.45 Caliber Montana Man Rob Quist

Rob Quist-Montana’s Voice in Washington

Sometimes a candidate comes along that doesn’t look like a politician and doesn’t act like a politician.

Rob Quist is taking Montana by Storm.

2016 was the year of the outsider. What does that make 2017?

The year of the authentic voice?

Here’s to authentic voices in Washington D.C.

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Rob Quist’s campaign song: I Will Stand  Up for You Montana 


6 Comments on ".45 Caliber Montana Man Rob Quist"

  1. Take that .45′ to Trump’s budget which our CONGRESS has to debate and approve, especially CUTTING ‘MEALS ON WHEELS’ and sadly seniors were ‘duped’ into voting for the ‘ultimate’ City Slicker con-man who lived in a Golden Tower! Who represents our Values in Montana matters and who we send to Washington, DC can literally be a Life or Death decision, and not be ISIS, but by lack of healthcare and literally, LACK of food if Meals on Wheels dies and Congress allows it!

    • Old Line Democrat | March 16, 2017 10:06 AM at 10:06 AM |

      So ask every senior citizen you know: “Who do you think will vote to protect your benefits, paid for by your taxes for years and years, Rob Quist from Cut Bank or a millionaire who has profited greatly by living in Bozeman for a few years?”

      The answer is simple. Gianforte is all in with Trump. They are telling us everyday that they are only doing what they told us in the campaign.

      We need to stop the liars and this election is the first step.

  2. There is no question that now that Trumpcare and Trump Budget have been released, Rob Quist should make all his commercials on how Gianforte supports the cuts that will be made and the harm that Montanans will get in return.

    The issues have changed since November. Then, lofty simplistic rhetoric was the norm. Now, details exist that demonstrate what that lofty rhetoric hid.

    • Old Line Democrat | March 16, 2017 11:42 AM at 11:42 AM |

      Great comment.
      Right on the proper focus.
      Now we have the reality of Trump. And it’s worse than most could imagine.

  3. Maybe we should consider that the massive increase in Military Spending and the decrease in spending for Education and health care and other needed programs are all closely tied into the Trumpster’s plan ? The military has had a hard time getting new recruits for sometime now. Their last plan of going into high schools with cash offering and benefits for students considering college has not filled their needed number of recruits anymore. Especially since the youth of this nation has seen the phony war and the deplorable neglect of our Veterans. If the Trump Administration cut funding for these programs, that lessens the number of our youth without education OR jobs that Trump also promised . Without health care there will be more elderly that will expire premature. So don’t you think they will consider reinstating the DRAFT to fill the man power needed in the Military ? I am sure they are even considering going to the jail’s they have filled with pot smokers and petty crimes [who could not afford the attorneys the wealthy have been able to afford] to fill their front lines. I know, I am being a little facetious, BUT can’t we ALL agree that NOW anything is possible?

  4. Rob is a good guy. When he and Jack Gladstone joined up to tour together and make an album, they both went even higher in my respect for them. The message that we can be “spiritual brothers (and sisters) of a different color” speaks to the best in what Montanans can be. Glad to see that he is ready to lead us all with the wisdom of his years and experienc.

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