Rob Quist Fights for Students & Social Security

Montana native Rob Quist, musician and songwriter with the band Montana and founder of the former Mission Mountain Wood Band, announced in Red Lodge that he plans to seek the Montana Democratic Party’s nomination to run as a Democrat in the special election for Rep. Ryan Zinke’s seat in the House of Representatives if Zinke is approved for a Cabinet post in the Trump administration. Can anyone energize the powerful millennial base to vote this year in Montana if Ryan Zinke vacates his U.S. Congressional seat to become Secretary of Interior? Quist is hoping to change the dynamics.

“I was asked to run by a representative of ASUM (Associated Students of University of Montana)” said Quist at Red Lodge Pizza Co on Thursday, Jan. 19. “They have great energy” he said. “Young people in Montana are about to step forward.” He said he wants to represent “all the people of Montana” and “be a unifying source.”

“We have more in common as Montanans,” he observed, warning against those who try to polarize here. “We can have discourse with respect.” He feels Montanans agree on 80-90 percent of issues-such as Montana no longer being “poverty with a view”; the need for good health care; decent care of veterans and protecting state lands.

Quist promised change, referring to a typical office flow chart with the boss and his assistants at the top. “I’m flipping that! The people have to be your boss!” he declared.

“I feel like I have connected to rural Montanans like no one else. This is a time of great polarity in our nation and I feel that my skills as a communicator and a consensus builder working for all Montanans could be an asset for our state on a national level.”

He said, “I feel that I am uniquely qualified for this role because I have spent a lifetime traveling the state working with and getting to know the concerns and the needs of my fellow Montanans.” He has visited almost every town and city.

Quist shares the personal and family challenges of farming and ranching, running a small business, health care, and social security. “I have such broad experience in Montana.” Protection of Montana’s public lands will be a “top issue.” He noted, “Traveling around the country I see many states lost their public lands, some have none and struggle to get them back. You must leave Montana to appreciate what we have; Montana is spectacular.”

Quist has been active in public service over the years for Montanans. He served as representative to Japan for the Montana Department of Commerce. He was a spokesman for the Montana Food Bank and worked on a State anti-bullying program. He has been on the board of the Montana Arts Council for 11 years.

He reflected, “I’ve been representing Montanans all my life.” Quist has traveled the world as their emissary, starting in college as a U. of M “Jubelee-er” touring the world and doing USO tours. He co-produced “Western Harmony” with a grant from UM and toured Montana during the State’s Centennial Celebration visiting over 200 communities.

Quist is an award-winning entertainer, songwriter, poet and producer whose work honors Montana and the West. He and his wife, Bonni, have two children. Quist, a Cut Bank rancher’s son, settled on a horse ranch in Creston, Montana. His family is still on the family farm. Quist said, “I’ve experienced some of the same hardships-that’s why I’m in this.” He shared a personal story. “I was just beginning the zenith of my career. I had the bus, the band and a contract offer from Warner Western. I needed a gall bladder operation. But the doctor scheduled too many operations that day.” He botched the surgery. “He sent me into a five year (downward) spiral, two years pretty disabled. Now I have a ‘pre-existing condition,’”

Later, before the ACA, he needed back surgery. Insurance refused coverage. He was forced to take social security early and lost benefits to pay for it. “It was the only solution for me and my family.”

He explained, “The original intent of the Affordable Care Act was like Medicare: you walk into a hospital, you show your card-no questions asked.” He said, “We know these forces fought it down to what we have now-large premiums for catastrophic health insurance. Major fixes were tried but were met with stonewalling.”

“Now,” he said, “they’re trying to destroy it and take us back.”

He spoke of veteran’s needs. “Health care really affects them. “We’re only beginning to face what’s happening to our veterans.” Quist sees bad fiscal proponents in Congress wasting money to look good to voters and it’s mirrored on the state level. “If Governor Bullock had not put aside that $300 million we’d be in trouble now like all the states around us.” States like Wyoming and N.D. are suffering because they have no “rainy day” fund.

