Montana’s Anti-Pot Crusader is Fired, Finally

The news came Friday that Mike Cotter, the top federal prosecutor in Montana and an Obama appointee, has been asked to resign by Donald Trump. It was one of 46 such requests by the President.  A strong-arm move for sure, but not entirely surprising and not without precedent–Bill Clinton made an identical move against all Reagan-Bush holdover US Attorneys.  

President Obama should long ago have discarded Cotter.  For it was Cotter who authored the infamous raids and prosecutions on medical marijuana growers in Montana.  Acting on his personal belief that medical marijuana is a fiction, he directly disobeyed a series of memos from his boss, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, which advised federal prosecutors not to molest growers in states where medical pot was legal, so long as they were following state law.  He also ignored the will of 65% of Montanans who voted for medial marijuana (twice).  Cotter sent many people to jail, for many years, some of whom had simply been trying to follow the poorly written state laws on the subject and had even had their facilities inspected by state authorities.  And when asked by the press why he was ignoring the Obama administration’s order, Cotter said this:

“It was just something that had to be done.  It was a strong statement that marijuana wasn’t going to be tolerated in Montana.  I think it’s Madison Avenue marketing, the person who dreamed up tying medical and marijuana together. It’s a powerful marketing tool. But the fact of the matter remains that marijuana is a dangerous drug and it’s harmful to people.”

So while we generally shouldn’t celebrate a move by Donald Trump, today is an exception.  For every cancer patient who has ever found relief from cannabis where expensive pharmaceuticals have failed, this firing is dedicated to you.


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  1. Old Line Democrat | March 12, 2017 2:44 PM at 2:44 PM |

    While I agree that Cotter’s assault on marijuana was problematic and not well thought out he was generally a decent US Attorney.
    The bigger issue is who will Pence and Sessions select to replace him? Knudsen? Monforton? Whittich? Essman?
    The prospects are not bright for a more enlightened replacement.

  2. Just gotta be not so bright about climate change and have multiple points of connection with Koch operations.Of course bonus points if pro-Putin.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 12, 2017 4:31 PM at 4:31 PM |

      If those are the criteria, Whittich should be a shoe in. A court has fully exposed his Koch connections but he might not have a license to practice law in the near future. Monforton is pretty gun and god oriented but he has pretty good Koch bona fides. Knudsen hard core oil man and no proven track record. Fully on board with the big money by campaigning against Tester for Gorsuch. He’s definitely the front runner.

  3. We could get Knudsen, Gianforte and Gorsuch.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 12, 2017 6:09 PM at 6:09 PM |

      No doubt it is a possibility if not a probability.
      I have to think Gorsuch is going to get affirmed. If Zinke can be a Cabinet Secretary Knudsen has a chance. We all have the say on Gianforte so we must focus on what we have control over. At least he hasn’t changed. He still oozes the unction of the disaffected rich man trying to be what is totally foreign to him. This is the battle we must win.

  4. Anyone, how involved is Knudsen with Senate passing SB 86 tax giveaway to oil and gas producers??

    How involved in not Scoring and putting a price tag on SB 86 that would take I suppose tens of millions of dollars out of Montana Revenue.

    SB 86 extends low tax rates up to $54 barrel wti crude price equivalent. Previously those low rates only kick in at $ 30 barrel.

    How to win the House Race? Yes that is the question, with no apparent answers.

    • Kick a few bucks to Rob Quist, do what we can to help with the $. Vote, and get all our friends to vote. I think Rob can pull this off if we stay focused and supportive. I’m not willing to lay down and watch Jersey-G buy this US House seat, MT deserves better.

  5. Here comes Bill Mercer..

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