It is with a heavy heart that this is written.

America has seen very few days as bad as these in the late winter of our democracy.

We have an authoritarian in the White House.

We have complicit Congressional Republicans that refuse to hold Trump accountable as they attempt to pass their heartless agenda that is nothing more than a war on the poor. The most vulnerable in America were lied to by Trump. Republicans lied and gerrymandered to win elections.

The rule of law and our republic are being dashed against the rocks of a power struggle that is playing out right before our eyes and the American people are not being listened to, they are being ignored, laughed at, and used as political pawns.

With the release of the most heartless piece of legislation in the modern era, the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would strip 24 million Americans of their health insurance returning us to the hellscape that would look nice compared to the George W. Bush presidency in more ways than just medical bankruptcies and wag the dog wars.

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act would cause people to die from lack of health insurance.

Trump, Bannon, Gianforte and Ryan subscribe to the theory of “useless eaters” whereby through the death of the poor the society is enriched without resources being used on what they consider those people who do not contribute to society. It is also called “life unworthy of life.”

Back to the power struggle. The fight for power is shaping up like this.

Trump wants credit for anything positive that happens and is always looking for scapegoats for any negative publicity.

Trump has left Ryan out to dry with this ACA repeal bill that even Senate Republicans won’t get behind. Yesterday the propaganda arm of the Trump regime, Breitbart put out a hit piece on Ryan where he says he will not support the President after the infamous “pussy grabbing” comments of last October when it was assumed that Donald Trump would lose the Presidential race before the extent of Russians infiltration was known and James Comey decided to pick favorites and not to mention a weak and flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton who could not strategize her way out of a paper bag.

And just now Paul Ryan has obviously leaked one year of Donald Trump’s tax returns as a way to show the Trump regime that he has weapons too.

We are seeing a power struggle for the Presidency.

Trump wants Ryan gone before Trump is investigated for his taxes or business ties to the Russians or their incursions into our democracy. Pence would likely not survive an impeachment either.

This would make Paul Ryan President.

So Trump is going for Ryan’s throat to stop any congressional oversight of his corruption, collusion with the Russians, unpaid taxes or even honey pot videos that Vladimir Putin may have of Trump engaged in his favorite golden activities.

America is being controlled by dangerously powerful children, with nuclear codes, who want power to lower taxes on billionaires and bring on climate change disaster.

These power hungry tyrants are so unconcerned with the American people and so concerned with ultimate control that they can’t even agree which type of catfood they want to feed grandma after they take her social security let alone who should get to be in front of the camera more.

It is time for Congressional Republicans to quit playing politics and investigate the Trump presidency as he is obviously an existential threat to their future, as shown by his attacks on Ryan. He’s also an existential threat to American democracy, the free world, and with access to those nuclear codes Trump presents an existential threat to all of human existence.

If Congress won’t act is it time for Americans to demand new elections?


8 Comments on "BREAKING: TRUMPS TAX RETURNS IGNITE GOP CIVIL WAR: Trump vs. Ryan battle for Power"

  1. I think that the White House leaked the 1040 to show that Trump actually paid income tax in one year. Since the supporting pages are not included we cannot see the extent of the Russian financing of Trump’s holdings. This way Trump can blame leakers, the media, and those who have asked to see his tax returns while getting out the story that he really has paid taxes.

    I’m afraid that Rachel got played on this one.

  2. an Accountant interprets Trumps 2005 Tax Reurn.
    Others note it is marked as a “client copy.”

    • Don’t millionaires cry about the 35% Rate they pay?

      • Yes they cry!
        Then luv Donald for promising to do away with alternative minimum tax.

        The mailed 2005 TAX RETURN may also have been selected to highlight how taking away alternative minimum tax, would have saved DJT near 30 million USD.

        And the mailer timed the release just before tomorrow’s release of Trump Tax proposals.

        Proposals likely to lessen if not do away with the alternative min tax rate.

        Thanks to the mailer, it’s now somewhat harder to do away with alt min tax, for it obviously does same thing as Ryan/*/Trump Kare—further enrich the 1%.

        Without alt min tax, DJT 2005 effective USA income tax would have been around 3%.

  3. Money not “more”

  4. Lyin’ Donald ‘cherry-picked’ just releasing TWO pages of a favorable return showing him paying millions in taxes, and typical ‘trumpain’ tactic of distraction and mis-direction away from Russians, Trumpcare, etc.

  5. ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, and guess which is which!

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