Town Hall held on
    Skype on Feb. 1st. It was sponsored by the MSU-B College Democrats. McCarthy, Quist and Curtis each appeared for 20 minutes and answered the same questions, A video of the Town Hall is posted on the Yellowstone Democratic Central Committee Website at https://ycdems.org. Each person who comments from here on should state whether they saw the video. If the answer is not YES, their comments are MEANINGLESS.

    • L&toruo;abqsgarion de la réforme 2010 des retraites et le rétablissement du droit de partir à 60 ans figurent, noir sur blanc, dans le projet du PS pour 2012.Remarquer que le PS est très silencieux sur le financement de la protection sociale, alors que c’est un sujet clé pour le modèle social français, n’est quand même pas un crime de lèse majesté ! Depuis quand avoir un minimum d’esprit critique (c’est une condition d’exercice du métier de journaliste) est-il la preuve d’une inclination pour l’UMP ou pour le FN ?Claire Guélaud

  30. Merv google me in Kalispell, you will find several things about me. At least I use my real name instead of hiding behind a name that rimes with perv. Hey that’s pretty catchy Merv the Perv, you otta run with that.

    • It appears that “Merv” is either insane or a paid R hack (not mutually exlcusive), he adds nothing and should be blocked from this site.

      • Seriously? You want to censor folks you disagree with? I hear that Trump has a position for you in his cabinet!

        But here, look at this garbage. THIS is what should be banned, nonsense. All of quist’s supporters say nothing other than meaningless crap. And I object to this type of argument.

        “Seems like most of you do not know Rob. I’ve known Rob for over 30 years. He is a kind gentile man with a strong personality. A man of his word.He believes in Montana. He will work hard for All Montanans. I live in Troy Mt. There are many many people very excited for Rob here and all over Montana. We all need some fresh air. My wife and I will be voting for Rob, if he is nominated.”

        “Kind, gentile (sp), excited, fresh air from a 69 yr. old, man of his word.” Sorry, but THAT’S all you rob supporters have got! And to me, that’s simply not enough. I would rather go down swinging than singing! With Amanda we get a fighter, we rob we get a singer! And an old one at that. Time to look to the future of this state, NOT the good old days!

        Hell, we may as well resurrect Lazarus, OOPS!, I mean pat wms.! Wonder can he sing???

      • “Merv” may be an anagram for “verm.”

  31. I honestly don’t think Amanda Curtis even wants the job. There are already enough Hillary/Amanda comparisons, yet she’s up in Helena votina against gun bills with the other lefties. Either not interested in the seat, or foolish.

    • That is interesting how do you figure that? Also you must not have see Amanda on the House Floor defending the 2nd Amendment and it’s intent two days ago. Do you really think voting against bad gun bills like the one that arms the government against the public is foolish?

      • Well Kevin – I’ve got respect for anybody who’s willing to be a public servant – it’s pretty thankless.

        But you’ve got some hard truths to face.

        First, you can come here, and preach to the choir that a NRA-MSSA ‘F’ rating is really a good thing, but it’s a deal breaker in Montana.

        If you look at Gov BS, Tester, Baucus, you’ll see they were good on guns, and Montana is a gun culture.

        Gov Bullock could veto gun bills, because sitting Governors always get re-elected here, and he had nothing to worry about, and he’s retired after this term, so it won’t matter to him either way.

        Here are some names you need to look at: Nancy Keenan, Tracy Velasquez, Monica Lindeen, Amanda Curtis, Denise Juneau, Hillary Clinton. These are all women that Montanans rejected for National offices. They all got between 35-40% of the vote because they had a ‘D’ behind their name.

        The big Dem donors sat on their wallets here, because they don’t want a woman higher than a State office representing Montana. They will never give a woman Tester, or Baucus-like money. Most Dems are very sexist.

        Every one of those candidates was going to get a lot of new, younger voters excited, and re-shape Montana politics, yet if you go down and look through the precinct books, you’ll find that the only people who reliably vote are married couples, and issue-voters.

        I saw Amanda on KTVQ, with a sound clip trying to explain that voting for concealed carry on the Capital Grounds would be anti-second amendment, and luckily for her they cut her off. I remember that last time she ran, and the GOP put up the clip where she was asked if a woman should be allowed to have a gun for self-defense, and she just rolled her eyes in a condescending way – a true second-amendment champion, right?

        That’s why I said I’m not sure she even wants the job, because she surely isn’t acting like it.

  32. C’mon, Democrats. I hate to quote Ronald Reagan but, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican Democrat. Unless a candidate is really heinous, and none of the three front runners (Curtis, McCarthy and Quist) are, let’s be civil. Sure, talk up your choice, but don’t run down the others. We know who the enemy is, right?

  33. Old Line Democrat | February 14, 2017 6:39 PM at 6:39 PM |

    Which one of these three candidates can best vocalize the anti-Russian anti-treason sentiment that many Montanans feel about the damage Trump is doing to our country liberal or conservative alike. We need someone who can best speak to this national corruption. Woman? Native American? Ex-military? The question is who is listening?

