GOP Leader Austin Knudsen’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Austin Knudsen should stick to his day job, trying to hold the Republican Caucus together. It looks like he is over-extended already.

Here are some of the things that have come out in the past week. Probably some other scandals were missed.

Speaker Knudsen’s Public Access Lawsuit: Click Here for Story

Knudsen now starring in Dark Money Ads: Click Here for Story

At Knudsen’s Command Republicans Refuse $446,000 for Montana Jobs: Click Here for Story

Eastern Montana Uprising Against Knudsen: Click Here for Story

Austin is being reprimanded by members of his own party for breaking the rules: Click Here for Story

He has been Caught Supporting embattled Russian Attorney General Jeff Sessions with one tweet: Click Here for Tweet

Tweet to Austin that you demand he do his job: Austin Knudsen on Twitter 

or Call him at 406-444-4800 and tell him, Do your job Austin.

or email him at, “Do your job Austin”



7 Comments on "GOP Leader Austin Knudsen’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week"

  1. ‘King Knudsen’ a TYRANT, pushing to kill SB305 which has wide support and he wants to kill it in judiciary cmte when it CLEARLY belongs in house state administration which ALWAYS handles election matters! His recent ‘pimp’ ads for Gorsuch also very irritating, like he’s the ‘righteous moral royalty’ who thinks he can bully us!

  2. BARF! Another Knudsen pitch during TV News attacking Senator Tester while ‘pimping’ for Gorsuch! Have you NO shame Knudsen by demeaning the office of the Speaker?

  3. Old Line Democrat | March 10, 2017 6:13 AM at 6:13 AM |

    Knudsen will continue unchecked until the dark money and votes keep coming his way. He has clearly decided that he is destined for some future position in the Interior Depr or similar well paying hiding place. He’s willing to burn what few bridges there are left in the legislature. It appears to be pretty much every man for himself up there with no regard for party unity. He’s just the most visible and earliest mover.

  4. Now ‘Fiscal Hawk’ wants to LOAN millions of CORPORATE welfare to Talen to operate Colstrip, NO way!

  5. Knudsen’s career will no doubt be taking a major step up come end of the session. As all U.S.Attorneys were fired today I’m sure Daines will nominate him to that post sometime this spring or summer. I was wondering why the GOP basically had Knudsen out front as their mouthpiece. He is term limited after this session and the Senator representing those districts has years left. We will be rid of him in state politics but he sure will be there to help AG Sessions end Montana pot business. Guess it pays to be an ass after all

    • Old Line Democrat | March 11, 2017 7:03 AM at 7:03 AM |

      Very astute observation. He could do a lot of damage as a U S Attorney for Montana.
      This is especially true given his lack of extensive legal practice. Although he did get run out of the O’Toole firm for trying to get more money from the oil companies for his family and buddies out there. They were unhappy with the deals made only oil leases made earlier. Very dubious qualifications for the chief federal law enforcement officer in Montana.

  6. on the other hand 100”s of Reagan sycophants ended up doing prison time while Ronnie rode away into the sunset. I’m betting’ there will be a bunch of unhappy defendants like Knude Boy facing the music after Trump and family fly off somewhere with no extradition treaty…

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