New Jersey Gianforte’s Motives Questioned

Dems introduce anti-Gianforte bill prohibiting candidates from using “gifts” to influence elections
Legislation is response to Greg Gianforte giving $8 million to MSU while running for Governor

Helena-Today the Senate Education and Cultural Resources committee in the state legislature is considering SB 211 sponsored by Diane Sands (D) of Missoula prohibiting the Montana University System (MUS) from promoting gifts made by political candidates. The legislation is in response to failed gubernatorial candidate, Republican New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte who made a controversial $8 million gift to Montana State University during his race for governor.

“This important bill is another step toward taking money out of politics,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “It’s time for us to take a stand against New Jersey millionaires like Greg Gianforte who try to use their wealth to buy an election.”

The legislation prohibits the Montana University System from publicizing grants of over $20,000 from political candidates until after the election. The purpose of SB 211 is to stop multi-millionaires like Greg Gianforte from giving money or “gifts” in an attempt to influence the election process.

New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte sparked controversy last year when he gave $8 million to MSU and in return got a building named after him. Students at the University protested the move, questioning the timing of Gianfote’s $8 million donation during an election and objected to the computer science building being named after Gianforte who had a history of financially supporting anti-LGBT organizations and hate groups.

Recently, Gianforte announced he would be seeking the U.S. House seat.


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  1. PAY TO PLAY of course, what Mad Donald ‘railed’ about, right?

  2. Montana voters made it crystal clear how they feel about Greg Gianforte on Novemger 8, 2016. He lost the governor’s race at the same time that the six other statewide Republican candidates won theirs. And his loss was stunning — 30% of those voting for Republican A.G. Tim Fox snubbed Gianforte!

    Fox (AG) 332,766
    Zinki (U.S. Rep) 285,358
    Trump (President) 279,240
    Stapleton (SOS) 277,473
    Rosendale (Auditor) 262,045
    Arntzen (SPI) 253,790

    Gianforte 236,115

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