There’s No Vaccine for Stupid: Anti-Vaxxers Take Up Raw Milk


Does everyone remember when the anti-vaxxers got all riled up on behalf of preserving archaic illnesses other countries eradicated 50 years ago? These bunker-dwelling Montanans did not prevail, but are back in force with a new plan to preserve their freedom to expose your children to diseases we eradicated half a century ago, in this case with pasteurization.

As with the anti-vaccination movement, the raw milkers are a tiny but fervent bunch who distrust the government almost as much as they distrust basic science. Indeed according to according to the Center for Disease Control, even though raw milk only accounts for about 1% of milk consumed within the US, it accounts for 79% of all milk-born infections reported between 1998 and 2011. Two people just died in NY after consuming raw milk cheese.

Yet thanks to the raw milk fantasists, infections are on the rise again. I don’t frankly care if raw milk advocates drink up at their own peril – and guess what folks, this is already allowed by current law.  If these bovine infection types want to drone on about the fundamental right to a year-long bout with brainerds diarrhea, have at it.

But  what Nancy Ballance  is doing with House Bill 325 legalizing profiteering from selling the contaminated milk to others. The sad thing is that crackpots will be able to make money off unsuspecting people who will will feed their children milk supplemented with cow feces.

If American for Prosperity are to be believed (perhaps their credibility isn’t what it once was), the right to eat feces is apparently what makes America great. But it is a shame that children should suffer as a result of their parents inability to tell a scam website from science, because the result is tuberculosis, kidney failure (lifelong dialysis if you live), life-long paralysis and death.

The risk of getting sick from drinking raw milk is greater for infants and young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, such as people with cancer, an organ transplant, or HIV/AIDS, than it is for healthy school-aged children and adults.  That’s why it is opposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Montana Medical Association, Montana Public Health Association, the Montana Association of Counties (MACO), the Montana Milk Producers Association, and various other sensible people who don’t fear science or wear tinfoil hats.

The anti-vaxxer crowed testified that raw milk cured cavities (apparently, dentists have conspired to keep this information from you to fuel their craven profits), that the Center for Disease Control is a conspiracy to keep kids dying from asthma, and indeed that the solution to high prescription drug prices is finally at hand – why give your kids any medicine when you can just give them milk mixed with a little poo?

One of the leading perpetrators of this nonsense is Weston A Price, notorious anti-vaxxer dubbed “the patron saint of crank dentistry” who believes, among other things, that “Gallstones are not a sign of gallbladder disease. The stones will dissolve if you just eat more cholesterol.” And also “Herpes can be treated with St. John’s wort and the lauric acid found in coconut oil.”

This kind of nonsense does not have any place in state law.



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  1. Montana Cowgirl Blog was my go-to for all of my info on what’s happening in Montana! Until now!! I’m one of those Weston Price crackpots. Unfortunately, you have joined the fear mongering group that writes on issues you have researched very little. Yes 2 people died from cheese where the milk was not pasteurized. Are you aware that they still haven’t determined exactly how this happened? They are still trying to determine whether it could have been the wood it is aged in, the water or sanitation. Are you aware of the statistics on the safety of raw milk vs pasteurized? No, probably not. Obviously you won’t even begin to allow the possibility that there are big health benefits to drinking it raw, which I’m sure you’ve also researched, not.
    Frankly, it doesn’t matter to me that you refer to me as stupid. That seems to be a weakness in your personality that you have to deal with. What does matter is that you are creating enough fear to make our legislators take away my right to make decisions over my choices of eating what I want. I’m not trying to outlaw pasteurizing your milk and I am asking you respectfully to allow me the right to buy and consume raw milk that I know in fact is a big piece of my great health!

  2. This is one more example of the Death of Expertise. People with no scientific background, or an axe to grind endangering the general public in the name of some pseudo-science.
    I’ll go with the Center for Disease Control
    “The number of outbreaks in the United States caused by non pasteurized (raw) milk increased from 30 in 2007-2009 to 51 in 2010-2012. Most (77%) outbreaks were caused by Campylobacter and most (81%) occurred from consumption of non pasteurized milk purchased from states where the sale of non pasteurized milk was legal. ”
    More information easily available:
    If people want to take the risk of sharing then fine, but the general public should not be subjected to the dangers inherent.

  3. This feels a lot like fear-mongering. The idea is not to force us all to drink tainted milk, but to lessen the control corporate agriculture has on all of us. Commercial milk production will not change, but if I want to buy milk products from my neighbor it should not feel like a back alley drug deal.

  4. Some people just never grew up on a dairy farm, you do not need to eat shit if you clean your milkroom and wash your udders. Try to avoid sounding like an ignorant yuppie twit.

  5. I haven’t figured out why you have equated people who want to choose which vaccinations to inject into themselves and their children with people who would like to have the right to choose what food to consume? Raw milk proponents are working to pass another bill in support of personal freedom that has no effect on the rest of the public. It seems like real nonsense that we have the personal right to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, but not drink milk from our neighbor’s cow.

  6. I grew up drinking non pasteurized milk from our old milk cow Blue. I remember skimming the cream off the top of the gallon pickle jar and having to stir it in the morning before pouring it onto cereal, it did not make very good chocolate milk either as it would not mix. No one in my family ever got sick from it. But that is the point, it was our cow and we drank the milk. Science has shown that pasteurization makes milk safe for public consumption and this is why if it is sold it should be pasteurized. I kind of see this as one of those slippery slope issues, what other health regulation will be circumvented next. Another thing, while in college i went around with the inspector from the FDA to our local dairies, this was 40 years ago and there were still several around. Some were very clean and had very little bacteria present, some were not that clean, but because they used a lot of bleach they also had very little bacteria present, seems they knew what day the inspector would be there. From what i know I would not trust any milk that was not pasteurized and I feel the state would be remiss in allowing its sale.

  7. drinking raw milk is like eating a wild caught tuna as opposed to one raised in a pen. It just feels wrong eating a fish-on-a-leash but after Japan irradiates the Pacific and mercury levels are growing as fast as the reefs are dying that house pet looks a lot better. If I know the farmer and I’m confident in his cleaning and handling I might risk it as an adult. I sure wouldn’t gamble my kids health/life on it. I get my milk from Kalispell Creamery and it’s just fine by me that they only skip the homogenizing and still kill the bugs.

  8. Drinking raw milk is not a choice that only impacts the individual. The consequences reach far beyond the person that drinks it. What happens when they get sick from it? Can they afford the medical bills that will go with their choice? Probably not; so the rest of us have to pick up the slack. Depending on what made the raw milk drinking person sick, will it infect other people?
    What if it is a child that is infected with a virus, bacteria or parasite that they ingested from raw milk and they attend public school and pass it on to other children, possibly more children that have more vulnerable immune systems?
    What new laws will have to be enacted because something wasn’t thought of? Example – can one facility produce raw and pasteurized milk? What happens if the raw and pasteurized milk get mixed up? I could go on, but people started pasteurizing milk for very good reasons and just because YOU think it’s healthier doesn’t mean I have to put up with your nonsense and the possible repercussions. Your freedom ends where my majority begins.
    So suck it up buttercup, democracy is the power of the majority and the majority says noooo.

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