OPI’s Investigation That Isn’t


First it was an investigation, then it wasn’t, now it is? This afternoon’s email brought a tip showing that Jim Kerins and CMS have ineed been retained by Elsie Arntzen regarding student proficiency reporting. Kerins began contacting OPI staff via email yesterday morning to introduce himself as a ‘Human Resources Consultant’ and explain the general objectives of his ‘investigation’.

Are you confused as to what a Human Resources company knows about student medieval-torture-granger1proficiency?  You should be.  Maybe Elsie knows something about them that the rest of us don’t. Nothing to worry about here for the OPI staff though, Kerins assures anonymity through a very complex numbering system based on personal recordings in his office or if they so choose, the Principal’s office.   And then there’s Kerins potential methods of information extraction: the rack, the iron maiden, hot coals, read one of Elsie’s speeches?

In the words of Paul Harvey, ‘Stand by for news’….


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  1. Can't believe I have to explain HR to people | February 15, 2017 8:17 PM at 8:17 PM |

    Be fair to Kerins, he’s a respected HR consultant who was brought in to look at an organization. Every organization that has employees is therefore has something relevant to HR. He isn’t there to advance an agenda, he’s there to do the job he was hired for.

  2. Kevins’ company may indeed be reputable, but this exercise is nothing more than a fishing expedition to deflect attention away from the damage the current OIP group intends to do by discrediting the previous administration and intimidating staff members to fall in line and keep their mouths shut.

    • Old Line Democrat | February 16, 2017 7:20 AM at 7:20 AM |

      It is a fishing expedition no doubt but what they are fishing for is a potential “whistleblower ” who they can terrify or bribe into creating some controversy from the Juneau administration to distract the populace while they go about gutting our education system. It’s right out of the GOP playbook as we see the first significant bill of Congress is to cover up oil companies payments to foreign governments.just wait for the contracts for private school books, curriculum guides etc start to roll in. Follow the money to see who is really going to profit from this administration. Hint, it’s not the kids in school.

      • House Bill 243 would effectively take money from a School District and attach it to a student in a Charter School. Listen on fbook to Representative Curtis discuss HB 243. And HB 329 a sneaky Right to Work type job cutter. Note Amanda’s wit, clear language and energy level after a 13 hour day in the Montana House.

  3. I find the most helpful, recent Comment to be Old Line Democrat 2/16 7:20 Comment.

    imo ONLY OPI Head and Staff are acting out the duties of their Koch-eyed partisan job description.

    I add this as a side bar. Simultaneously, MT Legislators are acting out duties of their unofficial job description by refusing clawing back at the 2003 tax giveaway of SB 407 that has in a decade reduced MT Income Tax revenue by a billion dollars. That has in a decade liberally granted one billion USD to the top 1% of MT Income Tax Payers.

    Tell me, who wants another decade of liberal generosities to the top 1%????

    They, our Legislators, and OPI Head and Staff know they are going to stiff Public Education and subsidize the 1%

    They care not that this is the slowest Legislature in 16 years.
    In two more weeks they can execute their plan. Focus on Budget cuts and cancels.

    For this old timer, there’s only one place i go on fbook, and that’s to hear what’s happening with the Montana House of Representatives. To briefly hear summaries, wit and wisdom from Representative Curtis.

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