Expose Finds a Plethora of Hilarious “Facts” Taught at Gianforte’s Creationist Museum

If you read nothing else today, read the Great Falls Tribune’s expose on the creationist museum that has received tens of thousands in financial support from GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte.  Without spoiling it, the article includes such gems the museum “teaches”  us, such as:

-Dinosaurs WERE on the ark.

-Dinosaurs are so large because everyone lived to be like 1000 back in the day:

think of Methuselah, whom the Bible pegs at 969 years old when he died. If people lived 10 times longer than they do now, apply that factor of 10 to animals.

-How did fossils get into Kansas? “the Flood is a good explanation.”

-God made every animal a vegan:

Just as panda bear teeth suggest a predator not a vegan, dinosaur teeth may be misleading. The Bible says everything — and that must include a T. rex — was created to eat plants, Canen said. The world was without violence and predation.

Go read the rest yourself. Then pick your jaw up off the floor.

The Billings Gazette first reported on Gianforte’s financial support for this museum in 2009. The candidate has refused to disclose the specific amount he has given to keep this museum open, but the Gazette reported in 2009 that tens of thousands had been given at that time.


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  1. Did that ark have two of every kind of dinosaur? What’s the plural of Brontosaurus? Big boat!

    • It was a really , REALLY huge boat !

    • “Did that ark have two of every kind of dinosaur?”
      Can you imagine what it was like to have keep that ark clean? Dinosaur feces and urine everywhere (not to mention the mess from all the other animals). And having to store all the food those dinosaurs needed for a forty day ride?
      In the Bible, God commands Noah to build a boat that is 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. That equates to:
      450 feet: Length of the boat
      3 stories (50 feet): Height of the boat
      75 feet: Width of the boat
      14,000: Number of trees it took to build the ark
      1,500: Number of people the ark can hold

    • Old Line Democrat | March 10, 2017 4:37 PM at 4:37 PM |

      Actually I think they say that the dinosaurs were babies and therefore don’t take up too much room. The guides tell all kinds of laughable explanations for the obvious divergence from science. The level of self delusion is really frightening. It puts Gianforte’s qualification to represent us in serious doubt.
      Again it is not his right to believe as he wants. It’s his ability to enact laws that affect all of us while holding those beliefs that we as electors need to confront.

  2. Old Line Democrat | March 9, 2017 8:03 PM at 8:03 PM |

    Thank you for reminding us of his very conservative evangelical beliefs.
    It is fine for him to believe in his own religions teachings.
    He just should not be allowed to impose those beliefs on me or anyone else through laws or using tax money to support his beliefs

  3. Hey, it’s cheaper than DisneyWorld and just as believable.

  4. What is apparent is that Gianforte is of a fundamentalist sect of Christian Belief.
    Meaning that he takes a very literal interpretation of all books in the Bible as the absolute only words that God wants us to consider as His. So the only interpretation that Gianforte must believe of Noah`s flood as first related in ancient Mesopotamia was written by people who believed in Babylonian Science where the world was a flat disc, surrounded by a huge dome, and above that was heaven. They also believed that water surrounded the dome on all sides, and that the universe was born from this enormous sea. That God loosed the seas and flooded the disc is the original version of Noah`s flood story that is used in the Bible. Fundamentalist are forced to use this story to explain how sea shell fossils are found on top of Mount Everest!
    It is kind of interesting to note that nobody believed in that version of science in the time of Jesus Christ. Aristotelian Science was understood by then. Also of note, Noah`s mission was to save 2 of everything, to let nothing perish, but of course there have been mass extinctions since the time of Noah. Creatures that existed in Noah`s time that exist no longer, without even considering the fossil record, how can this be?
    According to Gianforte`s belief system, the science of plate tectonics is useless to explain how the surface of this Earth is formed and changes.
    In Gianforte`s belief system, we are never to look for parables in the stories of the Bible to help us understand how to love, and be loved by God, we are only to do so because we are commanded to do so by the fierce and condescending God of Deuteronomy. Or suffer an eternity in hell.
    Religious fundamentalists, whether Christian, Muslim, Judaic, or whatever are a plague on humanity. Adherents of such belief systems should be pitied for their lack of curiosity, vision, and intellectual acuity, and certainly not elected to positions of leadership.

    • “Also of note, Noah`s mission was to save 2 of everything, to let nothing perish.”
      I know of no animal species that can successfully repopulate with only one male and one female. Genetics just will not allow that. (except for the Adam guy and his old lady). Which leads to the question: When did the god guy quit protecting incestual offspring?