Quist supports alternative energy; solar power prices are now competitive with wind power.

On social security he said, “I’ve paid into it all my life. The fact that they call it an ‘entitlement’,” he shook his head.

“I have friends living on it. I will guard it with every breath I have.”

Red Lodge resident Art Maxwell asked Quist if he would work to eliminate the cap on the amount upper income people pay into social security Quist responded, “They say it’s in trouble” but, “everyone should pay into it.”

Local resident, Judith Gregory, explained, “If you make under $100,000 you pay 6 percent to social security; if you make $200,000 you pay 2 percent!”

Quist is a native Montanan. He was student body president at Cut Bank High School and co-captain of the State Champ basketball team. He also played at U. of M. He co-founded the Mission Mountain Wood Band, touring nationwide for 12 years and appearing on national TV. His songs have made Billboard’s top 100.

Quist bases his RQGN entertainment business in Kalispell where he employs up to 15 Montanans. He is “keenly aware” of the challenges faced by small business owners.

Quist ended with some songs including “Montana”, the “heart of the “Golden West.” His songs reflect the Montana man he strives to represent. His song, “45 Caliber Man” states, “You can fight for your life and your home and your freedom, Or throw it all away. This isn’t a season for the faint of heart. It’s time that we made our stand. If we are ever going to save Montana, it’s going to take a 45 caliber man.” See

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  1. Many of the Democrats in eastern Montana–and, yes, we exist–are supporting Rob Quist because he has made an effort to reach out to us. Amanda Curtis, while I like her generally, has tossed eastern Montana and our concerns aside as unimportant to her because we can’t turn out enough votes. I also think Quist is just plain electable and yes, he does have a very good grasp of the issues.

    • I think folks in Carbon County are also missing out on Amanda.

    • Amorette “while I like her generally”? Come on we all know you hate her with a white hot passion or you would just champion your guy and not attack another Democrat in such a public manner. I could attack your man, I could let people know about the potentially damaging things that have been dug up on him that the other side has leaked, I could hammer away every chance I get like you do….is that what you want? Is it? It’s almost as if you are nothing more than a political operative engaging in dirty politics….

      • We just want to see Amanda out in rural areas. I think a lack of a face and presence is why Rob supposedly has the upper hand right now.

        Will you come to Libby and talk about union jobs and the Rock Creek Mine?

  2. Rob announced his intent in Red Lodge (which lays in Carbon County). This is a county that Democrats lose by literally 5% points an election or they win. Bullock lost Carbon County by 6%, that is a county (including Rosebud, Pondera, and Mineral) that Democrats CAN win if they can run a quality candidate on a quality message. Rosebud includes a Reservation and the union of Colstrip. Pondera has great ranches and a reservation. If Tester can carry Choteau and turn some Central Montana counties blue-r, then I think there is a chance.

    Of course…a special election after school is out may be hard, but you gotta try. Come to NW Montana and talk about timber. Come to Lincoln and Sanders Counties and talk to people about the Rock Creek Mine. Go to Central and Eastern Montana and talk about commodity prices. Talk to folks in Sydney about getting the pipeline in and the oil industry back up. Go to Colstrip, Democrats HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE to a better job articulating the issue of Colstrip. Talk about all of the issues that got the Democrat Party an opportunity when Brian Schweitzer got in. The playbook is there, it just got lost in the 2016 election. And they may need a better promoter than Steve.

    Everything the Montana Democrats need to know about re-connecting to rural voters can be found here.

    This is the book by Brian Schweitzer “Power up.Energy”…this is the playbook. Read it. Understand it. You need it to reconnect and win.

    • Wow. If YOU’RE a typical Rob supporter, see ya round! Bizarro world. BTW, ever live in Red Lodge? I did. Your ideas won’t go over real big there. Red Lodge, like the rest of the state, is changing rapidly. The folks moving there are NOT the old rape and run crowd. They actually kind of like clean water, scenery, tourism, etc. If Rob can’t understand that, he’s done there.

