For $3000, ski a few runs with Daines and Rubio at Big Sky

Anyone who thinks Steve Daines is not making himself available lately has clearly not been paying attention.   For $3,000, anyone, especially corporate lobbyists from out of state, can hobnob with Daines and Marco Rubio on the slopes at Big Sky Ski Resort later in March.  Here is the invite:


While I am sure that a fun time will be had by all, I’d say this isn’t a great time for either Daines or Rubio to be donning their one-piece powder suits and taking runs with wealthy donors for $3,000 a pop at a posh resort.  In real Montana, Daines has gone dark, into hiding.  He is no longer appearing at public events and will not hold town halls except by phone. It’s a shocking departure from historical custom in Montana where access to politicians is expected and doors are always open.  This is all because he struggles to answer basic questions on topics such as healthcare and Trump.  

Rubio, like Daines, has also been ducking the press and public in Florida and will not appear before any crowds who lack the money to fly to a ski resort to see him, but who want to hear him answer questions about what’s going on in Washington.  So I doubt this jaunt to the slopes will do Rubio any favors in his home state.

As to the details and timing of the fundraiser, while it’s a sad truth that all politicians must raise lots of money as part of the job, I’d say brazen, inappropriate and tone-deaf might all work as adjectives here, when you consider that Daines isn’t even up for re-election until 2020 and Rubio until 2022. Optics might have dictated a postponement of such a fundraiser at a time when these two gentleman, like other GOP Senators, are refusing to interact with citizens.

And with Democrats energized in Montana and itching for protests, might we suppose that this “Weekend in the Montana Mountains,” as it is described on the invite, could see one or two uninvited guests outside the gates?


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  1. ‘The more you whine the more we dine.
    The more you hate us the more we gate us Republicans apart, beyond and above.
    The more you hate us the more love and $upport we will shower on the Republican to be Elected around June 1 to serve as the Representative from Montana, to work with other Representatives under Paul Ryan.

    Eleven days after we select our Candidate, we’re going to meet and great, and plan for great stuff and feel oh so cozy amidst Big Sky resort splendor.

    Read in our newspapers, you Independents and Democrats about us going to the mountain to show support for Senator Daines. And Mr. X for Congress.’

    Such quoted lines might well be examples of thoughts of some Republican Leaders in Montana.

  2. Last night on CNN was a town hall meeting with Senators McCain and Graham, both senior repuglicans. I do hope that our run and hide Senator Daines watched it for the information about what a well run town hall meeting has to offer the people that vote and want their elected representatives to be available and accountable. How about it Stevie, got a set of balls to set something up similar instead of hiding behind you wealthy benefactor’s skirts?

  3. Maybe Dark Money Daines should have been doing a little work, and asking hard questions about Sessions…another Trump nominee reportedly caught lying under oath about conversations with Russia….instead of mansplaining how to act to Elizabeth Warren.

  4. We must remember why Daines is in the Senate in the first place. The Montana Democratic Party screwed up and gave us a flawed candidate who had to resign. Then with a very short put forth a good candidate but did little to support her. This comming Sunday about 180 delegates will select a new candidate to run for our only U.S. House seat. I believe about 8 people are running. We can only hope the best electable candidate is selected. It will be a tough race in a state that voted for Trump by great margins. If the GOP selects the man that has over $800,000 in his campaign already what kind of money will the democrats come up with to get behind our candidate. Is the Montana Democrat Party serious about turning this seat blue first time in 20 years? To close may the best candidate win and may we then come together to truely support and elect a democrat

    • I don’t think he changed his mind. I think it wasn’t properly investigated originally by The Daily Record…As usual. The Star Ledger has a direct quote from Jim Gervasio. The Daily Record gave their opinion about his beliefs without a direct quote. That’s called inc.tenfeeIr’s also called journalistic license.

  5. Hey ‘slinky steve’ and how about it, ‘best ‘Gummint’ $$$$ can buy!

  6. This is hilarious. A big group of UM college dems are going to be at Big Sky that weekend too.

  7. Its quite obvious at this point in our history that the Ruling Classes no longer wish to meet with the proletariat.

  8. A bit off topic but I notice that Montana Republicans are holding their nominating convention for the special election this coming Monday. MONDAY! How many working class Montanans can take a Monday off to drive to Helena and cast a vote? Between this and the $1,740 fee the state GOP is requiring of candidates seeking the vacated House seat, party leadership is definitely giving the rank-and-file the middle finger.

    • Good point. But are the Democrats any better? The delegates to the Democratic convention the day before are chosen on the principle of one county, one vote, not one person, one vote. As I read the party’s rules, Missoula County, which gave Bullock almost 40,000 votes, gets four delegates, same as Petroleum County, which gave Bullock 74 votes. I think that’s crazy.