      • Except via evolution if you deny divine intervention.
        I think the answer to you question though lies in indeterminate free will. Gotta let go to honor that!

  5. Old Line Democrat | March 10, 2017 6:23 AM at 6:23 AM |

    If you are addressing me, my answer is yes, I don’t care what religious beliefs they have so long as they don’t try to impose them on everyone else through law. It is really pretty simple and has worked relative well since 1789.
    You reveal your self by immediately playing the persecuted victim card. Again it just demonstrates the paucity of your ideas and the weakness of your position.

    • He just prayed to his magical sky pixie to smite thee! AFAIC, religious folk can make their funny museums. Just be sure to put a big-ass cross in front of it so there’s no mistaking it for an ACTUAL museum. Hail Satan!

  6. Gianforte, DeVoss, and Artzen would be a powerful force in the dumbing down of education in MT.

  7. So we progressives are ‘outraged’ because the right is stirring up hate towards people because they aren’t from here and have different religious views…

    But then we progressives are stirring up hate towards Gianforte because he’s not from here and has different religious views.

    This is the epitome of so-called liberal intolerance. We need to stick to hitting him on stream access, privatizing education, and being against regular Montanans. When we attack him for his religious beliefs and being from somewhere else, it makes is look ignorant and intolerant.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 11, 2017 6:54 AM at 6:54 AM |

      Excuse me, but it is Gianforte’s religious beliefs which demonstrate his ignorance and intolerance. It is his his wife and money that are funding anti gay activities and opposing equality legislation. He is the one that funds the anti-science museum.
      Again it is his right to believe these things however he should not be allowed to represent the rest of us in our only congressional seat. In many respects we are better off without a voice now rather than one voting in lockstep with Ryan and Trump as Zinke or Gianforte would be.
      Rob Quist can and should be a statement candidacy against rule by billionaires and right wing crazies.

    • We should not be afraid to criticize the fundamental intolerance that Gianforte exhibits toward the many gray areas that our secular society considers tolerable or even desirable. Gay marriage,Climate Science, Renewable energy,Public education, Refugee immigration, just to name a few! We should continue to hit him on all of his vulnerabilities, including his religious intolerance. I personally don`t give a hoot where he was born. Having a Montana birth certificate is not a ticket that pre-supposes wisdom or even sanity. A cursory glance at those around us shows that!

    • You don’t think that his religious views won’t spill over into his public policy?

    • I will add, however, that I agree with you that the focus should be on policy (see how Australia successfully beat back a right-wing ultranationalist: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/global-opinions/wp/2017/03/15/australia-just-delivered-a-blow-to-its-far-right-populists-heres-how-we-did-it/?utm_term=.ca4b5ad9ecaa). I also think it’s silly to keep bringing up New Jersey.

  8. So, in Gianforte World, the earth is only 6000to 10,000 years old. Back in Noah’s day, people lived to be 1000 years old. Doing the math then, there have only been 6 to 10 generations of humans on the planet. How do they even?

    • Old Line Democrat | March 11, 2017 11:48 AM at 11:48 AM |

      It’s a miracle. Faith overcomes facts. Okay for oneself nor okay for the only representative of one million Montanans.

    • “So, in Gianforte World, the earth is only 6000to 10,000 years old.”

      As of 2013, the oldest tree-ring measurements, in the Northern Hemisphere, based on dendrochronology, extend back 13,900 years.

      • which means the oldest tree theybfound was 15,000 years old. Not that we have only had trees for 13,000 years. Maybe I misunderstood though in which case pick up a rock. Unless it’s volcanic it’s at least a few hundred thousand and more likely millions of years old.

  9. Gianforte and his wife started the Montana Family Foundation and she was CEO until he announced his run for governor. They have been against all efforts to curb discrimination against anyone not white, straight and Christian. His religious beliefs are fair game to criticize because how can anyone be in charge of our tax dollars that does not believe in carbon dating and known scientific FACTS. He cannot stand to be on the sidelines when all the other white bigots are in DC wrecking our country and he wants to be a part of it. Vote Rob Quist to keep Montana land of the free (for all), home of the brave.

  10. Gianforte proposes to use the Bible as his science book, which according to St. Augustine, writing in the 4th century on the interpretation of Genesis, is a scandal that diminishes the Bible. The Bible was written as a guide on how to get to Heaven, not to how the Heavens go. The fact that Gianforte and other fundamentalist don`t get that should in and of itself disqualify them from posts of leadership.

  11. Much more that 10s of thousands of dollars. “The tax records show Gianforte’s foundation also donated $290,000 to a museum that holds the creationist view that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.”

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