Gianforte is Missing – Quist Unites Montanans


Both Rob Quist and Greg Gianforte were nominated coming up on one week ago, but both candidates have spent the first week on the trail very differently.

Rob Quist hit the road to Missoula, Billings, Lewistown, Great Falls, Bozeman, Livingston, and Butte. Montanans everywhere are rallying behind his message to bring an independent voice to Washington.

Greg Gianforte has held no campaign events in Montana.

He is either at home counting the millions of dollars he plans to spend to try and buy the election, or he is courting special interests in Washington D.C.


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  1. If I were Mr.Quist, I would be hitting: Rosebud County, Carbon County, Choteau County, Pondera County, and Mineral County. HARD. These counties are RURAL counties that Democrats can are generally within 5% of. I would probably be spending quite a bit of time in Billings, Bullock only last by literally 2%. Bullock did well in Lake County…there’s opportunity!

    Rob can do this!!! Look at the county by county stats

  2. People are really scared about their health insurance, this needs to be hammered home. The other winning issue is public lands and keeping them that way. Gianforte is out of touch and very few people like him as a person. Quist comes across as one of us, he has had his struggles like most families in this state have, people will relate to that. We just need to get the vote out, and maybe get some of the old people that always vote republican and are on SS and medicare to realize that their future is not that secure right now, and that Democrats like Quist are the ones looking out for them.

    • Let us not forget all the people on Social Security whose incomes are so low that they cannot afford the Medicare premiums. They now qualify for and are on Medicaid. This has become especially common in the last year.

      Doing taxes for seniors, I am surprised at this happening.

  3. I so agree with Dead Drift and others. Rob has get up to speed ASAP on the current health care issues. He needs to ask the audience who is on the ACA or other threatened health care gprograms and then promise to walk over broken glass to save and improve their current healthcare (whether it’s the ACA, Medicaid or Medicare). He needs to get schooled by experts so he can explain how most Montanans will probably be too low-income to put the GOP’s so-called tax credit health plan toward a decent health plan and they sure as heck won’t be able to lock away a reasonable chunk of money in health savings plans. Rob needs to keep harping that this scam is another “steal from the poor and give to the rich” GOP plan and Gianforte is just the road-agent the GOP and Trump bandits have hired to pull it off in Montana. Being a star on this issue alone will Rob win the edge he needs. He needs details, details, details on the proposed plans and be among the first to call foul. He’ll be a hero even if he doesn’t win.

  4. I agree with James Douglas that Quist needs to hit those rural counties hard especially the ones he named. Quist can pick up Roosevelt like Bullock did and if he turns out native vote Lake. I see he is spending much time in Missoula Helena and Butte which is fine for now but hope not to much because he will win those as democratic strong holds. Trump supporters are still in love with him but I think if he keeps driving the social security and healthcare issue and not get into weeds on social issues he just might pull this off. I’m concerned that the campaign is short of money as not any tv ads out yet. I have to suffer through numerous Gianforte ads around local news time daily. His ads are also running on cable news
    I would of thought the Montana Democrat Party would of had some tv ad by now
    Well good luck to Quist

  5. GG missing?
    Start turning over rocks. We’ll find him.

  6. I agree. Quist needs to hit the hiline. Talk to public land issues. Many family farms have leases that keep them in the black. Losing those leases would be the death of these communities. This is where GG is headed with his agenda.

  7. Old Line Democrat | March 11, 2017 11:46 AM at 11:46 AM |

    Having grown up in Cut Bank and I understand still having family on a farm there, no doubt he understands more about it than most. A tour across US 2 with a joint appearance with Tester in Havre would go a long way to consolidate the folks worried about rural hospitals and schools, healthcare and the rest. No promises other than to put Montanans first in every decision would carry the day!!
    Anyone know the donation limits for this abbreviated race? Get out your wallets before Trump empties them dog you.

  8. Yes, the issue with us seniors is that our health insurance is going in the toilet with RYANCARE. Perhaps Palin wasn’t so far off with the death panels issue except for one little thing-she blamed Obama and the Democrats but after reading the crap that RYANCARE offers, the truth is coming out. Repuglicans do not want senior citizens unless they are wealthy contributors. I already sent Quist $50.00 and if I have enough money left after grocery shopping this month, I’ll send what is left in the budget.

  9. I have called in to Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann on Free Speech TV and I spoke to John, the ?program manager-about scheduling interviews. Somebody actually with Rob’s campaign needs to get with them as well as Randi Rhodes and get more exposure on National airwaves. Osoff did this in Georgia and money is now the least of his worries. Demi/Progressives all over will send $$ if you just ask them!

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