      And really, his explanation of ACA is simply bizarre. He sounds a lot like Daines trying to explain policy! And that’s real bad. Hard to bring a guy like that up to speed on any issue.

      Check this out. And really, ONLY fools believe that Colstrip is comin’ back. Ever been there? I have, many times. NO government policy will make coal profitable again, for the world has moved on.

      • What substance has any of your posts ever had? What strategy or positive piece of campaign advice have you ever given?

        Yeah…go to Colstrip and run on a message of failure. Take a bunch of money from the Sierra Club and go to Colstrip…worked real well for Steve. Didn’t it?

        Come to rural timber towns where bears and other animals have been put ahead of good paying jobs and tell me how that’s worked out for rural Democrats. We all want clean water and scenery, but you better have a tax base and young people there to enjoy besides a bunch of old, retired people.

        You missed the entire point about connecting with people. You sit behind a computer screen, talking out your ass, and completely undermining any valid point you may make.

        • Wow. Why on earth would you consider yourself to be a democrat? All the rape, ruin and run you espouse are all the same talking points of Zinke, Dianes, Gianforte and Trump! I think that you need to reconsider your party affiliation. You’re totally lost and without any semblance of understanding nuanced policy. What can the democrats do for you that the sleaze balls aren’t already doing? Sorry, but you are oblivious, either by choice or impaired intellect.

          • So, what’s your idea for saving union, blue collar, Democrat jobs in Colstrip?

            • “So, what’s your idea for saving union, blue collar, Democrat jobs in Colstrip”?

              Easy. Vote Nazi. Nazis never HAVE given 2 shites about anything other than themselves anyway.

              Done with you.

          • How do you work with unions in Colstrip and the Democrat base on the Crow Reservation who does want coal? How do you walk the fine line of quality of life regarding income, extraction, and the environment?

            I need some answers Elderly Elk.

            • Every decent sized city and town in America used to have a municipal employee who’s job was to go around picking up horse-apples. Since they were #1 source of transport there were lots of road apples. Should we mandate horse & buggy use so they can still have a job? Coal is dying because natural gas is cheaper-should we restrict fracking in Montana and elsewhere so we drive the price of gas back above coal? If you are a typical Republican your answer is likely yes to all of the above. The rest of us who breathe air and drink water kinda like the idea of coal going away. Solar energy is the leading energy industry now, mostly everywhere but here. China is outpacing us by orders of magnitude and it’s time to decide if we are going to be innovators in energy or just a bunch of suckers?

    • Oh no, it’s the return of JDOUG whose endless cut and paste diatribes finally made the Billings Gazette do away with their comments feature.

  3. This could still be a WIN-WIN.
    If there is desire to Crowd fund a meet and greet with Rob and Amanda.
    If there is desire sufficient to Community organize a panel discussion with Amanda and Rob.
    If there is desire to get out in front of the alliances of the MT Democratic Party.
    If there is enough desire to act democratically. To work to make for a chance to see Rob and Amanda with your own eyes.
    To create an event where your own mind can hear Amanda and Rob particpate in public discussion.
    Be not upset by the campaign to shun Representative Curtis while showcasing Rob Quist.
    Work for a reset showcasing both leading contenders for the possibly open Montana seat in the People’s House, under Paul Ryan.

    Catch a breath while the New Administration reorganizes. Resist and claw back against the actions of the MT Democratic Leaders TO KEEP DEMOCRACY LOCKED OUT OF SELECTING A PERSON FOR A POSSIBLE SPECIAL USA ELECTION!

    • Great advice, Bob.

      • Kelcie Christiansen | February 20, 2017 12:21 AM at 12:21 AM |

        Rob is a super dynamic speaker! I saw him in Whitefish at the Big Sky Rising event and he has an amazing command of the issues! Anyone underestimating him on that does so at their own peril. He would absolutely destroy Gianforte!

