Millionaire Gianforte Wants Lower Taxes on Himself and fellow 1%ers – Wants Thousands of Montanans to Lose Healthcare

Singer, Poet, congressional candidate and Montana legend Rob Quist criticized perpetual candidate for office and Local Bigot Greg Gianforte, for standing with special interests and irresponsible Republicans in D.C. who are working to pass legislation that would jeopardize access to health care for thousands of Montanans while giving millionaires like Gianforte $600 billion in tax breaks.

“It is the right of every Montanan to have access to quality affordable health care,” said Rob Quist, candidate for the U.S. House. “Greg Gianforte is putting thousands of Montanans at risk of losing their health insurance by siding with Washington D.C. insiders.”  

Failed candidate for governor, Greg Gianforte, accepted the Republican nomination for the U.S. House while touting support for efforts in D.C. to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The plan put out by Republican leaders would devastate Montana by effectively cutting off health care access put in place by Montana’s HELP Act that enabled over 70,000 Montanans to have access to health care. The House Republican plan further hits rural states like Montana by reducing tax credits that help consumers with premiums, making health insurance less affordable for many Montana families who purchase individual health insurance plans.

House Republican leadership’s SuperPAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, is spending $700,000 in attack TV ads to help Gianforte in the race. Here’s what the DC Establishment and Gianforte think about Montanans’ concerns……


6 Comments on "Millionaire Gianforte Wants Lower Taxes on Himself and fellow 1%ers – Wants Thousands of Montanans to Lose Healthcare"

  1. My premiums would be more than I make. And I used to be solidly middle class. No more.

  2. The photo above of Paul Ryan and company reminded me of this scene from Austin Powers:

  3. Old Line Democrat | March 14, 2017 6:19 PM at 6:19 PM |

    Hi Joanie!
    You would be an excellent spokesperson with some good solid healthcare data.
    Checkout Daines waffling on repealing ACA.
    He is really feeling heat and getting warned on this issue with the right wing base in Montana. It is a position that should be a weak point for him.

  4. Local bigot? How so exactly? And also, I have a hard time seeing the correlation between tax breaks for those making above $70,000 a year (hardly billionaires, but I understand your love for buzzwords) and the possible loss of insurance for those under Obamacare. The GOP’s bullshit healthcare plan is just as bad as Obama’s. Those who make less than about $40,000 will still get their subsidies every month, and those making below the “poverty” line will be able to qualify for even more assistance through Medicaid. No one will be losing anything with this change, with the sole exception of those in the middle class who will continue to struggle from rising prices in their premiums due to the artificially created demand for healthcare through the mandates, overly giving subsidies, and loss of potential buyers due to coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    This is just plain sloppy journalism. Lacking actual facts, yet full of emotional rhetoric and buzzwords.

  5. Medicare for all or something similar. Let’s catch up with the rest of the developed world where healthcare is actually cheaper and health results are better. Before going on Medicare my wife and I paid over $1600 monthly for health insurance. This was pre Obamacare. The free market competition was not lowering medical costs. Unfortunately a segment of the GOP simply does not think the government should have any role in healthcare. I Just do not understand their values.

  6. nice try Colter but the truth is the reason Republicans are having so much trouble coming up with a replacement is because the ACA IS THE GOP PLAN. The only sensible thing to do is keep the promises Trump made for universal coverage and costs a fraction of the ACA and better coverage-botox, dentures, vasectomy or viagra, you want it you got it-and that is..Single Payer, i.e. Medicare Part E for Everybody. He DID promise to make Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid even better than they are now…

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