Budgeting for Billionaires: Starving the Elderly

Budgets are moral documents. They prove what you truly prioritize.

In Donald Trump’s America massive giveaways to the defense industry, tax cuts for the disgustingly rich and building an utterly unnecessary phallic symbol in the desert are the priorities of the morally devoid head of the most powerful country in the world.

The darkest cut is hard to pin down, but it may be eliminating Meals on Wheels. A program that hand delivers meals to homebound seniors. And with this we see Trump’s priorities for our country: letting seniors starve so we can build a wall.

For the cost to taxpayers of one weekend golf trip to Mar-a-Lago (approx. $3,300,000), Trump could provide Meals on Wheels to 535,714 seniors.

After this weekend (5 Mar-a-Lago trips), Trump will have spent equivalent of 2.7 million meals for needy seniors on his personal golf trips to Florida

Meals on Wheels also keeps seniors out of nursing homes, which keeps healthcare costs lower for everyone.

Mick Mulvaney says Meals on Wheels “not showing any results.” Actual peer-reviewed research says otherwise.

If Melania lived in the Whitehouse it would save about $182,500,000 a year in security costs. That means in four years we will have spent $730,000,000 just so the first lady does not have to move to Washington D.C.

“It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have”—James Baldwin



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  1. This is no longer my America!

    • Old Line Democrat | March 16, 2017 9:32 PM at 9:32 PM |

      It is time to take it back. First step elect Rob Quist. Keep Tester in office. Get rid of Daines. These people are showing their true colors and laughing at the folks who put them in office. We can and must stop this.

  2. Gianforte, if you ‘love’ the Bible, READ Isaiah 10:1-2, Luke 20:45-47 because that’s the TRUTH if you’re really a Christian with values. One day of hospital care for a senior widow or veteran is the cost for an entire year of Meals on Wheels, which save government billions and it has social and cultural benefits, keeps folks in their OWN homes, gives them confidence, peace of mind, stability and volunteers who deliver the meals are NOT paid, pay for their own gas and expenses driving around. This is SO insane, and public broadcasting also provides dirt-cheap information and entertainment that many seniors can’t afford Cable TV costs. Even FOX Noise watchers are getting MEALS ON WHEELS and we can only wonder if they get it.

    • Good comments…I think the real christians have left the building…GG’s one of those cadillac christians in that he feels he can interpret the word of god more appropriate than the actual words and tenants of the bible. Witness so-called Bible scholar Erik Erickson recently declaring that his interpretation of the Jesus talking about caring for the “least of these” is that he isn’t talking about the poor in the general, but only christians.

      And then I am sure the next wave of “deep thought” on this will be that maybe old JESUS wasn’t talking about poor christians either, just those poor suckers who were millionaires, but just barely….’oh how they must suffer with only one mansion, and maybe a good but not great yacht. Let’s take up an offering for the important stuff…and dinosaur museums of course.’

  3. Once again Trumpeters policies harm those who elected him the most. Well, they voted for this and deserve to get what they voted for-good and hard! Sorry so many of us others are hurt but we’re so used to being poor it hardly hurts…

  4. Good job Republicans! You think that starving the elderly or denying health care to the poor will help build your flipping wall? TrumpAss is taking you all for a ride on our tax dollars while he and Melania live high off the tax payer hog!

  5. Katherine Taylor | March 20, 2017 9:58 AM at 9:58 AM |

    Priorities evident…..So this is how to make American “great” again?

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