        I got super excited about this election and how electable he is after seeing him in person. My girlfriend saw him at the event broadcast by the Sweetgrass County democrats and she said he had them on their feet cheering and then putting their money where there mouth is with cheques to the campaign. And that was in Big Arm!

        • What particular commanding issue struck a chord w/ you? I really want to like him too. Maybe HE could do some social media like Amanda!

          • Kelcie Christiansen | February 20, 2017 1:52 PM at 1:52 PM |

            He is very passionate about health care reform! He was talking about how ridiculous it is that people have to start a “go fund me page” to cover their medical bills and that huge deductibles are unfair and that single payer universal healthcare should be a right of citizenship.

            He was also talking about how Montana has the resources to become a leader in renewable and green energies. Wind farms in our windy areas like his home town in Cut Bank and the possibility of turning Colstrip into a giant solar plant with the existing infrastructure. He is also very passionate about our public lands and preventing them from getting sold off to the highest bidder.

            People who aren’t getting his appeal need to see him on the stump before passing judgement.

          • Thanks for the suggestion Merv. We’re planning to put out a video next week. We will post it on his Facebook page, Rob Quist For Congress, when it’s ready.

            Cheers and you certainly keep things interesting around here. Just FYI though my mom reads these boards and she’s a lot more sensitive than me and Pops. So maybe we could kind of keep the focus on the issues whenever possible and try to tone down the personal attacks.

            Rob is fond of Amanda, he’s forbade anyone involved with our campaign from speaking negatively about her in public or private as he believes we are all on the same team and that party infighting gets us nowhere. We are all Dems here and we all care deeply about putting our country back on a progressive course. If we are divided we will be easy pickings for Gianforte and his cohorts. Our family will support any candidate who wins the nomination. My dad believes that flipping this seat is of paramount importance to our state and our nation and that’s why he decided to give up his cushy lifestyle as an entertainer and Arts Council member and subject our family to a level of scrutiny none of us could have imagined. In two weeks the nominee will be chosen and then the real work begins. If my father is selected I hope you decide to stand with us and help us send a progressive to Congress from MT for the first time in decades. For the good of all of us.

  4. Let’s not fight among ourselves Democrats! Our enemy is the republicans.

    • How true. It’s much easier to just not think, just like Trump supporters. Problem is that the Dems are more than capable of stupid stuff as are the Repubs. Exhibit A. Max Baucus and Baucus care. Pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for Hillary. And the party. Single payer would have won the day, but Max needed to throw a bone to the insurance industry.

      Some of us still kind of like free speech and nuanced policy. Problem is that then guys like James Douglas come along and say that we should all just be good Republicans. Sorry, can’t do that. We all get a say in how our state and country should be run, not just the nazzie wing of the parties.

      • “Exhibit A. Max Baucus and Baucus care. Pretty much put the final nail in the coffin for Hillary. And the party. Single payer would have won the day, but Max needed to throw a bone to the insurance industry.”

        Agree completely, Max torpedoed single-payer. I recall the senate hearings on hc reform, doctors and nurses wanted single payer… Max kept pounding the gavel and shouting “we need more police” as the medical people were taken away in handcuffs. The last time Max ran for re-election I couldn’t even hold my nose and vote for him, just abstained.

        • Agreed, Baucus was only out for himself, big pharma,and insurance companies when it came to the ACA and, in the end, he was a big fraud. I’m concerned Tester is moving in that direction. Liberal women politicians are the saving grace of the Democratic party -just look at the womens march turnout all over the country.

      • Why do you keep lumping him in with Baucus?

        They are two different men with completely different backgrounds. Rob has already come out in favor of single payer, he spoke in depth about it during his recent interview with Bozeman Magazine, but I guess you’re not one for actually researching his positions, you’d rather some on message boards and dis him and that is certainly your right.

        But to draw conclusions about what he might do based on what Max did at some point is kind of a silly argument against him wouldn’t you agree? I mean come on. That’s what we call a “red herring” argument. It’s a diversionary tactic.