  34. Rob Quist is a stellar man in every way.
    His diverse breadth and depth of experience and abilities are coupled with calm strength, integrity, and the conciliatory aptitude sadly missing in Washington DC.
    I support Rob wholeheartedly and know he will ardently step up to represent Montana and her people with his whole heart.

  35. The good ol’ establishment Democrats who live inside their own tiny ;ittle bubble will screw this one up too – remember Hillary? What this state and nation needs is a younger, vibrant women candidate who has proven knowledge and skills in politics and can energize and appeal not only to the older generation who like cowboy music (and are dying out) but the younger generation and those who want someone to rile things up and promote some change. Im afraid the older cowboy singer is out of his element here. And if you’re going to believe a poll, believe a reputable one.

  36. Democrats are more likely to win this seat, if we focus on the attributes of our preference, rather than denigrate the attributes of the others. The eventual choice for the Democratic nomination to fill the vacancy will have its best chance to win, IF the electors base their decision on who can best turn out AND turn on its voters. I have no idea who is most “electable”, that is in the eye of the beholder. Party regulars, the media, the pollsters, etc. have not been particularly “on target” with their predictions of who was most electable in the November election. Given the rallies over the past month here in Montana, let’s not over think this thing. Where do you stand on the issues? What do you value? What are you willing to do to work towards those achieving those values? Who most represents those values? I, like many voters, “think” with my head and my heart. I value experience as well as stands on the issues.
    Whoever wins the nomination will have my financial support, but it will take more than money, it also takes passion. For my money and passion, its Rep. Amanda Curtis. She is the only candidate who has been through a statewide campaign, a shortened one at that. It is high time to break the glass ceiling. It has been a hundred years since Jeannette Rankin, a woman honored with a statute both in Montana’s Capitol and also the one in D.C., has represented Montana. Given our outrageous President, perhaps the time is ripe for another “uppity” (I say strong, assertive) woman to represent Montana.

  37. Here is the inside look at the Amanda’s 2014 campaign: At the time the Democrat Party decided it was best to run an emergency campaign that was primarily damage control from the Walsh scandal. The whole 2014 80 day campaign was under a “do no harm” directive. The main goal was to focus on the base and make sure voter turnout did not suffer because of the Walsh scandal. Even though we wanted to court Republican and Independent votes through outreach and campaign events we stuck with the Dem Party’s plan because we made that promise. We were also told not to use social media because it was a waist of time (wrong!)and to not defend ourselves in the media (again wrong) because this was only about preserving the base. It was against our gut but we stuck with the plan. We in fact excited the base and bigger and bigger crowds were gathering to see Amanda and new people young and old were getting evolved in politics for the first time. In the end voter turnout for the base was solid and slightly up, no one even remembered Walsh or the scandal, and the Dems picked up seats in the legislature (instead of losing seats as predicted), all goals of the Dem Party for that election and campaign (we did the job we promised we would do). We learned a lot and now know what not to do and what to do and who to trust. One thing we will do this time is court the Republican and Independent voters and spend more time in each community talking to the people because the message Amanda has actually crosses all party lines – preserve Social Security & Medicare, keep public lands public, make the government work for the people and not just the Billionaires, get big money out of politics (end Citizens United, make the rich pay their fair share, invest in infrastructure and U.S. jobs, protect the entire Bill of Rights, stop the Koch Agenda, etc, etc… Most people don’t know that Amanda in fact was born in Pryor and raised in Billings, one Grandpa was a big cattle rancher, one a coal miner, her dad was a refinery worker, Amanda has Montana values flowing through her veins, she has a deep understanding of the issues and people who live and work in eastern Montana and all of Montana and she can cross all party lines to pick up support….if she gets the Nomination.

    • Maybe she should start wearing a cowboy hat and acting old. THEN, the Dem leadership might start taking a look at her!

      Just kidding of course. Great information in that post, Kevin. I had no idea. Thank you. Now, maybe the she-doesn’t-know/care-about-eastern-Montana crowd can stop posting and go back home to Trollville, Mt.! And they can take the she-won’t-appeal-to-the-ag folks WITH them! You see, the attacks on Amanda from supposed democrats make me sick, for they are attacks on ALL of us old, real, and real old democrats. As I mentioned before, when did the party become anti-teacher, anti-education, anti-union, and worst of all, anti-woman?! I must have missed that.

      I was probably one of the only people in the state that warned that Walsh was NOT a good pick. And I was right. And now, the party leaders seem hell bent on throwing another Hail Mary pass with Quist. NOT a good idea. You see, when democrats try to outdo the repubs at their own game, it always ends up badly for them. Now, they have a chance to pick a REAL democrat to run. I hope they don’t blow this one too. But I’m pretty confident that they will, for they’re scared witless. And they simply don’t understand that they don’t need to be.

