Dark Money Koch Bros Group Targets Senator Tester

The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative organization that led opposition to former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, launched a $10 million multi-state advertising campaign last month to support the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. In D.C., Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and North Dakota alone the group is spending $2 million to run online and TV ads. This is essentially an attack from big money donors: the Judicial Crisis Network is funded by the Wellspring Committee, which was established by the oil billionaire Koch brothers.

On Twitter, the group is using paid advertising to pressure Senator Jon Tester to support Gorsuch. Gorsuch has a troubling record of supporting corporations over workers and defending the increased flow of money in politics as a form of free speech. Because of his record on these and other issues, Gorsuch is a disastrous choice for the Supreme Court.

Call Senator Tester and that you think he should vote against confirming Gorsuch – 202-224-2644.

And after you call throw Jon $10 or $20 to make sure the Koch Brothers don’t buy another Senator. Jon is Montana’s, donate here: JonTester.com

Senator Jon Tester, on the other hand, has a proven history of working to keep big money out of politics. He was an early supporter of a constitutional amendment to reverse decisions like Citizens United.  And Tester has repeatedly affirmed that he opposes the influence of outside money in our elections, saying “We can pass bill after bill, but if we don’t stop the flood of money into politics, special interests will win at the expense of everyday Americans.” In 2014, Tester introduced a bill that would make public the names of donors who give more than $5,000 to “dark money” groups.

Senator Tester has said that he is reviewing Gorsuch’s nomination and qualifications. On Wednesday, in a letter to the editor published in the Missoulian, two Montanans urged Sen. Tester to do the right thing and protect the Constitution by opposing Gorsuch’s nomination.

It is crucial for Senator Tester to keep up his positive record on money in politics by decisively voting against Gorsuch. Clearly, given the Supreme Court nominee’s beliefs on corporate personhood and using money as free speech, Gorsuch stands against Senator Tester’s conviction in protecting democracy for all Americans.  Montana’s other senator, Senator Daines, has not been the target of this JCN campaign, but if he were truly on the side of Montanans, he would oppose Gorsuch as well.

This article originally published by People for the American Way.


4 Comments on "Dark Money Koch Bros Group Targets Senator Tester"

  1. Fact check and share. A stitch in time saves nine hundred anti worker opinions a SCOTUS Gorsuch would side with.

  2. ‘King’ Knudsen wants us to GO SUCK……I think NOT!

  3. Does anyone think Tester has any choice but to vote for Gorsuch. He Will have a very tough ‘re-election. It appears Tim Fox will run against him. Fox actually is very popular but I think Tester may edge him. It will be a very costly campaign. Another democrat senator that will vote for Gorsuch will be Hedi Heidkamp of North Dakota also facing tough ‘re-election 2018 in a red state. I hope these two win ‘re-election or the GOP will get closer to that 60 number where nothing can stop them

    • Old Line Democrat | March 12, 2017 12:35 PM at 12:35 PM |

      Tester does indeed face a difficult decision. However, he and the rest of us need to remember that Montana voters have rejected attempts to elect judges who are right wing religious zealots to our Supreme Court. It is arguable that the majority of Montanans feel the same about Gorsuch who is an advocate of right wing religious legal positions on abortion, discrimination against various groups on religious beliefs as well
      as opposition to birth control and the rest.
      Fox has done a pretty good job of hiding his hard core evangelical right wing beliefs as atty general but he would pursue them with a vengeance if he were elected either Governor or Senator. This will be a high profile battle no doubt. Just take a look at the cases he has joined as Amicus or otherwise while attorney general. They are not supported by mainstream Montsnans but he has the authority and has pursued him. In my opinion Tim Fox is the most dangerous candidate in the next big election cycle. The Dempcrats better be planning for some expensive battles of they will get creamed by an organized very conservative religious voting block. Minority will control if we are not vigilant. Look what happened to give us Trump. Too many people sitting on their hands believing it wouldn’t

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