  5. Mr. Quist may have his heart in the right place, but until he actually engages at a local level, either to support Democratic candidates, or to run for local, county, or state office, I will find it difficult to support him for national office. Government work is not like running a business or nonprofit, and it’s certainly not like taking a band on tour. You’ve got to have a lot more patience, persistence, perseverance, faith, and long-term vision. Mr. Quist may have the vision, but until he’s been tested in office, who knows how he’ll perform? Congressional work is difficult and the people you need to represent won’t necessarily agree with you. How will he handle that disagreement? In a transparent and open manner, or will he duck behind the party line when the rubber meets the road? Amanda Curtis has proven she’s an innovative legislator, open to ideas, is in constant, daily communication with her constituents, and is an excellent representative for her district. It would be great to have her represent Montana at the national level with the same level of passion and commitment that she represents her constituents in Butte.

    • Bob, thank you for your great comment. I am sending it to my four delegates to the convention. If they won’t take my word for it, maybe they’ll take yours. I will be so disheartened if the Montana Democrats support Quist. Not that I have anything against him — I don’t even know him even as a musician — but I resent the idea that any guy with a familiar name and a cowboy hat is seen as a better potential representative than a woman who has worked hard for her community and would work hard for her state. The Democrats always talk about supporting more women in public office. Now’s the time to put their money where their mouths are.

      • Then why hasn’t she been campaigning very hard? The reports I hear indicate that she is having others call on her behalf and hasn’t even left Helena for some reason. Even Kelly “I’m a libertarian” MacCarthy campaigns on weekends and between legislative sessions.

        By all accounts Rob has been running circles around them both. He’s been to 40 counties and he’s getting people fired up! That’s kind of what politicians are supposed to do to win elections no? Campaign. According to Curtis’ wikipedia she has never won an election, she ran unopposed to gain her MT house seat.

        I think it’s just starting to settle in that Quist looks super electable. It’s just where the excitement is right now. He “moves the needle.” His campaign song is super catchy too! Haha. Go Rob!

  6. I had a blast meeting him in Miles City! Rob truly cares about our values here in Montana and I was astounded by his command of the issues. He was telling me about how multi lateral trade agreements can be tweaked to help our farmers get more for their grain. You have my vote Rob.

    • I had a blast one time after eaing too many beans! They still talk about that one. Scared even the horses at the wild horse rodeo!

      Sorry, but it AIN’T just about grain prices. Eastern Montana grain prices have NOTHING to do with my values. Doesn’t benefit me in the least. So the farmer can upgrade to a new airplane. Big deal. They already GET their government paycheck I don’t. Maybe my back yard will qualify for CRP!

      The Dem leadership has insulted us by considering Rob as a legitimate choice. Don’t you get it? We don’t want a has been who knows grain prices, but a can do that will do who will help the country! Farmer Rob should do the right thing and support Amanda.

      • p.s. Holly, richest county in the state per capita? LIBERTY CO.! True story. Check it out. PITY the poor grain farmer! Guess that Robby wants to make them richer!

        Also the whitest co. too, just like the rest of Montana!

        • Not sure where you’re getting your info but it’s inaccurate. Grain prices have fallen so low that it’s a break even deal now for family farms. Do you want Monsanto to own everything? Because that’s where we’re headed if things don’t turn around. Your attitude seems typical of a “latte liberals” from Missoula, “out of sight, out of mind.” I’m glad Rob takes a more broad view and that’s why his message is resonating with Dems all over MT, not just Missoula and Helena. You condescending folks looking down you’re nose at us E. Montanans are going to be in for a rude awakening at the convention. And a has been? Puh-leeze. MMW2 shows sell out in minutes and draw the biggest crowds in the state, of all ages. But keep spouting your “alternative facts.” If your gal doesn’t get off her high horse and actually start campaigning she’d in danger of becoming a “never was.”