      • I agree, James, but at least we’re holding the convention on a Sunday and not charging the candidates who want to run a bunch of money.

        It’s a sticky wicket, trying to keep the rural communities engaged. If Missoula and Bozeman, for example, got weighted preference at these conventions, I imagine the smaller counties would cry foul.

        I’m open to suggestions.

        • I’m working on a proposal for weighted representation based on the number of votes for statewide partisan candidates cast in each county. BTW, did you know that Flathead County cast more 4,000 votes for Bullock in 2016 than Silver Bow and Deer Lodge combined?

    • Not to mention throwing their weight around and looking like idiots in trying to defeat SB 305 (a Republican bill with bi-partisan support) because they are convinced that a mail ballot election will lead to a Democratic win– and, apparently, marijuana use by all!

  9. Old Line Democrat | March 2, 2017 8:57 PM at 8:57 PM |

    It’s no problem for the repub delegates. They are all collecting farm subsidies to not farm, on Social Security or SSI disability. They’ll probably swing by the VA for some free medical care before the choose someone to go to Congress to replace those benefits with vouchers or access they can’t afford. Nothing like making it easy to vote against your own self-interest

  10. Perfect place for little Marco! No one from FL will find him in Montana! What a cowardly, all-talk boy. There are many of us in Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee, South FL ETC who are voters, Not paid, Not part of a “liberal activist” group. We are special ed. teachers, parents of children in public schools and college- who want clean air and water (they are ruining that), healthy food in cafeterias (just voted to get rid of healthier standards in schools), no guns in schools- among other commonsense laws (he will be behind the NRA all the way), money put into public schools (he voted for DeVos who is in the midst of undoing all of it) who see his HORRIBLE votes and he can’t even take on a Town Hall Meeting. Total coward. It will reflect eventually- and he will part of t’s cover-up.

  11. Bob Williams — Are you the individual that manned Senator Daines’ Sidney office or are you still there but just not answering the phone? Luanne said you got married and left town around the first of the year. Any truth to this and is there some reason the phone recording cannot be changed to reflect the empty office in Sidney?

    • Not me. Been decades since visiting friends in Sidney.
      Any other Daines field offices transitioning to inactive, or less active??

  12. What a swell pair: Little Marco and Shutdown Steve. Let’s not forget the Gianforte and his queer-hating Christian wife, Susan.

  13. Oh how rich! In the meantime middle class America along with Montana’s may have to do without because these republican miscreants will vote against social programs that benefit us..tsk, tsk..

  14. To Pete Talbot

    I believe that the Democrats have basically turned their backs on the rural counties generally: only half the counties in the state even have a party presence. The Party should put resources into organizing in those places, but at the same time it makes no sense to give them the same weight as counties that have a party presence and actually elect Democrats to office. Weighting that takes into account the percentage of Democratic votes AND the contribution of votes to the total in state-wide races would be much more equitable.

  15. Where did you get this flyer? Steve Daines’ office is claiming they don’t know anything about this. It wouldn’t be the first time they gave the run-around or incorrect info, but I don’t want to share this until I know it’s actually legit.

  16. Pay $3000 to watch a couple of slimy politicians pizza/french fry the groomers at Big Sky all day? Mmmmmm….no thanks, I’ll pass.

  17. Daines cannot manage to meet with real Montanans because he is too busy charging people to watch him snowplow at Big Sky? Maybe Zinke could join him on Tonto the ceremonial horse and they could do some ski joring. Then they could dine on some lead filled game meat, thanks to Ryan’ a fabulous move to sell out to the NRA and once again allow lead bullets.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 4, 2017 8:29 AM at 8:29 AM |

      Nice Janis!

      You get it on both levels.
      I hope we can keep up the flag waving long enough to force the hands of these folks. Unfortunately the “free press” is controlled by the big money in Comcast et al.
      ALEC has had years to infiltrate government at all levels. I just hope there are enough citizens left who have not been indoctrinated.
      Someone with more time and computer skills than I needs to connect the dots from Zinke to Spencer to Bannon.
      Is there anyone who believes that Zinke’s less than stellar terms in the Montana legislature and seat warming in the House in any way qualifies him for a Cabinet post? Much like Commerce Secretary Cross there is a odd trail of connections to real unsavory characters behind these appointments.

      • I predict he will be confirmed just in time to watch his boss get indicted and he’ll end up surrendering his House seat for a job more like an errand boy for the Mob-you get a nasty rep but none of the cash.

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