      After Amanda whomped Daines in the first debate, it was the repubs who were very scared. And they still are, for they know that a strong democratic candidate with a strong DEMOCRATIC message will undermine their entire lying platform. And with Trump serving as the backdrop, a real democratic message becomes very clear in stark relief. And it’s time. Bernie showed us that.

      But one question for you. You say she was born in Pryor? Last time I was there some thirty years ago or so, there was no hospital there. Where exactly was she born? In a private residence? But all great background stuff on Amanda, and that info needs to get out there.

      What say you now, Quist folks? Can you get any more Montana than that? I’m a real McCoy democrat, and I’m stickin’ with the union AND Amanda. Let Amanda be Amanda, and we’ve got a good chance of winning this thing. And for GOD’S sake stop bashing teachers, women, unions, and education! Makes you look weak-minded and full of tea!

    • Is Amanda going to all the rural Democrat County Central Committees to meet them?

      Rob is a head of you guys. You have to get out to the rural areas.

    • I don’t know what Amanda’s calling is as far as Montana goes, but I hope you both will be the ones to lead the charge against leadership. I believe you guys have the courage to do so. I don’t believe the 2016 election was done the right way and the Montana Democrats long term health can’t rely on that plan long term to be viable.

      There are those of us who want to help you.

  38. I enjoyed Kevin Curtis post today on following to the letter party leadership on how to lose the election. Why would you do that especially knowing how well Obama used social media in both of his winning campaigns. I recall Amanda used social media much in her house district. If Curtis wins the nomination will we be assured that now she will disregard party elite instructions and go rogue against party leadership. I’m glad Kevin pointed out how terrible the party leaders are in winning elections but why are we just hearing this 2 years later. I can’t believe the powers in Helena are going to like hearing this. I heard Amanda in Polson at Lake County Demo.event 2014 and was impressed. I wish all the candidates well and hope the party can come together behind whoever is the candidate. With the confirmation of Zinke not happening till week of Feb.28 that will push special election into June after schools out,summer vacation and low turn out as people just don’t pay much attention to politics in summer. That will hurt democrats so whoever is candidate will have to work extra hard. I do take issue with Kevin that Billings is Eastern Montana no Sidney,Plentywood,Poplar,
    Glasgow and Malta are really that rural vote the candidate will need to get over that 40% to win

    • You were doin’ real good until you went off the rail with this statement.

      “I do take issue with Kevin that Billings is Eastern Montana no Sidney,Plentywood,Poplar,
      Glasgow and Malta are really that rural vote the candidate will need to get over that 40% to win.”

      Sorry, but you just don’t get it. Where do YOU live? Billings is as eastern as any of those places you mentioned, least wise they were in the thirty of so years that I lived there! Maybe that’s all changed now, but I doubt it.

      And guess what? EVERY kid from the places you mentioned usually came to Billings to go to college. And Nort Dakota too!

      • You don’t get it, LK.

        • Rob Quist is a what again? And elderly unemployed singer with NO resume and NO experience who needs a job in government?

          Sorry, but those qualifications are NOT qualifications in my book.

          Amanda Curtis is the one regardless of the wishes of the party “leadership” who want us to return to the golden era of maximus baucas! The young people of Montana have moved on. It’s their turn now. And they will speak at the polls. Hard for them to get excited about Grandpa’s Excellent Adventure!

          Look, there’s no shame in being old. I’M older than dirt. But at least I know what I am, and I’m not a silly old man looking to start a new career at my advanced age. I just don’t have the energy for that any more. NO ONE does. It happens to us all.

          And besides, why should I even want to? I enjoy sitting on my porch drinking wine, beer, and whisky and watching the world go by. I’ve earned that, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the dirty money in politics!

          • Oh, Brian Schweitzer’s political resume was as unqualified as Quists?

            You make some good points, but then you shoot your damn mouth off and undermine those points.

            If you’re going to complain, then step up and do something about it.

            I never said Amanda wasn’t qualified, I have said repeatedly that this may not be her calling. We haven’t seen the last of Amanda, I just don’t think this is her moment of time in our state’s history.

            Well, Jesus Christ! You don’t think Max is going to take that $2 million and run again? He’s a politician, he’s always thinking of something.

            • “If you’re going to complain, then step up and do something about it.”

              I am. I like to call it elder speak. It’s my job to call bullsh*t on bullsh*t. Been around these parts a long, looong time, so I can put things in perspective for the young folks. I’m a sort of mentor for the millennials, whatever in the hell that means. You’ve maybe heard of Black Elk? I’m Elderly Elk!

  39. I grew up in Roosevelt County. People in that area were democrats for many years. Gov.Ted Schwinden was from Wolf Point. What I guess maybe I didn’t make clear people in rural Eastern Montana feel the democratic party has left them behind with to much identity politics. Billings is still fairly republican. Who ever is the candidate somehow will have to turn those former blue voters back into democrats column. It will take much work for sure. By the way not all college students from that area go to Billings. A great number go to Bozeman and a few like myself go to Missoula from which I graduated. I wasn’t sure what you were getting at by the college remark. I really hope we come together to get behind the selected candidate

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