    • Grain prices are a non issue when farmers are taking government welfare checks. The self annointed defenders of capitalism Republicans are actually socialsts. They subsidized farmers, fossil fuel corporations and insurance companies, yet cry “commie” when a no nonsense and fiscally responsible medicare for all program is mentioned. Nope, the grain argument is not worth putting on Quists resume. When you realize that many Bernie supporters voted for Trump you have to admit that an aggressive progressive agenda is the only way to get the dems back to work in Washington and Amanda is the progressive answer. If Rob wants in on the action he can run for Amanda’s hopefully soon to be vacated seat in Helena.

      • I think she will still be there for awhile because she refuses to campaign. She has visited none of the central committees while Rob has visited all of them multiple times. She’s your typical millennial, wants everything handed to her, entitlement complex, more interested in posting on Facebook than actually working to secure the nomination. Her idea of campaigning is to have her cult members call on her behalf and tie up all the delegates phone lines. What a shock that it hasn’t worked!

      • Quit spreading the hate, their is no proof that Bernie supporters voted for trump. Why are all of the Curtis people trying to divide the party when we all should be working together to make sure that we elect a Democrat. I support Quist but if Curtis gets the nomination I will support her. I do have a concern with her campaign and particularly with her husband, he seems to be a loose cannon who has taken sideways shots at people , not only over this nomination but also in the 2014 Senate race. Amanda needs to muzzle him or else he will disenfranchise both Democrats and Independents.

        • Geez, dude. I don’t think that you and I are even on the same team! For try as I might, I don’t think that I could make that many grammatical errors even if I tried. No WONDER you support Rob. You’re a grain farmer! Did your check come on time this month?

          Maybe you should stop the hate. We’ll be fine with or without you. We don’t need morons.

        • And the Republicans…

  7. Suggesting Guthrie Quist bring Lauren Conway up to date.

    Suggesting everyone do the (purposely?) overlooked obvious.

    Spend time with what Rob Quist has to say on Facebook.

    Spend Facebook time with Amanda Curtis summarizing here and now doings in the Montana House.

    Enough of the thrown together straw figures supposedly representing Amanda or Rob.

    Gaslighting thrown together straw figures is not an art form.

    Guthrie Quist, any chance people could meet and greet Amanda and Rob at a local event before the Convention?

    I’m just an old plugger thinking that would be the democratic thing to do.

    May also short circuit some built up pressure voltage causing some heads to explode.

    Explode and never notice how this week our Legislators may enable a mail-in Ballot for the likely upcoming Special Election.

    A mail-in Ballot is a win-win. More people participate knowing they will Vote. Ballot counting costs go way down.

    Mail-in Ballots may darn well make for a more democratic Special Election.

    (I read that two of Representative Ryan Zinke’s Staff have already transferred to the Department of the Interior.)

    • I appreciate your sentiments Bob.

      I actually had to personally ban my mom from reading the comments in here because she was getting bummed out and downing entire pints of ice cream and binge watching Netflix, haha. People sometimes forget that candidates are people too.

      My dad would love to participate in a public meet and greet, he’s been doing those kinds of things pretty much everyday since he announced. I can put you in touch with his scheduler if you’d like. By local do you mean Helena?

      People like to think of this thing as a Quist vs. Curtis title bout but Kelly is also very much in the mix. Would all the candidates participate? There are seven in total as of now. It could potentially be challenging to get it organized before the convention takes place. The latest rumor is that we’re only ten days out.

      By the way I think the supposed rivalry between the candidates has been perhaps exaggerated based on the comments in this forum by some of the more ardent supporters. Pops is fond of Amanda. He has personally forbade anyone within our organization from speaking in anyway that could be perceived as negatively towards Mrs. Curtis. We’re all Facebook friends with each other. I caught her and her husband at the Governor’s Ball and we didn’t have a chance to chat that time but I have a great deal of admiration for her as a progressive voice for Montana and an outstanding role model for our young girls to look up to.

      It would be nice if we didn’t have to demonize our candidates. My parents always taught my sister and I about the virtues of Senator Mike Mansfield and his ability to maintain respectful discourse even with the folks he disagreed with. But I understand that people’s emotions get involved and there is much at stake. But lets not forget that we’re all on the same team and we’re the good guys. Our progressive values aren’t just good for Dems they are a benefit to all the people of Montana.

      I’m fond of a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
      “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk them crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

      I think we’re blessed to have a number of great candidates and whoever is chosen as our nominee I hope we all find it within ourselves to get onboard because I honestly believe we can win this seat back. Now is the time, and we are the people we’ve been waiting for!

      • Age sixty-five. Guess you had to be there to understand. And maybe some day you will be if you’re lucky.

        But when we actually HAVE a great young woman candidate, the old guy should do the right thing and step aside. If we didn’t have Amanda, I would say go ahead and select Rob. But we DO have Amanda. Therefore, I simply can’t understand Rob’s reluctance to not allow the best candidate to come forward.

        Guess I’ll have another Metamucil, prune juice and vodka and think about that one!

        • Oops. I meant sixty-nine. Rob is sixty-nine. THAT was a great year too! Oh, the good old days!

          • Kelcie Christiansen | February 21, 2017 12:41 AM at 12:41 AM |


          • So you think that Rob should be forced to drop out because of what genitals he has? As a woman I am offended by that and I think this kind of attitude it what is driving many young millennial men away from the party. I thought the strength of the democratic party is that we are supposed to be gender blind and color blind? If we become a “women only” party we’ll never win another election again.

      • Guthrie, yes progressive values/practises will benefit most all of Montana!
        And, for the people who have not met Rob Quist, it would be real helpful if the video and Facebook entries would offer at minimum an overview sketch of Rob’s progressive values and plans.
        For instance, was real helpful for me last week to hear on Facebook what Rob had to say about the Student Loan problem. I encourage people to go to Rob’s Facebook page and note how he immediately gets to the core of Student Loan problems.
        Here we are in Montana Cowgirl 2017 cycle, looking at an imminent Democratic Convention to Vote for a Democratic Candidate for a possible Special Election. imo ONLY the public right to know Rob’s progressive values/plans trumps the right for Cowgirl Commenters to dilly dally free speach with variances of attack, tarnish and slander.
        In other words, should we gather together, some spirit of forward discussion might well emerge.
        If we avoid that providence, Guthrie please consider Cowgirl comments sketching Rob’s progressive values that might overlap and be good neighbors with us people who trust Representative Curtis.
        Practise being a peacemaker, in both senses of the word.

  8. House of Ill Re-Butte | February 20, 2017 11:38 PM at 11:38 PM |

    Thank you, Guthrie Quist, for a gracious comment and the reminder that we don’t have to malign the candidates. We are lucky to have two strong contenders here and my deepest hope is that one will be sitting in Congress soon.
    I also hope the mtcowgirl site can remind commenters that personal attacks on here are unwarranted and unwelcome.

  9. This is my first time to wander down the comments page on this blog, and I can’t see spending too many hours of a measured life wandering back again. One observation I do have is that young Guthrie Quist handles his part with a graciousness that is welcome, and I take that to be a fairly telling comment on what kind of people his parents are. My overall impression is that Rob offers that rare opportunity to reach a lot of Montana voters who have come to believe that all things Democrat have become one and the same with the latest east and west coast trends. If there has ever been a candidate for national office who has repeatedly been to as many small towns throughout his or her life, let alone in a terrain as vast as Montana, it would be news to me. That is not a small fact, and it is here enhanced by the knowledge that Quist has made a lot of friends in those towns by himself being gracious, reliable and often generous in support of local causes. Those decades of experience cannot help but inform his character and capacity for taking on something new. And contrary to one suggestion above, it is the very stuff of what it takes to create an effective constituent service operation, and to engage legislatively for Montanan’s interests.

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